Retired making pranks

from the Belgian TV-show Benidorm Bastards

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Picture of Paul1238 achievements


1. Paul12 4 years ago

i like it. so funny hahaha...

Picture of OneShot31 achievements


2. Comment rated too low. Show this comment OneShot 4 years ago

I like the people that end up laughing the best... if you notice it's usually the guys. Wonder why.

Picture of FakeYou31 achievements


3. FakeYou 4 years ago

Nice Buttchrusher you got there.

Picture of trianta3138 achievements


4. trianta31 4 years ago

I really like when old people are full of life and energy :)

Picture of AzaV831 achievements


5. AzaV8 4 years ago

This video proves that your never too old to have fun in your life.

Picture of AL-AIN47 achievements


6. AL-AIN 4 years ago

nice clip and funny thanks ;) ;)

Picture of dizwa33 achievements


7. dizwa 4 years ago

lol @ the ending and at the 'hey faggot' :P

Picture of Urihep38 achievements


8. Urihep 4 years ago

Im laughing so hard. Best video ever! :D

Picture of shayangx43 achievements


9. shayangx 4 years ago

Lol at 1:39

The douchebag goes look at it like its part of the art xD

Picture of banzemanga42 achievements


10. banzemanga 4 years ago

lol, best panks ever

3:28 took his lifetime to realize that he needed a divorce >:)

Picture of edmund31 achievements


11. edmund 4 years ago

I guess it's true - once you stop having fun, you're dead...

Picture of regata448 achievements


12. regata4 4 years ago

old lady 1: whats a Buttchrusher?

old lady 2: I have one in my purse ....

young girl: wtf??????

:D :D :D :D

Picture of whackpak22 achievements


13. whackpak 4 years ago

This show is called Benidorm Bastards

13 episodes!!!

Picture of samxgx45 achievements


14. samxgx 4 years ago

somebody make a list of the songs used in this clip. i really liked most...

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


15. irishgek 4 years ago

Lol 3:48 this is what happens in europe when some one is in need of help unlike 90% of the american clips were people just sit by and laugh or do nothing

Picture of peacinu34 achievements


16. peacinu 4 years ago

Priceless video!!

Picture of badboy00748 achievements


17. badboy007 4 years ago

Lol at the old guys dancing

Picture of slayer_x91128 achievements


18. slayer_x911 4 years ago

The look on the girl's face was priceless.

Picture of Sizzlik59 achievements


19. Sizzlik (admin) 4 years ago

#18 thought "Daamn..her one is bigger than mine.."

Picture of scratchy44 achievements


20. scratchy 4 years ago

LoooooooooooooL >:)

Picture of laughingscorpion36 achievements


21. laughingscorpion 4 years ago

4:27 mouth agape in confusion.

Picture of Mareks27 achievements


22. Mareks 4 years ago

EPIC! :(|)

Picture of nofreeusername27 achievements


23. nofreeusername 4 years ago

haha i live in belgium...better watch out for them >:)

Picture of korahn22 achievements


24. korahn 4 years ago

I'm going to enjoy being an old man.... :(|)

Picture of MiNo40 achievements


25. MiNo 4 years ago

I'm gonna be like that when I'm old

Picture of Urmensch35 achievements


26. Urmensch 4 years ago

That was great. I really loved him dumping the cranky old biddy into the rubbish bags.

Picture of B4K3D10019 achievements


27. B4K3D100 4 years ago


Picture of Tutterz30 achievements


28. Tutterz 4 years ago

lmao @4:51

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


29. sux2bu 4 years ago

#15 You are really obsessed with the US. You are always looking to bitch about and critique Americans in every vid when there is nothing in the vid that pertains to the US (except for in YOUR mind ). You must live one lousy existence .
There was a lot of funny stuff in this one yet you only comment to rant about the US!

Picture of Pizzathehutt2633 achievements


30. Pizzathehutt26 4 years ago

I spent ages googling this after, found youtube clips but not subtitled like this video. This is comedy genius, does anyone know where to find episodes that we can watch?

Picture of Deblaauwn32 achievements


31. Deblaauwn 4 years ago

#30 I've been looking for it as well, there is a link to the TV station in the subtitle, but it only offers some previews, not complete episodes.

Picture of Nixniz17 achievements


32. Nixniz 4 years ago

"He always took this bus" ahahhaahhaha !!!! ROFL
Guys goin Omg!!! asal?jgskfjksaf

Picture of influenza33 achievements


33. influenza 4 years ago

#30 #31 ME TOO!!!

cant find it :(

Picture of Pizzathehutt2633 achievements


34. Pizzathehutt26 4 years ago Sounds like the program is fairly new, only premiering in March. So it might be a short while before we get subtitles. Sounds promising though.

Picture of crzrshn77727 achievements


35. crzrshn777 4 years ago

this is what im gonna be like when im an old man >:)

Picture of darkmas38 achievements


36. darkmas 2 years ago

:x last couple o'scenes, brilliant.