easy robbery

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Picture of andyjk1029 achievements


1. Comment rated too low. Show this comment andyjk10 6 years ago

waaao. that was a easy. someone is going to get sucked for sleeping at work.. too much Tv watching

Picture of Baboon39 achievements


2. Comment rated too low. Show this comment Baboon 6 years ago

She even told him help yourself ... nice professionalism

Picture of cranky40 achievements


3. Comment rated too low. Show this comment cranky 6 years ago

She plays it cool and then freaks out waking the other guy up? I don't get it

Picture of MooseDude23 achievements


4. Comment rated too low. Show this comment MooseDude 6 years ago

YEah thats what Happen if you let the kitchen door open...
She comes out and you loose all your money!!

Picture of draxenn31 achievements


5. draxenn 6 years ago

#3 She plays it cool because she doesn't want to get shot.
She then wakes the other guy up because i'm sure she doesn't want the criminal to get away with the cash.

Picture of satlipmd13 achievements


6. Comment rated too low. Show this comment satlipmd 6 years ago

its a FAKE like my username. :(|)

Picture of max200035 achievements


7. max2000 6 years ago

now, have a judge or perhaps a willingful attorney accept the movie as exhibit A 8-)

Picture of JaeMarie37 achievements


8. JaeMarie 6 years ago

I worked at a convenience store and yes - I've been held up.

While these two were slacking in a way that you should *NEVER* let your guard down, she did the right thing by keeping it non-confrontational and letting him have at the cash. Unless you have the upper hand (which they obviously didn't) and don't mind getting shot at, you cooperate.

Rules for getting held up.

1) Don't piss off the dude with the weapon and get yourself killed.

2) Give them what they want to get them out of the building and lock the door behind them.

Everything else beyond that is material and can be replaced.

Picture of Maffis42 achievements


9. Maffis 6 years ago

It was smart of her to not wake him up. That other man had a gun. If she'd scream to wake him up panic could easily ensue, resulting in someone getting shot and killed. Playing it safe was the best thing to do.

Picture of Gringo_el_Diablo45 achievements


10. Gringo_el_Diablo 6 years ago

They were both asleep with the register open!?!
Must have made a deal with the robber beforehand! ;)
Everybody is in on it!!! >:)

Picture of 14K22 achievements


11. 14K 6 years ago


trust me on that one .. when a dude comes up to you with a gun and wants the money ... its always easy
even if she wasn't sleeping ...

it' like #8

everything in the shop can be replaced .. the money in the register is covered by an insurance up to a certain ammount ...

the only thing which can't be replaced is your life .. so every company says give him what he want ... make sure he his focus is on you not on the other customers ...

pretty much by the book how the woman reacted ... and that had nothing to do with her sleeping ...

Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements


12. YetiGrowl 6 years ago

the woman valued her life. she did the smart thing instead of trying to be a dumb hero for what..less that 100 bucks in the register?

Picture of badboy00748 achievements


13. badboy007 6 years ago

stupid title

Picture of dragonon38 achievements


14. dragonon 6 years ago

>:) lol that guy at the end , whom she woke up.... ran like a dog...!!!

Picture of RandurSource55 achievements


15. RandurSource 6 years ago

Looks like the one in front of the TV was deaf
and the other in the blue shirt was a mute

very hard to say anything or sound an alarm when your friend doesn't respond to the sound you can't make.

Picture of stepanstas29 achievements


16. stepanstas 6 years ago

I didn't even see the guy by the TV till the end.

Picture of c2quad30 achievements


17. c2quad 6 years ago

lol one more thing that helped the robber was the tv's volume
if she had screamed also that guy would'nt be hearing her

Picture of Calvinius50 achievements


18. Calvinius 6 years ago

Self service. :D

Picture of montypython30 achievements


19. montypython 6 years ago

Looks like ALL 3 ran out w/ the money . . .
Thought the robber would come back to pay for gas w/ stolen $$$ too . . .lol