The funniest Dj in the world.

I wonder if it's possible to book him for my next party :)

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Picture of gazh40 achievements


1. gazh 4 years ago

wow what a ledgend :D

Picture of LeonPSP30 achievements


2. LeonPSP 4 years ago


Picture of 01nvr45 achievements


3. 01nvr 4 years ago

I think he's on crack.... :D

Picture of LappyPro25 achievements


4. LappyPro 4 years ago

Sick beats =P

Picture of mike_nazz30 achievements


5. mike_nazz 4 years ago

hi using a voltmeter for scrubbing lol

Picture of Bunji9 achievements


6. Bunji 4 years ago

He has a contagious hapiness :D

Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements


7. Comment rated too low. Show this comment Usdevildoggmc 4 years ago

Damn this is me every time I play my shit... for reals not trying to be funny or anything It's music.

Picture of samxgx46 achievements


8. samxgx 4 years ago

Talkin about Enthusiasm and loving what you do...
i wonder what he's thinking / feeling acting like that...

Picture of sirval35 achievements


9. sirval 4 years ago

Wish I could be famous and go to his parties :/

Picture of mmmendal44 achievements


10. mmmendal 4 years ago

#3 I think he had that for breakfast:

Picture of Baboon39 achievements


11. Baboon 4 years ago

Drugs, we love'em

Picture of AL7AIR43 achievements


12. AL7AIR 4 years ago

Apparently you can, a local disco here in Germany booked him recently, and yes he's still all over the place like a wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube man.

Picture of dragonon38 achievements


13. dragonon 4 years ago

Diagnosis: Pseudo Epilepsy!!! >:)

Physical Examination: Intermittent seizures, no saliva...airway normal... lol>>!>

Picture of BuBu30 achievements


14. BuBu 4 years ago

OMG had to register just to ask where i can book that DJ ? :D

Picture of Mix32 achievements


15. Mix 4 years ago

Something with a midlife-crisis?

Picture of codenamegizmo37 achievements


16. codenamegizmo 4 years ago

mdma does funny things to you

Picture of Akka4720 achievements


17. Akka47 4 years ago

MDMAchine :P

Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements


18. PortugaL26 4 years ago

uh? i never knew Garfunkel was a Dj! 8-)

Picture of iovnzu37 achievements


19. iovnzu 4 years ago

it's funny because he is not mixing the track at all...just dancin :D:D:D:D

Picture of wyvern197824 achievements


20. wyvern1978 4 years ago

ahhh I miss pills... Good times good times indeed! =]

Picture of badboy00748 achievements


21. badboy007 4 years ago

He looks like one of the guys from the movie step brothers

Picture of Paul1238 achievements


22. Paul12 4 years ago

i love that Dj. :)

Picture of Digimatic17 achievements


23. Digimatic 4 years ago

Well I am a DJ and now I have learn some new moves that I will show on my new gig :D

Picture of zamuraii29 achievements


24. zamuraii 4 years ago

Ecstasy will do that to you!

Picture of h8isgr828 achievements


25. h8isgr8 4 years ago

Ah, so it's really just a shtick to try and set himself apart from the other 10 million DJ's out there.

Amusing for about 1 minute and 12 secondz.

Picture of c2quad30 achievements


26. c2quad 4 years ago

haha thats one man band

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


27. irishgek 4 years ago

#23 lets hope you dont use the same cheap herc dj mixer as he is using i had one the quality is awefuulll as are the controls , if you want to be a cheating dj using auto bpm and mp3s i highly recommend this bad ass

Picture of chefnaj31 achievements


28. chefnaj 4 years ago

Beautiful how music can change people !!!! Lovely

Picture of Dubsteppah35 achievements


29. Dubsteppah 4 years ago

Haha, love that, thats what i feel like sometimes when drunk at nights out lol.. i'm making a guess he's on something though lol.. track ID for second track??
update: david guetta - memories

Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements


30. YetiGrowl 4 years ago

i want his dealer

Picture of Carxav27 achievements


31. Carxav 4 years ago

Expecting to see the second part when a guy notices that his LSD was replaced by Hair Growing pills

Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements


32. DarkiKun 4 years ago

holy crap that is some heavy shet he's smoking xD

Picture of krazeeeyez27 achievements


33. krazeeeyez 4 years ago

interesting specimen

Picture of NotFirst33 achievements


34. NotFirst 4 years ago

Wish I felt that way about my job, :|

Picture of Iamweasel24 achievements


35. Iamweasel 4 years ago

#27 aaaand what exactly makes you a cheating dj when you are using mp3s ?