Yet another reason to love football

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Picture of eddie204242 achievements


1. eddie2042 3 years ago

M-M-M-Monster Goal-goal-goal-goal-oal...

Picture of grimmreaper35 achievements


2. grimmreaper 3 years ago

Can't Touch This!

Picture of nZL26 achievements


3. nZL 3 years ago

Owned. Epicly.

Picture of dave919144 achievements


4. dave9191 3 years ago

That's some serious skill.

Picture of tuktuk8227 achievements


5. Comment rated too low. Show this comment tuktuk82 3 years ago

and a lousy keeper..

Picture of rincewind16 achievements


6. rincewind 3 years ago

Flawless. Victory.

Picture of shayangx43 achievements


7. shayangx 3 years ago

Weak defense..

Still awesome tho!

Picture of Dauntless45 achievements


8. Comment rated too low. Show this comment Dauntless 3 years ago

I think i can still say I hate football... but thats just me!

Picture of hybridr69 achievements


9. hybridr6 3 years ago

great skill, but #5 is right bad keep, he should have dove on top of the ball instead of trying to block it with his foot.

Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements


10. YetiGrowl 3 years ago

whoa. i could defend better when i was 11!

Picture of Dogs_Gonads28 achievements


11. Dogs_Gonads 3 years ago

He'll probably dribble and score a goal like that twice in his career.

Picture of lockandload57 achievements


12. lockandload 3 years ago

skill and goal- thumbs for quality- thumbs down..but very impressive!

Picture of wusdix20 achievements


13. wusdix 3 years ago

he's name is robinho , (another) very talented brazilian player
awesome goal ... poor defense :'( >:)

Picture of JimDunlop40 achievements


14. JimDunlop 3 years ago

Unfortunately, the quality of the vid is so crappy, the white team's keeper looks exactly like a player for the team in black... I had to watch it several times to figure out that he was actually the keeper and not an offside player on the black team.

Speaking of offside, the play WAS questionably offside at 0:02... You can see a black team member running into the onside position at 0:03, but did he make it in time? Looked to me like he didn't.

Picture of fjwjr43 achievements


15. Comment rated too low. Show this comment fjwjr 3 years ago

I do love football, but this was soccer.

Picture of Kinslayer27 achievements


16. Kinslayer 3 years ago

@ #14 there are new rules (well new? a couple of years now), a player can only be offside if he actively participates in the play. As you can see, that player is running back with no intention to play the ball. secondly, the player who has the ball is not passing the ball to the player who's running back. so this was never offside.

@the awesome goal: AWESOME!

Picture of NielsTreurniet28 achievements


17. NielsTreurniet 3 years ago

I always wondering what you get when you put an street soccer player on a football field! :D :D

They got owned!!!!!!!!!!


yeah yeah...Keep crying... pff, its just for entertainment.. O:)


Unfortunately PES 11 don't have that rules yet :( always that shitty whistle for offside.. :'(

Picture of CoYoT30 achievements


18. CoYoT 3 years ago

Holly Shit...

Picture of Denaro30 achievements


19. Denaro 3 years ago

#17 it's because you play PES and not Fifa.