Aron Ralston's Story

This is the guy the new movie 127 Hours is based on. *Warning: Story might be inappropiate"

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Picture of chefnaj29 achievements


1. chefnaj 3 years ago


Picture of gazh40 achievements


2. Comment rated too low. Show this comment gazh 3 years ago

*inappropriate :)

Picture of MakeTnotWar37 achievements


3. MakeTnotWar 3 years ago

Thinking this through - to do all this to yourself without passing out - gives me goosebumps. But he would be dead now if he didn't do it. A real survivor.

Picture of SeanzBeanz28 achievements


4. SeanzBeanz 3 years ago

I really want to see this movie. The trailer looks great :)

Picture of Sizzlik59 achievements


5. Sizzlik (admin) 3 years ago

i guess nobody else would have the balls to break their own bones and cut your hand would f-word die in this place. But what makes me wonder is why he didnt bleed to death..cutting your hand off one hour makes you loose much blood..and after he was free he wasnt home yet..still some way to the next hospital.
But for sure he has the most strongest will to survive

Picture of mmmendal43 achievements


6. mmmendal 3 years ago

#5 my thoughts exactly. How did he get out from that trench without one arm, exhausted, and loosing blood all the time?

Picture of Motanum30 achievements


7. Motanum 3 years ago

#5 he used a "rope" to stop the bleeding. Also, he was lucky

Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements


8. YetiGrowl 3 years ago

#5 he made a tourniquet

Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements


9. PortugaL26 3 years ago

Really nice upload YetiGrowl.
I'm looking forward to watch the movie. i saw the trailer and read some reviews and looks like it is simply amazing, and i have no doubt about since it was directed by Danny Boyle.
Some people even fainted at the movie theatres in the scene where he removes his arm. it was described as the most realistic ever put on film :|
So i'm expecting a memorable experience

Picture of BrianDilori30 achievements


10. BrianDilori 3 years ago

I''d like to see Bear Grylles teach that shit!! Aron you rock!!

Picture of CamelotVegito15 achievements


11. CamelotVegito 3 years ago

*In my best Jigsaw Voice* "So Aron were going to play a game."
That is all I could think the entire explanation of how he got out.
Amazing story though. Only difference is when I go out, I have many knives I take and they are all Razor sharp. Including a Nice hatchet.

Picture of makbeth36 achievements


12. makbeth 3 years ago

How sickened would you be if you got 90% of the way there and then dropped the knife...

Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements


13. YetiGrowl 3 years ago

#9 if you're more interested in the story, read this article

Picture of kmmde41 achievements


14. kmmde 3 years ago

Balls. Of. Steel.

Picture of dave919144 achievements


15. dave9191 3 years ago

It is amazing what the human body can endure and how strong a will some people on this planet have.

Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements


16. Usdevildoggmc 3 years ago

5:50 "It was the happiest moment of my life"

We all may think that if we were in that situation we wouldn't have the guts to do that....but trust me it is in us all and you don't come face to face with how precious life is closer than this...

Warning? this story is anything but inappropriate, it should be inspiring.

Picture of Unknown5 achievements


17. Unknown 3 years ago

I had to fast forward.....couldnt stomach any glad hes alive, but I wouldve died there....

Picture of badboy00748 achievements


18. badboy007 3 years ago

I look forward to seeing this movie.
Thanks for the video.

Picture of Betspanker24 achievements


19. Betspanker 3 years ago

What a will to survive.