Shovel Man

Russian hero!

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Picture of GradX28 achievements


1. GradX 4 years ago

Man:" Get back to the sleigh-car, God damnit how did u get loose again!"

Picture of Urihep38 achievements


2. Urihep 4 years ago

"She's mine! Piss off!"

Picture of ferreira1523 achievements


3. ferreira15 4 years ago

And they say there's no hero's left.... :D :D :D :D

Picture of TarasFromLviv40 achievements


4. TarasFromLviv 4 years ago

That was one heavy shovel.

Picture of owner41 achievements


5. owner 4 years ago

the music at the end makes it funny... :D :D

Picture of eddie204242 achievements


6. eddie2042 4 years ago

yup.. he got laid >:)

Picture of draxenn31 achievements


7. draxenn 4 years ago

Are stray dogs a big problem in Russia? or is this just an isolated incident?

Picture of cranky40 achievements


8. cranky 4 years ago

I counted 11

Picture of Reaperdaddy39 achievements


9. Reaperdaddy 4 years ago

wow thats a massive "attack"... looks like a wolf pack... i would have screamed like this girl too...

Picture of banzemanga42 achievements


10. banzemanga 4 years ago

And so that is how ideas for video games appear. 8-)

Picture of lego31 achievements


11. lego 4 years ago

remorseless russian gang :)

Picture of c2quad30 achievements


12. c2quad 4 years ago

hehe ....*SHOVEL MAN* shasshshasha shaaa !! ;)

Picture of CrackrJak40 achievements


13. Comment rated too low. Show this comment CrackrJak 4 years ago

Where is the dog catcher at ? Geesh.

Picture of gendarme44 achievements


14. gendarme 4 years ago

Guess who just released them 5 minutes ago after not feeding them for a week? And got himself a nice 'little' shovel just in time. :D :(|)

Picture of MakeTnotWar37 achievements


15. Comment rated too low. Show this comment MakeTnotWar 4 years ago

Where was he when Taylor Mitchell died?

Picture of LightAng3l48 achievements


16. LightAng3l 4 years ago

I did the same thing 3 days ago...but without a shovel...and I got bit :(
The bite is not deep at all, but it bruised like hell... don't mess with mad dogs, unless you really have to...and he really had to ! :)

Picture of armageddon36 achievements


17. armageddon 4 years ago

if you want to survive in russia you have to carry some kind of a weapon

Picture of Yours8828 achievements


18. Yours88 4 years ago

And they ask me why I carry guns. pfft.

Picture of Ambush14 achievements


19. Ambush 4 years ago

Dogs dont have to be stray to do that.

Picture of defade30 achievements


20. defade 4 years ago

I read that packs of stray dogs are a big problem in the Ukraine. Even that people are being killed and eaten... I can't find the orginal story I read but this has some info. Kind of scary.

Picture of Geekster52 achievements


21. Geekster (admin) 4 years ago

im not kidding but the building structure you see in the image has been projected by the last communist' architechts called Ceausescu Nicolae, i know because i see those buildings every day and the appartaments are small as match boxes,

Picture of cranky40 achievements


22. cranky 4 years ago

I don't want to imagine having to walk my dog in that neighborhood.

Picture of LightAng3l48 achievements


23. LightAng3l 4 years ago

#21 I live in Romania. My apartment is not that small... This could by Romania, but it can also be Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria...etc.
Anyway... the architects had nothing to do with the dictator. He wanted buildings and they made some... nothing more, nothing less.

Picture of huldu30 achievements


24. huldu 4 years ago

That was most definitely sleigh-car dogs by the looks of it. Im guessing they got loose from the owner and ran off, the guy with the shovel maybe?

Picture of spynode40 achievements


25. spynode 4 years ago

#21 there are exact same type of buildings in Latvia too.

Picture of owner41 achievements


26. owner 4 years ago

want to see a dog singing justin gaybier ????

sorry this comment is out of topic. but maybe you should check it out. >:)

Picture of BongRipsForUSA16 achievements


27. Comment rated too low. Show this comment BongRipsForUSA 4 years ago

thats one fatt fatt bitch

Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements


28. Usdevildoggmc 4 years ago

Well you can't blame them for being hungry :S

Picture of Darkic31 achievements


29. Darkic 4 years ago

wtf is 100 dogs doing there???

Picture of Malinar33 achievements


30. Malinar 4 years ago

Good for the Chinese, they eat dogs.

Picture of Chanes28 achievements


31. Chanes 4 years ago

OMG, just give me a Sniper rifle! =)

Picture of USAnumber150 achievements


32. USAnumber1 4 years ago

A dog truly is a man's best friend.

If you don't believe it, just try this experiment:

Lock your dog and your wife in the trunk of your car for an hour.

Then, when you open the trunk, which one is really happy to see you? :D

Picture of tunicopp35 achievements


33. tunicopp 4 years ago

it must be the record number of golden comments in a row

Picture of ragou26 achievements


34. ragou 4 years ago

#21. What is this "small as match boxes"? I live in Bulgaria and I can tell you that there is no difference between our apartments and those in Germany, or France for example. Oh, I forgot. There is a small difference.
Our apartments belong to us, we don't live for rent.

Picture of moese42 achievements


35. moese 3 years ago

#32 that only proves that dogs are stupid and women are not.

Picture of darkmas38 achievements


36. darkmas 2 years ago

pepper spray.