Get off the brakes

icy road

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Picture of Rexxae40 achievements


1. Rexxae 3 years ago

dRIFT kING 2011 :D

Picture of yokey9129 achievements


2. yokey91 3 years ago

I love icy roads! with the proper awd car, and nobody else on the road! Rally driving it great.

I properly enjoyed the bus

Picture of h8isgr828 achievements


3. h8isgr8 3 years ago

WOW.... people are unbelievably stupid.

Picture of MadTick33 achievements


4. MadTick 3 years ago

The skill of that bus driver was amazing!! To maneuver such a long vehicle down a street sideways takes serious skills!! :D

Picture of blackty29 achievements


5. blackty 3 years ago

Nobody got hurt except the one dumbass who was standing in the bus at 3:25. :x

Picture of CoolWhhhip34 achievements


6. CoolWhhhip 3 years ago

Maybe someone should be stopping cars at the top of the hill before they attempt to go down...

Picture of ruhk30 achievements


7. ruhk 3 years ago

umm... go around? I know better than to attempt a downhill road in ice. Odds are there is a much better road just around the corner. Or at least put it in low gear and coast slowly.

Picture of shayangx43 achievements


8. shayangx 3 years ago

You would think a bus driver would have enough experience to know not to use his breaks..

Picture of Coresi18 achievements


9. Coresi 3 years ago

Let me guess, asian drivers ? :D

Picture of banzemanga42 achievements


10. banzemanga 3 years ago

So much scientist try to eliminate friction and yet nature almost eliminates when you least want it to.

Picture of Jeltsin28 achievements


11. Jeltsin 3 years ago

what about some proper studded snow tires? ;)

Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements


12. Usdevildoggmc 3 years ago


Picture of Klawd331 achievements


13. Klawd3 3 years ago

How many times has this video been reposted? 10?

Picture of paolo34 achievements


14. paolo 3 years ago

song for this video " queen - show must go on"

Picture of iovnzu36 achievements


15. iovnzu 3 years ago

i don't get my country we have that kinda weather like 30% of the year and the cars rarely skid on the icy roads...well...maybe it's because our winter tires are MAXIMUM QUALITY!!! :D

Picture of heyhey31 achievements


16. heyhey 3 years ago

Technology failed..


Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements


17. YetiGrowl 3 years ago

who needs a tv when this is where you live.

Picture of vitaminkurvac34 achievements


18. vitaminkurvac 3 years ago

I'm just surprised to see that the anti-lock system on those vehicles didn't engage. Some of those cars seem to be fairly new. Can a mechanic explain it to us?

Picture of Simms28 achievements


19. Simms 3 years ago

Or ABS isn't installed on them at all (only on paper). ;)

Picture of Kulgash51 achievements


20. Kulgash 3 years ago

On sheet ice or gravel, it is possible to lock multiple wheels at once, making ABS useless, because it relies on comparing all four wheels, and detecting individual wheels skidding. I think all drivers should learn threshold braking and avoid ABS. (Wikipedia: 8-) )

Living in a place where we're used to icy/snowy roads, this makes me laugh SO HARD! :D :x :D
Most Americans have never seen snow (well, central/southern parts at least) so I can't really say they're stupid... Just inexperienced... (Read: ICED NOOBS! :x )

Picture of splats3 achievements


21. splats 3 years ago

It's in Seattle. Cars spinning out of control (in slow motion) is a dead give-away. Metro bus, route 43:

1314 East John Street
Seattle, WA 98102-5816

Picture of Mullemeck26 achievements


22. Mullemeck 3 years ago

#18 Do you even know what ABS does? Its not like its impossible to get locks on the wheels if your car has ABS. ABS pulses when you're breaking hard which makes it possible to steer the car somewhat instead of going in a straight lane to death. It does not remove the locking of the wheels, as #20 somewhat is saying.

And its pretty hilarious to see people stop in a steep uphill believing they'll get the car going. Nr 1 rule when driving uphill of an icy road: Do not stop. If you stop, you will never get the car to move forward again, go slow and never stop.

