Massive Underwater Explosion

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Picture of DarkiKun41 achievements


1. DarkiKun 3 years ago

and all the fish in a mile is now dead and possibly cooked =)

Picture of mala-zmija26 achievements


2. mala-zmija 3 years ago

Well, you can only fish for so long...

Picture of vgsr31 achievements


3. vgsr 3 years ago

Poseidon ate something bad.

Picture of Apocalypse1132 achievements


4. Apocalypse11 3 years ago

wont be long before this shits going down in korea imo

Picture of dragonon38 achievements


5. dragonon 3 years ago

I hate it when a video gets posted twice even after being reviewed by admins.... while many of the "first time" are in wait-fkn-lists!!...

Is there anything to do with Portugal26... >:)

Picture of SeanzBeanz28 achievements


6. SeanzBeanz 3 years ago

At first i thought Chuck Norris just farted whilst Scuba Diving, then i realised he must have followed through a bit :(

Picture of banzemanga42 achievements


7. banzemanga 3 years ago

Wow that was sure big. That black smoke dust is the earth underwater. So be able to lift up dirt from a deep sea that must have been massive. :O

Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements


8. PortugaL26 3 years ago

#5 really? where's is it then? show me

Picture of Geekster52 achievements


9. Geekster (admin) 3 years ago

owww looks like Portugal26 replyed, let the war start >:)

Show 'em Portugal !!!

Picture of scolch23 achievements


10. scolch 3 years ago

f**k that i'm on dragonon's side!

Picture of Sizzlik59 achievements


11. Sizzlik (admin) 3 years ago

#5 sure youre able to remember 6000 videos from over 3 the link to the duplicate and i will delete this one...why you guys get soo cry babys when a re-post occours? On youtube you find the same video 100 times..go and cry there "Buuhuu..i already know this vid" we try our best to avoid dupes..but we are only humans either..nobody's perfect

Picture of arakawa25 achievements


12. arakawa 3 years ago

people think it`s ok to test explosives in the ocean just because it seems like everything is back to the way it was before the explosion.

Picture of mothali27 achievements


13. mothali 3 years ago

0:22 ... #11 losing his patience.....

Picture of ringmaster40 achievements


14. ringmaster 3 years ago

And only the last few seconds they stress things out?

Picture of PaterSin41 achievements


15. PaterSin 3 years ago

because fuck you sea life :D

Picture of Teqskater32 achievements


16. Teqskater 3 years ago's just filmed at the Bellagio hotel ;)

Picture of BrianDilori30 achievements


17. BrianDilori 3 years ago

That beats "RPG fishing" hands down!!

Picture of makbeth36 achievements


18. makbeth 3 years ago

Um..whats the black stuff after the initial explosion? I want to believe its incinerated fish...

Also, even if vids are reposted its rare that you would remember them all. Anyone who watches other vid sites has seen a good amount of the vids that get posted anyway.
People slating Portugal26, you do realise that without him this site would have much less videos for you to complain about...

Picture of armageddon36 achievements


19. armageddon 3 years ago

perhaps they're fishing with something more than a dynamite

Picture of dragonon38 achievements


20. dragonon 3 years ago

Ok i maybe wrong about this video but thats not the question. Sorry mate! @ portugal26
I know human errors possibility.... but

But the question is... Tell me how long it takes to search a video by the name to see whether its on snotr or not before posting it... THAT simple...

Or you are tellin' me Snotr search engine SUCKS>>>

Picture of samxgx45 achievements


21. samxgx 3 years ago

search by name? how many people have an actual name related to the video where you would think of when given another name?

Eddie Izzard standup
you kinda have to find it by: stonehenge

sure Subject / Description search would be nice... but hey it's the titlers fault somehow too

Picture of defade30 achievements


22. defade 3 years ago

That is most likely an anti sub depth charge

Picture of max200035 achievements


23. max2000 3 years ago

@22 nope, i'm pretty sure that's the common 500lbs anti-bunker classic bomb, that's why so old the movie, it has been classified :(|)

Picture of Highherodynamic5 achievements


24. Highherodynamic 3 years ago

It might be the french testing a mini atomic bomb near the Marianne Islands !

I don't know only a guess. Because guyz in the video are talking french.

I doubt there are a lot of places where you could set off a bomb !!

Anyway crazy shit !

Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements


25. c0mmanderKeen 3 years ago

#7 No sea floor, not possible. Takes much longer to rise no matter how big the bomb was ^^ Looks more like part of the explosive chemicals to me like some phosphor compound perhaps.

or its sea floor and this is a very shallow area. which wouldnt be nice because now its all dead.

Picture of kaketoe20 achievements


26. kaketoe 3 years ago

I can tell you guys a little about this.
This is a French Minehunter. Also known as "Alkmaarklasse"
If you search that name on wiki you will find the Duch ships.
Thats becausse the Dutch, French and Belgium have the same ships(i'm talking about the mine hunting)
I don't know how the french call there ships but they are the same.
And about this movie, this was not a test or just random Fun explosion..
The story is like this:
They found a couple of old aircraft bombs, so they lay down about 100kg of explosion(or 18kg depends) with a small underwator sub.
And they ignited it from a distance. Problem was under all the sand and rocks there were more then just the bombs they saw on there Radar. Thats why the explosion is so big. It was a dumping place not just a lost bomb or something.

This was told to me from someone on my ship. I sailed also on the Alkmaarklasse ships, bin in the Marine myself ;) So nothing new for me to see big explosions.
We "hunt" with Radars underwater for explosions to find.
If we do we ignite them with a "small" explosion beside it.

Picture of valerion21 achievements


27. valerion 3 years ago

Utter pointless if you ask me. Destrooying the most marveless element on our planet, just so they can check if a weapon they know works, works!!

Picture of kaketoe20 achievements


28. kaketoe 3 years ago

@ valerion
I know what you mean, but the work i did was to prevent people like you or ships that brings food and oil to you are save.
There are Sooo much bombs in the oceans/sea.
The only thing we do is to clear the route ships go. And fischer's can go home save.
It's a fact that there are allot of places they used to drop there scrap into the ocean. We just try to make it save, and the only option is then to blow them up.
And if there are too much fish or something else then we move the bomb to explode it somewhere else.

Picture of lockandload57 achievements


29. lockandload 3 years ago

that was a beautiful explosion, nice effect

Picture of richardleed23 achievements


30. richardleed 3 years ago

It's no wonder our sealife is dying is mass doses.