Octopus vs Shark

Who will win?

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Picture of drewsutton35 achievements


1. drewsutton 4 years ago

He's no Attenborough.

Picture of artanist26 achievements


2. artanist 4 years ago

sharks no longer king of the ocean

Picture of Paul196825 achievements


3. Paul1968 4 years ago

this is a very interesting video, but the narrator is a little too irritating for my liking, agree 100% with #1, he's definitely no attenborough.

Picture of shayangx43 achievements


4. shayangx 4 years ago

Id like to see him try to win from the great white..

Picture of kagada40 achievements


5. kagada 4 years ago

Thats how my wife "hugs" me when i get home after a rough night at the bar :( >:)

Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements


6. PortugaL26 4 years ago

The hug of death.

Picture of crimson37 achievements


7. Comment rated too low. Show this comment crimson 4 years ago

this video is a repost of a repost of a repost.

still noone seems to notice, so it has made it's point =)

Picture of dogfish37 achievements


8. dogfish 4 years ago

so they put them into a tank to kill each other and then sell it for a TV channel... great...

Picture of OneShot31 achievements


9. OneShot 4 years ago

#4 i think he'd just ride the grate white :D

Picture of matrozrabbi8941 achievements


10. matrozrabbi89 4 years ago

Really interesting footage, but the narrator spoils it all.. he's just annoying :S

Picture of cotter6925 achievements


11. cotter69 4 years ago

Great white shark vs. Giant octopus, which is better? theres only one way to find out.... FIIIIGGHT! >:)

Picture of TarasFromLviv40 achievements


12. TarasFromLviv 4 years ago

This fight would have never taken place in the real environment, so what is the point of this?
Plus, the narrator really is annoying, but still, fascinating to see.

Picture of banzemanga42 achievements


13. banzemanga 4 years ago

lol, i was expecting the octopus win from the beginning but the narrator did a good job making me doubt in my own guess. XD

Picture of Papuchar40 achievements


14. Papuchar 4 years ago

#8 No, they noticed some sharks are missing.. so they started to film, to see whats going on in there...

Picture of badboy00748 achievements


15. badboy007 4 years ago


Picture of lego31 achievements


16. lego 4 years ago

people kinda expect to win weaker participant:) I'm almost sure that this video wouldn't be here, in case that shark won.

Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements


17. DarkiKun 4 years ago

a good offense is the best defense =P

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


18. irishgek 4 years ago

#(removed comment) you said it but hey its aimed at kids i guess or stupid people who cant understand facts and numbers

Picture of PaterSin41 achievements


19. PaterSin 4 years ago

sharks are so over rated^^

Picture of OnetimeX36 achievements


20. OnetimeX 4 years ago

Next week: Giant Octopus vs Chuck Norris!! >:) >:) >:)

Picture of tomas42 achievements


21. tomas 4 years ago

#1 Thats what I thought at the moment it began

Picture of slayer_x91128 achievements


22. slayer_x911 4 years ago

very interesting, i was totally expecting the opposite

Picture of thundercash42 achievements


23. thundercash 4 years ago

next week Even bigger octopus Vs even Smaller shark
Featuring Even Worse narrator

Picture of makbeth36 achievements


24. makbeth 4 years ago

The comentator provided no information other than the species of shark. After that he just waffeled along with the video describing what we were all watching.
"Did anyone ask the octopus about this?" WTF are you talking about?

Picture of laughingscorpion36 achievements


25. laughingscorpion 4 years ago

That announcer sounds a lot like the doofuss who narrates the "Worlds most dangerous/deadliest/most outrageous; accidents/police chases/stunts. He's trying to sensationalize the un-sensational. Voice-over FAIL.

Picture of eduardolck17 achievements


26. eduardolck 4 years ago

We were surprised not to be attentive, with nice ground work,
but in a fight face to face not defeat us, Go Sharks...

Picture of Lynk25 achievements


27. Lynk 4 years ago

That shark has a funny nose! :D

Picture of zerorain26 achievements


28. zerorain 4 years ago

Wow Tentacle raped :O

Picture of mescaline41 achievements


29. mescaline 4 years ago

My god, the commentaries are lame...

Picture of andyjk1029 achievements


30. andyjk10 4 years ago

yeah. only the strongest survive. even if you are a predator you can be hunted !!! good one octopus..

Picture of huldu30 achievements


31. huldu 4 years ago

The narrator was just too childish and ruined everything. They need warnings like this "may contain narrator appropriate for children". This is why we have Attenborough. The flick was great the narrator just failed.

Picture of TheIsingGuy24 achievements


32. TheIsingGuy 4 years ago

that was like a rape

Picture of Esthreel41 achievements


33. Esthreel 4 years ago

I never thought I was gonna say this: Poor shark.

Picture of alucard696poland35 achievements


34. alucard696poland 4 years ago

now they need to film "the octopus" because after seeing that short movie "jaws" is not so scary at all ";)

Picture of AryanKnight16 achievements


35. AryanKnight 4 years ago

-should have had the narrator swim by the Octopus instead, --then he could have likely given us a brief description about the internals of an Octopus, before pleasing everyone by expiring, --while the Shark observes thinking... "wow, -better him than me"...

Picture of hihahihaho21 achievements


36. hihahihaho 4 years ago

good guy wins!
(6666 viewer :(|) )

Picture of NotFirst33 achievements


37. NotFirst 4 years ago

I muted it, and proceeded to watch. It turns out this video can be enjoyed after all!

Picture of makbeth36 achievements


38. makbeth 3 years ago

LOL! "octopi" what a moron!

Picture of jackDjohnson35 achievements


39. jackDjohnson 53 days ago

Well thats one Octo puss that will stink like fish for a while...!! :S :O