FPV RC Plane Onboard Camera

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23 comments posted so far. Expand all comments Login to add a comment.

Picture of Tentwenty29 achievements


1. Tentwenty 3 years ago

Sick as... This would be mad... would be sweet to start swooping people with it like a bird protecting it babies lol.

Picture of player139 achievements


2. player1 3 years ago

How cool is that! 8-)

Picture of mothali27 achievements


3. mothali 3 years ago

theres gonna be ufo sightings...... .177 calibre co2 powered bb repeater for dog fights would be kool.....

Picture of scolch23 achievements


4. scolch 3 years ago

yer the ability to drop small explosives would be cool as well. 8-)

Picture of max200035 achievements


5. max2000 3 years ago

it's not news, companies (private sector) invest into noise' devices just to have their HQ defended against street' scannin' done from inside parked vehicles - that may prevent RF planes to come too close to the building, too. military vessels (the admin.) are also featured that, so all unauthorized communications attempted under 50m and closing to the ship, is blocked. :(|)

Picture of djole38135 achievements


6. djole381 3 years ago

Where can I get one of these? :D :D :D

Picture of BarraMacAnna29 achievements


7. BarraMacAnna 3 years ago

Notice the 'black hole sun' at 1:13, that always happens on my mobile phone camera too, something to do with shutter speed or something

Picture of ExGasper16 achievements


8. ExGasper 3 years ago

great flaying skils respect 8-)

Picture of mwak41 achievements


9. mwak 3 years ago

Great vid but it's a shame we dont see him make a loop or some kind of stunt :)

Picture of banzemanga42 achievements


10. banzemanga 3 years ago

Cheer leading music on a RC plane fight video? It is just me or i think that is not a good combination? :S

By the way, nice video.

Picture of Kendiana29 achievements


11. Kendiana 3 years ago

#5 Could you please reframe your comment. What you are trying to convey in part sounds interesting to me. However, maybe it's me, but I'm having a tough time trying to discern exactly what you are talking about. THANKS! :)

Picture of Hallsavenger24 achievements


12. Hallsavenger 3 years ago

black hole sun?

Picture of Austin31 achievements


13. Austin 3 years ago

How hard would it be to rig up some small unguided rockets and stash them under each wing? Then you really would have the poor man's Predator Drone. Not terribly stealthy but very cool. This tech must drive security people batshit.

Picture of dragonon38 achievements


14. dragonon 3 years ago

NOw i see a lot of fun potential in it... would love to race with hawk or owl... those little pets..!!
what if i paste a hand over it in a shape of finger showing FUCK you... and put in the hawk... to stimulate him for drag race.... as we do on roads... lol

Picture of mowglji38 achievements


15. mowglji 3 years ago

one of the best films i've seen in a while very energetic :D

Picture of D-Pen34 achievements


16. D-Pen 3 years ago

I wish karma really existed so when I die, I hope to become a f*cking bird and do this all day.

Picture of pire35 achievements


17. pire 3 years ago

fett oida :) des is jo in wien oda?
hau rein und moch a facebookgruppe. i würd do a gern amol durchschaun

Picture of mydixiewrecked36 achievements


18. mydixiewrecked 3 years ago

nice vid! but my question is how far is the range on this thing cause hes going really high and pretty far without losing signal.

Picture of Tehnol32 achievements


19. Tehnol 3 years ago

#18, he would have a ground station for the camera signal probably with a large antenna for long range and high altitude flying. These have headtracking as well with video goggles, so when you move your head, the camera tilts/pans accordingly. You can buy everything to make one of these for about $1000, but you must be careful since you can easily fly too far and lose signal, and lose your $1000.

Picture of I-Need-Money49 achievements


20. I-Need-Money 3 years ago

notice the fail safe at 2:35 when he´s approaching those antennas :O

Picture of Mourialaid23 achievements


21. Mourialaid 3 years ago

I want one to hunt moose: I'll just fly until I see one, then I hit him kamikaze way! :D

Picture of Nateconq25 achievements


22. Nateconq 3 years ago

awesome, where could you buy a camera like that?

Picture of loadrunner46 achievements


23. loadrunner 2 years ago

2:35 , field goal :D