Reporter snowned

by kids ^^

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Picture of valerion21 achievements


1. valerion 3 years ago

Hope his salery is worth it.

Picture of j000z1132 achievements


2. j000z11 3 years ago

Total Gangbang.

Picture of crimson37 achievements


3. crimson 3 years ago

GO KIDS! They own him fair and square :) well he should have seen what's coming :D

Picture of LQoQK36 achievements


4. LQoQK 3 years ago

the only difference is that this guy didn't forget that he was on Camera

Picture of beel37 achievements


5. beel 3 years ago

lol love to see his rage once the camera goes off

Picture of shayangx43 achievements


6. shayangx 3 years ago

Its good to have some fun stuff in between all the serious boring news.
So in my opinion it was the best idea he had this week!

Picture of ralq12 achievements


7. ralq 3 years ago

I think it was personal... they almost make him eat snow!!!

Picture of SjN32 achievements


8. SjN 3 years ago

as long as it's not yellow snow!

Picture of Kendiana29 achievements


9. Kendiana 3 years ago

#3 He did see it coming. It's obvious the whole snowball thing was staged from the beginning. As the "Report" is coming to a close, he walks closer to the children. As the camera is pans out, that's when you see the kids, all of which are armed with snowballs waiting for their cue to start heaving them. The reporter states," This isn't the best idea I've ever had". At any rate, the kids were having a blast. 8-)

Picture of favas23 achievements


10. favas 3 years ago

in your face >:)

Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements


11. PortugaL26 3 years ago

1:14 Huge ball right in the kisser \:*:D/

Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements


12. Usdevildoggmc 3 years ago

#9 Is correct, and it is obvious.

Picture of ZodiaC20 achievements


13. ZodiaC 3 years ago

no mercy for the weatherman!

Picture of lockandload57 achievements


14. lockandload 3 years ago

he is going to hate snowballs for the rest of his life ;)

Picture of pizdalizac24 achievements


15. pizdalizac 3 years ago

i wuda kicked each and every one of those lil fukers in the face if they did that to me

Picture of cameramaster40 achievements


16. cameramaster 3 years ago

Well........the KID's Enjoyed it !!

I used to have a program where i could save some of these videos.....but its dissapeared :-(

anybody know what it might be ?

Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements


17. PortugaL26 3 years ago

#16 to download snotr videos

Picture of mmmendal43 achievements


18. mmmendal 3 years ago

If you use Firefox then I would suggest:

Picture of huldu30 achievements


19. huldu 3 years ago

Kids are all bullies :(

Picture of mmmendal43 achievements


20. mmmendal 3 years ago

remove www. from the link I provided. sorry

Picture of c2quad30 achievements


21. c2quad 3 years ago

Publically Humiliated, And if I was him then those childrens head and my mic

Picture of quu3 achievements


22. quu 3 years ago

Thats a result of gettin everything at home, no manners, no rules, no respect for older people what so ever.

Picture of Namron724 achievements


23. Namron7 3 years ago

Little Bastards >:)

Picture of richardleed23 achievements


24. richardleed 3 years ago

If the camera was off; I think he would bitch slap all those bastards for embarassing him on air.