Picture of Gorf34 achievements


23. Gorf 3 years ago

I do have a lot of sympathy with drivers in conditions such as these. There is a lot of negativity when people comment on here and other video sites, but let's face it, driving is a skill which improves with experience. If these drivers haven't experienced conditions like these, they may not know how best to deal with them.

When I first encountered a very slippy hillside, about 15 years ago, I slowly twirled the car through 180 degrees. It didn't make me a really bad driver, just really inexperienced. Now I have the experience and the confidence to stay off the brake, if I lost control of the car today, THAT would make me a bad driver.

(Not that I'm particularly good.)

Picture of cher-0027 achievements


24. cher-00 3 years ago

#9 Don't slander on asian. It's real yankees. all of them have the bum instead of a head.

Picture of eskeshuus19 achievements


25. eskeshuus 3 years ago

Neil Young's "Helpless" would have made an appropriate background music.

I love this site; a big applause for all at Snotr & all the folks who keep on posting these awesome vids! :)

Picture of moskwiz36 achievements


26. moskwiz 3 years ago

Two words - Wrong tires

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


27. sux2bu 3 years ago

Tire chains or studded tires are the only things that will help on glare ice on a slope. No amount of driving skill is going to help much when there is zero traction.
#24 Are you so ashamed of your country that you do not even complete your profile? I guess you have reason not to mention it,since Russia is the butt of so many jokes. Since you were probably educated in the commie system,your knowledge of the US is limited to what your commie teachers wanted you to believe.

Picture of cretia27 achievements


28. cretia 3 years ago

They are just Australians driving on the left side of road

Picture of andreas081638 achievements


29. andreas0816 3 years ago

As always I am fascinated, that people film situations like that for quite a long time without doing something about it.
Some sand or gravel on the road would be a major help .....

Picture of cher-0027 achievements


30. cher-00 3 years ago

addition to #27
Of course, this video was made by commie teachers wanted to bielive me in american stupidity...

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


31. sux2bu 3 years ago

Cheerio,I can't understand a thing you mutter; been hitting the wodka,huh? Russians , all bluster and bravado with no real substance. Even the "new" russian fighter jet is just a copy and cut-rate version of an F-22 but you guys used RIVETS to put it together! That "stealth" fighter is going to light-up radar screens like a Christmas tree.

Picture of cher-0027 achievements


32. cher-00 3 years ago

You're joking? Your super stealh was shot down in Serbia by soviet weapons without any dificulties. By the way, this weapon were created in sixties. Apropos, if serbians had S-300 they smashed all of your squalid aeroplanes. The whole world knows it but you. Your stupid country without history (my country house older) tries to pry into everything & everywhere. Tell me where you were succeeded?

The first thing that comes to mind when i think about americans is pimply porky brainless ignoramus.

Watch this video more closely & you can see it's your country, son with so smart skillful drivers. For Canada & Europe winter icy roads it's not surprize. Only in the US it's a global catastrophy.

Picture of matyu6 achievements


33. matyu 3 years ago

I can't believe a bus acting like that on a icy road...I live close to the Alps, buses usually cope with the icy roads better than cars but I think it's all about winter tires. Here the winter tires or snow chains are mandatory from November till April.

Picture of Eddie8747 achievements


34. Eddie87 3 years ago

nice place to sit with popcorn and a coca cola.. >:)

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


35. sux2bu 3 years ago

#32 Don't look now but your ignorance is showing again. The F-117 Nighthawk that was lost over Serbia was most likely not tracked by radar,it was visually spotted using night vision and infra-red systems. The F-117 is a sub-sonic ground-attack aircraft,not a fighter jet like the F-22 which is even more invisible to radar than the F-117. The F-117 flew hundreds of missions over Iraq and was never spotted by Saddam's Soviet radar. The ONE lost over Serbia was just a lucky hit,since no other F-117 was ever lost while making numerous sorties over enemy territory. The pilot was quickly picked-up by a US Search and Rescue team right under Serbian forces noses,by the way.
You are probably very proud of your country's support of the war criminal Slobadan Milosevic.
You have no answer for this one.

Picture of demilune6739 achievements


36. demilune67 2 years ago

The bus number is 13 !!