Pixels invasion

Written, directed by: Patrick Jean
Produced by One More Production...

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Picture of JJCBigfoot32 achievements


1. JJCBigfoot 4 years ago

Good job!!

Picture of Sanderr31 achievements


2. Sanderr 4 years ago

amazing, reminds me of good classic games. :)

Picture of Cavabardus40 achievements


3. Cavabardus 4 years ago

Hey ???
I've submitted this video 1 month ago and it was not published...
Glad it's on snotr, now, but....

Picture of jok49 achievements


4. Comment rated too low. Show this comment jok 4 years ago

so..i shouldn't throw away my tv..because the pixels invasion will come? :)

Picture of Deathegg31 achievements


5. Deathegg 4 years ago

Damn that selfish dude who threw away his TV!! >:)

Great video!! I really enjoyed it! :D

Picture of downes35 achievements


6. downes 4 years ago

this video shows how far technology today has come.
brings back lots of good memories from the past too!

Picture of MrCarrots25 achievements


7. MrCarrots 4 years ago

very gnarly

Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements


8. DarkiKun 4 years ago

so many great games in only one movie =O brings back some great memories

Picture of plurft44 achievements


9. plurft 4 years ago

wait .. those are voxels

Picture of FatHorse29 achievements


10. Comment rated too low. Show this comment FatHorse 4 years ago

I knew it man!!! Those pixels...!!! They're not just out to get me man!!! They're out to get the world man!!! They're out to get us all!!! It's all over man!!! We're all doomed!!!

Picture of Lrones31 achievements


11. Lrones 4 years ago

That's better than most recent Hollywood-Movies.

Picture of mndar48 achievements


12. mndar 4 years ago

So, this is what's actually gonna happen in 2012.
Well, anyway, this video was better than the movie 2012.

Picture of AL-AIN47 achievements


13. AL-AIN 4 years ago

>:) >:) >:) what this XER you got the best clip ever seen

Picture of BMX_Tavi39 achievements


14. BMX_Tavi 4 years ago

probably the best vid ever

Picture of hedlik26 achievements


15. hedlik 4 years ago

just dont fight it...being a cube ROX!, u pathetic human ;)

Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements


16. Chrisofskjern 4 years ago

So this is what will happen if pixels invade the earth. Now we can prepare for war!!

Picture of hedlik26 achievements


17. hedlik 4 years ago

# arkanoid corps can be countered with russianz!
japs will take care of space invaderz...

but who the hell is gonna fight THE PONG?

Picture of ChrisChris18 achievements


18. ChrisChris 4 years ago

i have a dead pixel on my screen :(

Picture of Maffis42 achievements


19. Maffis 4 years ago

really awesome

Picture of AshBird33 achievements


20. AshBird 4 years ago

One Big Pixel !

Picture of kmmde41 achievements


21. kmmde 4 years ago

#3 same here

Picture of dragonon38 achievements


22. dragonon 4 years ago

1:24 I just love that game.

1:38, wish that was gold coins.... >:)

At the end, when earth was flat, thank GOD those people presenting the theory that EARTH is FLAT, would have ruined things....!!!!

Now, people are sane about science but going far from tradition.... those false tradition leaving the right one!

Picture of fjwjr43 achievements


23. fjwjr 4 years ago

What the.....what about Defender!

Picture of edmund31 achievements


24. edmund 4 years ago

The Commodore sign at the subway entry @00:53 is win... :)

Picture of kainim37 achievements


25. kainim 4 years ago

100% snotr worthy!
awesome chiptune song too ^^

Picture of murdoc37 achievements


26. murdoc 4 years ago

Some people have all the time in the world. not that i didn't like it but just saying.

Picture of Greatus41 achievements


27. Greatus 4 years ago

These are not pixels, its voxels . Pixel is only 2D , voxel has volume => 3D!
And yes, it would sound lame: "Voxel invasion". :D
Anyway.. some people know what pixel is, but only few know what voxel is.

Picture of matrozrabbi8941 achievements


28. matrozrabbi89 4 years ago

LOVE IT! :(|)

Picture of Tehrasha27 achievements


29. Tehrasha 4 years ago

Im glad Snotr greenlighted this version of the video. Most of the other versions all have a blaring music soundtrack which covers up all the video game sound effects.

Picture of MrNoid19 achievements


30. MrNoid 4 years ago

2012 people...

Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements


31. c0mmanderKeen 4 years ago


well done

Picture of sgtstone534 achievements


32. sgtstone5 2 years ago

a little weed and a hole lot of LSD to make this

Picture of Mrpenguinb17 achievements


33. Mrpenguinb 2 years ago

Its looks like pixels has taken revenge against digital! :D I loved it!