Come to Australia


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Picture of rags94life45 achievements


1. rags94life 4 years ago

0:39 Probably the most deadly one of the bunch!

Picture of Tehnol32 achievements


2. Tehnol 4 years ago

I've lived in Australia all my life and the only thing I've been bitten by was the redback...but it did put me in hospital :S

Picture of Nifen34 achievements


3. Nifen 4 years ago

I live in Australia Also :) I do admit i'm slightly scared about going under the house. Too many spiders :)

Picture of Platonic64 achievements


4. Platonic 4 years ago

omg, heavenly creatures!

Picture of SmajlicekCZ38 achievements


5. SmajlicekCZ 4 years ago

Kinda... catchy

Picture of samxgx45 achievements


6. samxgx 4 years ago

the last closeup face is the best of all :)

Picture of browncoat15 achievements


7. browncoat 4 years ago

Redback spider bites only hospitalise young children and very, very old people. No one dies from redbacks... I got bit by a redback, I squashed it and went back to pulling weeds from the garden.

I scooped a funnel web from the pool after an hour it came back to life and scared the crap out of me.. I hate funnel web spiders, they can kill you in half an hour.

Picture of prankphonecall44 achievements


8. prankphonecall 4 years ago

Love these guys... The groups called 'Scared Weird Little Guys' and their Aussie Comics.

It's a repost, but still damn funny... and true too!

They did however leave out the most dangerous animal in australia... our women! :D

Picture of paranoidandroid32 achievements


9. paranoidandroid 4 years ago

my country doesn´t have a single dangerous wild animal...except the prime minister,oh and the goverment,and traffic cops...omg this is the jungle

Picture of Tehnol32 achievements


10. Tehnol 4 years ago

#7, the one that got me was a fully grown female, and if you doubt that they can hospitalize an 18 year old, I can tell you that the pain was excruciating, all of my muscles contracted until I was curled up, I could not move for the pain. And it was the first time the hospital has used redback antivenom in 15 years :|

Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements


11. Fergus_Thedog 4 years ago

Hey, I've lived in Australia all my life and only been hit by one stingray. My respect goes to the Aboriginals who walked this land for over 40,000 years WITHOUT SHOES.

Picture of zerorain26 achievements


12. zerorain 4 years ago

i live in california and my uncles house is covered in black widows.

but yeah Australia does have some pretty deadly things.

Picture of MakeTnotWar37 achievements


13. MakeTnotWar 4 years ago

#1 If you really think so you never tasted 0:56

Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements


14. PortugaL26 4 years ago

#11 aren't stingrays deadly due to their spiney tail?
at least that's what it caused Steve Irwin's death. R.I.P

Picture of patriotaus39 achievements


15. patriotaus 4 years ago

I have to disagree with #7. Yes, Redbacks won't kill you, but you will most definitely need anti-venom as they are excruciatingly painful.

My guess is that you were bitten by a redback wannabe.

Picture of Baboon39 achievements


16. Baboon 4 years ago

I hear Doctor puss :s

Picture of cameramaster40 achievements


17. cameramaster 4 years ago

#9 They did however leave out the most dangerous animal in australia... our women!

Remind me never to visit while wearing my Kilt :D :D

Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements


19. YetiGrowl 4 years ago

ahh the joys of living where i do in canada. i just have to be afraid of moose.

Picture of c2quad30 achievements


20. c2quad 4 years ago

Lol D video is joyful .....'With pee your pants will be filled' haha

Picture of ratko25 achievements


21. ratko 4 years ago

ha , ha , most dangerous attack was at 0:42 . Coala attack :(|) :(|) :(|)

Picture of Searinox28 achievements


22. Searinox 4 years ago

Hell, what about the Irukandji jellyfish that has been sighted at the shores of Australia!? :O

Probably the deadliest jellyfish out there, it's as small as your thumbnails, and those who has survived it's venom says that it feels like your spine is about to explode 8-)


Picture of Dubsteppah35 achievements


23. Dubsteppah 4 years ago

lol!! I love in england and my dad loves there, ive jus tbeen there and i didnt see ONE spider, i come home, and theres a HUGE one on my wall.. typical :P my dads found 2 white back though, one IN the sofa he got given, and one in his bag at work :| plus i saw dolphins at bondai beach, and whales further along the coast, kagaroos and koalas but thats it ;)

Picture of lockandload57 achievements


24. lockandload 4 years ago glad i live in the UK :)

Picture of deniedhost28 achievements


25. deniedhost 4 years ago

yeah it might not be the best idea... for a vacation...