Gummy Bear vs Potassium Chlorate

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Picture of crzrshn77727 achievements


1. crzrshn777 4 years ago

the fun doesnt stop with just eating gummy bears :(|)

Picture of 13wallace1340 achievements


2. 13wallace13 4 years ago

I just cant bear it

Picture of Kendric32 achievements


3. Kendric 4 years ago

Hmmm, could be an alternative to fossil fuels for automobiles :-)

Picture of MSandD36 achievements


4. MSandD 4 years ago

The bear gets mad.
Stop torturing him!!!!!!

Picture of medicino30 achievements


5. medicino 4 years ago

Oh, the humanity!! :'(

Picture of obelicks6921 achievements


6. obelicks69 4 years ago

at last...glow in the dark gummy i can finally find them back hiding in my couch....

Picture of air28 achievements


7. air 4 years ago

Felt like watching "Blade" with Wesley Snipes :D

Picture of ughlah37 achievements


8. Comment rated too low. Show this comment ughlah 4 years ago

BEAR witness to the truth that lie herein...

It sucks to be an Diablo addict, and to always think of that sentence when you hear "bear" :(

Picture of ImprsdBySmartVid29 achievements


9. ImprsdBySmartVid 4 years ago

So: Don't eat Gummy Bears while drinking hot Potassium Chlorate >:)

Picture of name116 achievements


10. name1 4 years ago

They're Dashing and daring,
Courageous and caring,
Faithful and friendly,
With stories to share.
They march through the forest,
They sing out in chorus,
Marching along,
As their song fills the air.

Gummi Bears,
Bouncing here and there and everywhere.
High adventure that's beyond compare,
They are the Gummi Bears.

Well, Magic and mystery,
Are part of their history,
Along with the secret,
Of gummiberry juice.
Their legend is growing,
They take pride in knowing,
They'll do what is right,
With whatever they do.


Well, my girl, dolores
she march through the forest
she takes one of each
and sticks it down her pants?
i like the red ones
and i like the yellow ones
we bite off their head
and we give them to our friends


Gummi Bears,
When a friend's in danger they'll be there,
Lives and legends that we all can share,
They are the Gummi Bears,
They are the Gummi Bears,
They are the Gummi Bears!

Picture of 0x8013 achievements


11. 0x80 4 years ago

The red ones are horrible anyway :P

Picture of faraon0727 achievements


12. faraon07 4 years ago

Annoying gummy bear. :D

Picture of Trinxas34 achievements


13. Trinxas 4 years ago

And THAT'S the amount of calories you're ingesting >:)

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


14. irishgek 4 years ago

How to make potassium chlorate

Lol lucky i know were to find it at work ....this looks like so much fun what a lovely reaction but id say it will work with anything thats got sugar in it as its a strong oxidizing agent

Picture of player139 achievements


15. player1 4 years ago

Ok! Where can i buy some potassium chlorate??? >:)

Picture of Swany28 achievements


16. Swany 4 years ago

Now we know what powers Darth Vaders Light sabre!!

Picture of Esthreel41 achievements


17. Esthreel 4 years ago

How to: Become a spitfire dragon.

Picture of gringo40 achievements


18. gringo 4 years ago

And who won?

Picture of JavierJahve20 achievements


19. JavierJahve 4 years ago

gooooddddd i need try that with britney spears.

Picture of 13PhiL3732 achievements


20. 13PhiL37 4 years ago

grilled gummy bear! >:)

Picture of karl_os23 achievements


21. karl_os 4 years ago

looks like a gummy bear electrocution to me...

Picture of drd_uno22 achievements


22. drd_uno 4 years ago

gummy bear valmorphanized into hot tamale?

Picture of badboy00748 achievements


23. badboy007 4 years ago

I just want to eat it

Picture of Philj27 achievements


24. Philj 4 years ago

Any way to get this into fueling cars?
Imagine filling your car up to drive somewhere on gummy bears :)

Picture of yodakiller31 achievements


25. yodakiller 4 years ago

So thats how they make the black gummy bears no wonder they're so disgusting

Picture of kebabmaster31 achievements


26. kebabmaster 4 years ago

And I thought I was a badass when I bit their head off :D

Picture of MsZoomy34 achievements


27. MsZoomy 4 years ago

Science is so freaking awesome!!! ::(|)

Picture of dannodon36 achievements


28. dannodon 4 years ago

Short-term cyalume stick

Picture of Calvinius46 achievements


29. Calvinius 4 years ago

New energy source, gummy bears!! :D

Picture of nofreeusername27 achievements


30. nofreeusername 4 years ago

hey #7 im watching blade right now :D what a coincidence :P

Picture of batman3426 achievements


31. batman34 4 years ago

pew pew pew! i'll shoot u all

Picture of Masutakusu13 achievements


32. Masutakusu 4 years ago

Its screams... They burn my soul...

Picture of nenadsirmium32 achievements


33. nenadsirmium 4 years ago

first eat than drink....

Picture of Kaworu33 achievements


34. Kaworu 4 years ago

Hmmmm kinda cool, but now lets see the same experiment with a five pound gummy bear. >:) >:)

Picture of armageddon36 achievements


35. armageddon 4 years ago

i hate gummy bears so i simply enjoyed that vid

Picture of alucard696poland35 achievements


36. alucard696poland 4 years ago


Picture of lockandload57 achievements


37. lockandload 4 years ago

love the science!

Picture of sirvegeta7 achievements


38. sirvegeta 3 years ago

So, you dump a gummi bear in there, AND IT GOES SUPER SAIYAN!

Picture of LikMyNutz7 achievements


39. LikMyNutz 115 days ago

That had to smell like shit... :S