Danish Championships 2010 in Rabbit Hopping

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Picture of asemanden29 achievements


1. asemanden 4 years ago

Thousands of years of animal domestication and training them for our purposes have lead to... this?

Picture of Nuntchakou24 achievements


2. Nuntchakou 4 years ago

Too bad it isn't rabbit humping competition... :D

Picture of IceIsIce30 achievements


3. IceIsIce 4 years ago

They should dodging shotgun pellets event!!!

Picture of Vizzer34 achievements


4. Vizzer 4 years ago

What's the clicking sound the person makes? Is it the person making the sound I'm guessing, for motivation perhaps?

Picture of sbrucecaboose40 achievements


5. sbrucecaboose 4 years ago

crazy danish are up to something

Picture of Taineract35 achievements


6. Taineract 4 years ago

#1 - Soon we'll be training rabbits to be unstoppable killing machines! With big nasty teeth!

Picture of rolighed9924 achievements


7. rolighed99 4 years ago

damnit, now everyone think that us danes are crazy -.-

#6 yeah, like in Monty Python and the holy grail ^^

Picture of Tiesto34 achievements


8. Tiesto 4 years ago

Fuckin crazy... :D:D:D

Picture of Natan_el_Tigre43 achievements


9. Natan_el_Tigre 4 years ago

"Be vewwy, vewwy quiet...I'm hunting wabbits!"

Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements


10. Fergus_Thedog 4 years ago

Bring out the holy handgrenade.

Picture of Kuthub16 achievements


11. Kuthub 4 years ago

I fell asleep halfway through the video.. the bit where... zzzzzz

Picture of f4de24 achievements


12. f4de 4 years ago

now imagine one with some air jordans on...

Picture of PaterSin41 achievements


13. PaterSin 4 years ago

for the high jumps just pull on the leash strong enough no one will notice >:)

Picture of elbun22 achievements


14. elbun 4 years ago

Really? 80 cm? My rabbit could jump about 100-110 cm when he was just a baby. I could have won a lot of money with him...

Picture of AL-AIN47 achievements


15. AL-AIN 4 years ago

rabbit became a horse :| :|

Picture of MakeTnotWar37 achievements


16. MakeTnotWar 4 years ago

Awesome! YAWN!

Picture of joverke25 achievements


17. joverke 4 years ago

I want to see some rabbits fail the jump

Picture of RandurSource54 achievements


18. RandurSource 4 years ago

Nothing to it, just give a hard pull on the string at the right moment

at 2:48 you can see that pulling the string at the wrong moment doesn't make the rabbit go up though

Picture of max200035 achievements


19. max2000 4 years ago

so it's just cow-girls patient enough to deal w/ those maniac hares: ok, now let's try it w/ kangaroo.

Picture of USAnumber150 achievements


20. USAnumber1 4 years ago

It does not look like it draws many spectators to watch...and this is the Danish Championships? Maybe if they had some real Playboy Bunnies to handle the rabbits they would draw larger crowds. ;)

Picture of Skeesicks36 achievements


21. Skeesicks 4 years ago

OMG, I just watched bunnys jumping over obstacles....FOR NEARLY 4 MINUTES :S

Picture of dariodexter32 achievements


22. dariodexter 4 years ago

on the 250cm long jump:
"I can't jump this!!!"
"Yes you can!"
"I CAN'T JU.."
"Search your feelings!!"

Picture of InfiniteBoredom19 achievements


23. InfiniteBoredom 4 years ago

Ok i thought i was really bored todo so i would watch snotr. Then i saw this and thought damn they must be really bored. Then i thought but i'm wathching the video. Then i saw the blonde chick and was like she was hot. Then i was like i could be watching porn istead of this.

Picture of mikeaza33 achievements


24. mikeaza 4 years ago

All trainers were HOT ! Just for that, I'd watch some more.

Picture of badboy00748 achievements


25. badboy007 4 years ago

the only good thing about this is the girls
I would rather watch them do something else

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


26. irishgek 4 years ago

I Think at 1:26 what the hell why use poles like that if the rabbit misses its going to be hurt what kind of idiots thought this up sad bunch of people

Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements


27. Chrisofskjern 4 years ago

I hate my country

Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements


28. Usdevildoggmc 4 years ago

I know how to speak rabbit now!!!


Picture of Cloe40 achievements


29. Cloe 4 years ago

i you want dog tricks than buy a DOG !!!!!

Picture of bijuno38 achievements


30. bijuno 4 years ago

such grace...just like ballet dancers...oh wait, they are from Denmark, right? Figures..