The Food Lift

'Cuz lifting food can sometimes be harder than it looks!

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Picture of Bahira35 achievements


1. Bahira 4 years ago

That dose not look like a bong at all.

Picture of CrackrJak40 achievements


2. CrackrJak 4 years ago

They really sell these at And other items as well.

Picture of D2me17 achievements


3. D2me 4 years ago

Finally! A Device for me!

Picture of eddie204242 achievements


4. eddie2042 4 years ago

The weak shop is a real shop that sells things for people 'Weak' situations.

This product called the Tiny Talker actually talks for you when you're out of breath :|

this is some pretty goofy stuff

Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements


5. Comment rated too low. Show this comment PortugaL26 4 years ago

Cool invention for lazy people.
though i don't believe anyone would buy this.. :P

Picture of h8isgr828 achievements


6. h8isgr8 4 years ago

This thing will lift food up to it's 11 inch height, but who's going to lift the food the ~8 inches to get it into the hopper?

They need a device that will load food into this device, then I will buy both.


Picture of Generalbeef39 achievements


7. Generalbeef 4 years ago

I think it is very hard to clean

Picture of MSandD36 achievements


8. MSandD 4 years ago

What if we are not strong enough to refill, are there an "automatic food lift refiller" ?

Picture of Reaperdaddy39 achievements


9. Reaperdaddy 4 years ago

thats the perfect device to contine feeding some extra obese people. They already dont give a shit about their health, so lets use those machines to feed them forever, in perpetual motion.

Picture of lalafafak32 achievements


10. lalafafak 4 years ago

lol @ 1:42 - Allow 2-30 weeks for delivery, depending on how weak our Warehouse Workers are feeling.

Picture of joverke25 achievements


11. joverke 4 years ago

The weak shop, that cant be real!

Picture of JimDunlop40 achievements


12. JimDunlop 4 years ago

It isn't real. Try adding any of the products to your cart and none of them are actually in stock...

Plus, if you visit the website and read through a bit of the small print you'll find out that it's a viral ad for BC Dairy Foundation (in Canada) as part of a drink more milk campaign. Creative stuff though. :) Also affiliated with the site is this one: that has some more funny milk ad vids.

Picture of paolo34 achievements


13. Comment rated too low. Show this comment paolo 4 years ago

omg!!!!!!!!! :O :O :O :O :S tis is an IDIOT PRODUCT


Picture of PrisonJam30 achievements


14. PrisonJam 4 years ago

Probably invented by this guy

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


15. irishgek 4 years ago

#13 omg that was an idiot comment comments first before making your self look stupid ...i done that many times before learning some times it helps to read allll the other comments

Picture of BMX_Tavi39 achievements


16. BMX_Tavi 4 years ago

at min 1:50 he insert a corn in the food lift
i wonder how will the corn lift?
sorry for my english

Picture of kaizoku13 achievements


17. kaizoku 4 years ago

hangover friendly ::(|)

Picture of PaterSin41 achievements


18. PaterSin 4 years ago

only in America^^

Picture of halboug25 achievements


19. halboug 4 years ago

99.99 my ass

Picture of drd_uno22 achievements


20. drd_uno 4 years ago

what the hell is a liter of milk? Clearly designed for us Americans. So why the liter. I simply do not understand the demographic for this product. Someone help me drink my diet coke.

Picture of Skeesicks36 achievements


21. Skeesicks 4 years ago inventor since creation of the wheel!

Picture of jok49 achievements


22. jok 4 years ago

so if your girlfriend is too lazy to eat your...uhm...just..stick it here! The Food Lift! Yeeeeyy :D oh christ.. :S

Picture of De_Micco35 achievements


23. De_Micco 4 years ago

Call now and get one at 1-877-weak-111 for just 99.99$ Just do it.

Picture of joeystl43421 achievements


24. joeystl434 4 years ago

#2 WTF...! :O

Picture of flushroyal26 achievements


25. flushroyal 4 years ago

retarded states of america

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


26. sux2bu 4 years ago

#25 Reading ALL the comments will help you not look like such a dumb turkey.
See #(removed comment) to get educated.

Picture of LisaColorado13 achievements


27. LisaColorado 4 years ago

AND that would look great sitting next to your blender, mixer, food processer, waffle iron and coffee maker.

Picture of flushroyal26 achievements


28. flushroyal 4 years ago

#26 I just said what I wanted to say, didnt even read the comments. I've lived in the states for 5 years and I have seen those people, could not believe how fucked up you guys are.

Picture of Srchak45 achievements


29. Srchak 4 years ago

Americans... again, you win...

Picture of moese42 achievements


30. moese 126 days ago

the weak shop in the archive