Can Big Girls Fly?

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35 comments posted so far. Expand all comments Login to add a comment.

Picture of nofreeusername27 achievements


2. nofreeusername 4 years ago

WOW... :O

Picture of Abreujr42 achievements


3. Abreujr 4 years ago

That big ass finaly proved to be usefull! >:)

Picture of Royals30 achievements


4. Royals 4 years ago

No, but they can slide

Picture of phil20619 achievements


5. phil206 4 years ago

does her hair fall off at the end? :O

Picture of ZaMpTi47 achievements


6. ZaMpTi 4 years ago

#6 yes, her fake hair :P

Picture of badboy00748 achievements


7. badboy007 4 years ago

I thought she would bounce back up

Picture of darien_fawk12 achievements


9. darien_fawk 4 years ago

What an awsome breakdance move! I gotta learn that!

Picture of Zmagec33 achievements


10. Zmagec 4 years ago


Picture of 13PhiL3732 achievements


11. 13PhiL37 4 years ago

I Belive I can Fly!!!

Picture of imagic42 achievements


12. imagic 4 years ago

i heared of flying fish,,, never heard of a flying whale before though

Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements


13. PortugaL26 4 years ago

Earthquake!! a 7.9 on Richter scale >:)

Picture of defade30 achievements


14. defade 4 years ago

Perfect landing... if she planned to be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life, that is.

Picture of crucified15 achievements


15. crucified 4 years ago

Nice landing, it could be much more painful.

Picture of Lookintomypenis32 achievements


16. Lookintomypenis 4 years ago

Whale's cant fly! They need to be in the water.

Picture of Daeph24 achievements


17. Daeph 4 years ago

That looked incredibly painful.

Picture of zxoxz35 achievements


18. zxoxz 4 years ago

It's hard to watch these kind of clips cause all i can see is PAIN for the rest of their lives!!!!

Picture of joeman60 achievements


19. joeman 4 years ago

Okay, the release... now. she has the height,
half twist... spots her landing...
and it's a full reverse, double cheek pink underwear, half pike head bounce mullet slide!
wait, wait... now, the judges score...
9.7!! 9.7!! Oh my God! Fantastic! Unbelievable!!
It's just unbelievable!! :O :O
Ladies and gentlemen, we've got a new Leader in the Swingset Division!!

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


20. irishgek 4 years ago

You know that old one ..." the bigger they are the harder they fall" and for once proverb is totally right she hit bloody hard

Picture of jaymelu30 achievements


21. jaymelu 4 years ago

A cow fell from the sky!!!! :)

Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements


22. DarkiKun 4 years ago

fly? im not sure, but they sure can slide! XD

Picture of mydixiewrecked36 achievements


23. mydixiewrecked 4 years ago

i would say no, big girls cant fly

Picture of cincodemayo31 achievements


24. cincodemayo 4 years ago

Man, I was wondering what was that earth tremor that I felt the other day. That gotta be it..

Picture of AL-AIN47 achievements


25. AL-AIN 4 years ago

flying black pig :D :D :D :D :D :D :D >:) >:) >:)

Picture of prankphonecall44 achievements


26. prankphonecall 4 years ago

I love the fact that they've got the guy on the top to stablize the swings. If not it probably would have looked different but ended the same.

Picture of Pizzathehutt2633 achievements


27. Pizzathehutt26 4 years ago

Did anyone else cringe as she was going through the air?

Picture of angrytattedguy18 achievements


28. angrytattedguy 4 years ago

I love how shes so fat the guy had to sit on the damn swing to keep it from tipping.

Picture of DavidT100311 achievements


29. DavidT1003 4 years ago

See cows can fly

Picture of Jonsu22229 achievements


30. Jonsu222 4 years ago

chewbacca sound at the end.

Picture of vladhimself17 achievements


31. vladhimself 4 years ago

the law of gravity, it can really hurt you :))

Picture of madmagpie30 achievements


32. madmagpie 4 years ago

Look mom, it's a flying whale!

Picture of bijuno38 achievements


33. bijuno 4 years ago

Hey, they just judge the flying, not the landing. So...PERFECT!

Picture of Stinkmeaner15 achievements


34. Stinkmeaner 3 years ago

I love me a fat chick ;)

Picture of Steelhunky23 achievements


35. Steelhunky 3 years ago

Hope she didn't get hurt!
Next time think before you leap!