Lego House

James May's Toy Stories

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24 comments posted so far. Expand all comments Login to add a comment.

Picture of gazh40 achievements


1. gazh 4 years ago

Thats the house now wheres the car!
I love this series, hes brilliant

Picture of HyperionIV24 achievements


2. HyperionIV 4 years ago

Lego cat? You must be kidding...


Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements


3. Usdevildoggmc 4 years ago

When I was younger if you could measure all the Legos I ever owned it wouldn't amount to the mass that stupid CAT is made up of :'( I hope they donate them after.

Picture of owner41 achievements


4. owner 4 years ago

"Do not lean against wall !!!"

Picture of Reaperdaddy39 achievements


5. Reaperdaddy 4 years ago

after seing it, you'll shit bricks !

Picture of deenajs42 achievements


6. deenajs 4 years ago

Why build it outside on a field?
I would build it inside somewhere so it does not breaks down
of bad weather or something!

Brilliant work :)

Picture of cranky40 achievements


7. cranky 4 years ago

What's with the crying scene? It ruins the whole experience

Picture of zerorain26 achievements


8. zerorain 4 years ago

valued at $500k from the art expert. probably cost just as much in legos.

Picture of Vaithan29 achievements


9. Vaithan 4 years ago

first gush of wind and it's all over >:)

Picture of PeTTs0n23 achievements


10. PeTTs0n 4 years ago

#8 No, £500k - that's a pretty big bloody difference.

Picture of USAnumber150 achievements


11. Comment rated too low. Show this comment USAnumber1 4 years ago

That guy is a little old to be wearing his hair that long. It makes him look like a woman. He already is kind of feminine acting.

Picture of max200035 achievements


12. Comment rated too low. Show this comment max2000 4 years ago

people on moon are to be housed in inflated bag-homes, because there's no issue upon lettin' estates afterwards, so relatives to inherrit: who would buy lego-type house, same type of fellows. living and working on a rig, meets same criteria: never thinking to actually have kids nurturing you when you grow old enough not to cook for yourself anylonger (but now we live the ages of instant microwaved food, and more). max

Picture of joeman60 achievements


13. joeman 4 years ago

I like his hair... very much.
He exudes individuality.
I appreciate diversity...

Picture of Malinar33 achievements


14. Malinar 4 years ago

Will be there to the first storm. :|

Picture of Highmeadow44 achievements


16. Highmeadow 4 years ago

Why is she crying over lego? :'( :D

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


17. irishgek 4 years ago

Full Version in parts , love the series made ideas

Picture of matrozrabbi8941 achievements


18. matrozrabbi89 4 years ago

HaHa a dream came true. Reinforce it, glue it together, use some stuff to make it a bit more confortable (you could put pillows in there, it would still be a lego house), and voila! I'd love to live there :D

Picture of Megaverse12 achievements


19. Megaverse 4 years ago

Lol, the guy in the end "evaluate" his art work at 500 000$ and it's quite insulting knowing that for around 50$ you get like 300 blocks only maybe a little more. Brief it must of cost just that 500 000$ just in blocks so his art work is in fact worthless hahaha. At 50$ for 300 if i'm right it's 3 millions blocks for 500000$ ..hard to say how much blocks it takes huh. I didn't notice if someones tells it with the kids around me.

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


20. irishgek 4 years ago

#19 Watch the full version to find out and its like a guy who spends his whole life and pours thousands of dollars in to a classic car and then to try selling it at auction to find out its not worth any were near what he put it , no matter how much value you put on something its what value other people put on it is what counts.

Like a house to some the house might be worth nothing as its not in the right place its too small its outa town and to others its worth a fortune as its everything they ever wanted and they will pay threw the roof to get it!!

Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements


21. YetiGrowl 4 years ago

uhh broad crying?!

Picture of c2quad30 achievements


22. c2quad 4 years ago

If this is Lego House then ppls livin in it will be called legons .... :D

Picture of medicino30 achievements


23. medicino 4 years ago

Did you see the Toilet Paper? maaaan that's gonna live a mark.

Picture of sbrucecaboose40 achievements


24. sbrucecaboose 4 years ago

just shifting that piece into place really would feel great, even if you hadn't built the house yourself. i can't even look at an incomplete circle without being bothered to just tie it together in some way.