Ken Block - Gymkhana 3.2

the eagerly awaited gymkhana 3.2 from Ken Block now in a Ford Fiesta

(3.1 was a music video)

HD version can be found here

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36 comments posted so far. Expand all comments Login to add a comment.

Picture of Tareim46 achievements


1. Tareim (admin) 4 years ago

I want that fiesta :D

I think I would be feeling a little bit sick after that mad spinning on the wet tarmac

Picture of banzemanga42 achievements


2. banzemanga 4 years ago

Nice video on how to waste your tires on a singe day. :P

Picture of sirval33 achievements


3. sirval 4 years ago

the old car was so much better looking!

Picture of ehcanadian27 achievements


4. ehcanadian 4 years ago

That was 7 minutes that went by fast. Wow. Awesome.

Picture of Nuntchakou24 achievements


5. Nuntchakou 4 years ago

That was just Fkin awesome... :O :O :O

Picture of wildbill3008 achievements


6. wildbill300 4 years ago

I had two 1980 Fiestas and loved them. Not much of a looker but was a strong car. That baby took a beating like nothing I've had since.I just never thought they would ever make it again. I ran mine full on all the time but it was stock. I don'ty believe a factory stock one could even take half that beating.

Picture of Neojack24 achievements


7. Neojack 4 years ago

Awesome skills 8-)

Picture of filter37 achievements


8. filter 4 years ago

Incredible driving. On another note, does anyone else have a hankering for a cold Monster right about now?

Picture of Crash043 achievements


9. Crash0 4 years ago

Finally he switched to ford...

Picture of Reaperdaddy39 achievements


10. Reaperdaddy 4 years ago

id give anything to be able to drive a car like that once in my life... to see if my training in video games pays out in reality. Damn , must be cool to drive a car that makes flames through the exhaust pipe...

Picture of schlafanzyk31 achievements


11. schlafanzyk 4 years ago

Wow, these videos are like a videogame come true.. if not more than that. Gotta love how the car gets pulled down right before he takes off and then how he always just barely kisses the walls/cones and instead of braking into a corner, just does a 180 and accelerates in the opposite direction. The almost vertical drifting on the steep turn was my favorite though. So incredibly creative!

Picture of Kenty18 achievements


12. Kenty 4 years ago

Ken Block - top driver! But he does touch the wall at 1:26!!

Picture of Kastevil25 achievements


13. Kastevil 4 years ago


Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements


14. c0mmanderKeen 4 years ago

holy this blew my mind away ! awesome...

Picture of max200035 achievements


15. max2000 4 years ago

Ford would Love to be again alive and watching Tv: he'd never dreamed of conquering France that way ;)

Picture of Highmeadow44 achievements


16. Highmeadow 4 years ago

He ruined a perfectly good set of rims - :( ( :D )

Picture of Oxydous38 achievements


17. Oxydous 4 years ago

7 minutes 41 seconds of pure adrenaline rush
Bucket listing added ^.^
Only thing i would do hurting the environment once is this ;p id still feel guilty but everybody should be able to live this once :D

Picture of Vaithan29 achievements


18. Vaithan 4 years ago

I didn't know a car could do that! :O

Picture of MakeTnotWar37 achievements


19. MakeTnotWar 4 years ago

Did anyone offer him a job for the next James Bond movie? Someone should.

Picture of D-Pen34 achievements


20. D-Pen 4 years ago

I wonder how a driver would react if they saw those unusual circular tired marks on the raised pavement.

Picture of ughlah37 achievements


21. ughlah 4 years ago

Breaking News:
Snotr uncovers the identity of THE STIG!

Picture of nawazkhan4 achievements


22. nawazkhan 4 years ago

just awsome driver , DIRT 3 Comming soon .... 8-)

Picture of sirval33 achievements


23. sirval 4 years ago

I can't count as fast as that car changes gears,

Picture of Deblaauwn32 achievements


24. Deblaauwn 4 years ago

#21 I'm sorry, but his Stigness does go round corners properly.

Picture of c2quad30 achievements


25. c2quad 4 years ago

Why are peoples becoming misers,C,mon thumbs up for every one yea let everyone have a plus ....I did for all :)

Picture of eNdEmiOn0646333 achievements


26. eNdEmiOn06463 4 years ago

Cool except for the waste of rubber.

Picture of badasspuppy18 achievements


27. badasspuppy 4 years ago

Clipped the wall right on the first turn (1:25). Amateur :)

Picture of monkeyboy50 achievements


28. monkeyboy 4 years ago

I think it needs some new tyres

Picture of NotFirst33 achievements


29. NotFirst 4 years ago

I only wanted him to park it for me.

Picture of blackty29 achievements


30. blackty 4 years ago

The car was soooo incredibly short geared. It was getting into 6th gear in no time, so i guess it accelerates quickly but low top speed.

Picture of Sporting0620 achievements


31. Sporting06 4 years ago

When the camera changes to the one inside the car it makes some strange, looks like it is going to break

Picture of GOOSE4222 achievements


32. GOOSE42 4 years ago

Unfortunately none of us will ever drive a fiesta with that kind of punch.. If you are very lucky you won't have to drive one at all. Amazing skills though, truly incredible :D

Picture of anjoe21325 achievements


33. anjoe213 4 years ago

Another cool gymkhana clip, but you can't touch the Subaru for badass 'ness', and this car seemed much more jumpy than the Impreza

Picture of alucard696poland35 achievements


34. alucard696poland 4 years ago

Hes a robot you know :D no man can do tricks like him.amazing

Picture of mothali27 achievements


35. mothali 4 years ago

piece of fors shit.... we should forget about american made shit....

Picture of Godhatesfags16 achievements


36. Godhatesfags 2 years ago