Nuclear Bomb stops a gas leak in the USSR

If everything else fails..use a nuke

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Picture of loscohones39 achievements


1. loscohones 4 years ago

fight fire with fire >:)

Picture of CorpseGrinder43 achievements


2. CorpseGrinder 4 years ago

yeah and next time my toilet is cloaked up, I´ll just trow a grenade in the bowl => problem solved :D

Picture of samxgx45 achievements


3. Comment rated too low. Show this comment samxgx 4 years ago

idea design by mythbusters?

Picture of chestrefeld11 achievements


4. chestrefeld 4 years ago

The alternative "big bang" theory :D

Did the job though and great music too!

Now let's move operations to the Gulf of Mexico....

Picture of Highmeadow44 achievements


5. Highmeadow 4 years ago

Make Gas Not War!!!

Picture of blockedusername29 achievements


6. blockedusername 4 years ago

#1 its not fire...its uranium, and extreme heat is created as a result

Picture of Cuni28 achievements


7. Cuni 4 years ago

When dealing with ultra ancient energie, to stop it, you must use ultra high tech explosion, its the same as an do that underwatter BP

Picture of Bobloblaw31 achievements


8. Bobloblaw 4 years ago

Ahhhh, living in the nuclear age. ALL our problems are over
... Now we can relax.
Anyone seen my testicles?

Picture of max200035 achievements


9. Comment rated too low. Show this comment max2000 4 years ago

[at #4 just(a)] - (a) interesting point of view, politically speaking: hence they've already proven succesful expertize and good recommendin' portfolio in the field: let's have them solve the Gulf of Mexico then, naw :D. (b) ..still at only couple of miles away from the zero point, and considered a safe zone: that's not so threatenin'. (c) I wouldn't wanna be the national defense interior affairs general (it should have been a commission (board's decission) on that) to have the Damocles approval at my fingertips on that, anyway - it's a tricky first, and Russians have made their steppin'. (d) no doubt others are being capable of undertaking similar approach, which makes it even more challenging to watch more conventional undertakings and their timely milestones :) (e) thread, just to say Gas poaches like that, still are and used to be common not only there, but in some parts of Europe, too: preventing buildin' cities nearby is though observed, nonetheless. 10x, max

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


10. sux2bu 4 years ago

#9 I don't have a clue to the meaning of what you are trying to say. It's probably just that English is not your first language (I guess), but most of what you said makes little sense to me. :)

BUT..... The video was interesting and informative and I would like to see more like it.

Picture of Dauntless45 achievements


11. Dauntless 4 years ago

Fire 0, Uranium 1.

Picture of Psyphant19 achievements


12. Psyphant 4 years ago

Ah now I understand the russian suggestion for stopping the gulf oil leak with an atomic bomb. :D

Picture of loscohones39 achievements


13. loscohones 4 years ago

#6 i'm old enough to know the components of a nuclear bomb and blast effects dont worry ok?

Picture of mmmendal43 achievements


14. mmmendal 4 years ago

3:43 Ya think!

Picture of dushan51 achievements


15. dushan 4 years ago

good for them, they didn't hire those guys: :D

Picture of Oddi50 achievements


16. Oddi 4 years ago

I like the happy ending..and the country lived well and make good profits from gas ever after... hehe

Picture of kutsuke24 achievements


17. kutsuke 4 years ago

If only we did this in the gulf

Picture of ranmar42012 achievements


18. ranmar420 4 years ago

Did anybody show this to BP? But then again...they don't have a bomb...