Mass Brawl on Ice: KHL teams fight 6 seconds into game

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Picture of Platonic64 achievements


1. Platonic 3 years ago

one word: WHY??

Picture of stepanstas29 achievements


2. stepanstas 3 years ago

0:15 ref says, "who do I go after?"

Picture of Paul1238 achievements


3. Paul12 3 years ago

so where is the sport in that?
that's just stupid.

Picture of kmmde41 achievements


4. kmmde 3 years ago

The whole red/white team must have planned that. They don't even follow the "rules" / code of "honor"... they don't drop their gloves/helmets, they don't stop when the opponent (in this case victim) lies on the ground and they interfere with other fights...

they all should get arrested!

Picture of Paul196825 achievements


5. Paul1968 3 years ago

and people pay to go watch this shite? what a great example for kids to be watching. :|

Picture of pignmar4147 achievements


6. pignmar41 3 years ago

This seems to be the same everywhere hkey is played - here's a link from Russia's HL game

Picture of archis48 achievements


7. archis 3 years ago

Its fight between Vitjaz (Chehov)(the red-whites) and Avangard (Omsk). The two teams just have let the natural hate grow between each other since first season. Vitajz was very bitter after many loses to Avanguard and decided not to do the playing part in this match.

Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements


8. Comment rated too low. Show this comment Usdevildoggmc 3 years ago




If they have any respect for the sport then they should follow the rules, its stupid to let athletes punch each other during a game... they should be suspended like any basketball player would be.

Picture of Austin31 achievements


9. Austin 3 years ago

Finally, dispensing with all of the skating and puck handling and shooting at the goal nonsense and immediately getting down to the real business at hand - fighting. You have to appreciate Russian efficiency for once - why let a game get in the way of a good revenge brawl?

Picture of elbun22 achievements


10. Comment rated too low. Show this comment elbun 3 years ago

wow... it doesn't even look real anymore
i'm sure this was acted or something... they can't be serious...

Picture of BrianDilori30 achievements


11. BrianDilori 3 years ago

Its very easy to look hard and hit a man when he's face down in ice and you wont let him up onto his feet! Bunch of pussys!!

Picture of zoidberg-returns42 achievements


12. zoidberg-returns 3 years ago

1:08 Is he crying? "Buhuu, Charlie hit meeeee :'( "

Picture of librabooks37 achievements


13. librabooks 3 years ago

#7 and #9, I lost too many chess games to this idiot I know, so I dispensed with the "thinking and moving" BS and got straight to the point and shot him in the head. Now THAT's efficient! >:)

Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements


14. Chrisofskjern 3 years ago

#12 - Håber du skammer dig over farverne i dit flag lige nu...

Those red/white guys are retarded. Does anyone know which teams these guys belong to? Because they suck huge sack! I know icehockey has fighting involved. Almost every time. Everywhere. But this is ridiculous!

But still... It reminds me of the Goofy episode called Hockey Homocide from 1945 :D

Picture of DaClayMoreKid17 achievements


15. DaClayMoreKid 3 years ago

Kick His Ass Sea Bass!!!!

Picture of retlif21 achievements


16. Comment rated too low. Show this comment retlif 3 years ago

sports that are better than soccer (rubbish).. this would definitely be one of them

Picture of Rigel36 achievements


17. Rigel 3 years ago

fking pussies, you're suppose to drop your helmet

Picture of tree4free45 achievements


18. tree4free 3 years ago

#16 from the word soccer i would asume that you are american, if your not then you act like one. So if americans don't like football that doesn't mean the whole world hate the game. in fact the whole world loves football and for most countries in the world its a national sport , and i don't see why do you have to involve football into hockey video or you just think that you'r cool for f**ng the majority of football fans.

Picture of richardleed23 achievements


19. richardleed 3 years ago

This is where the NHL sends the over-age, under-skilled, bullies, and useless players.

Picture of ruhk30 achievements


20. ruhk 3 years ago

#18 im American and I like soccer. Dont lump us all in with #16 !

Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements


21. YetiGrowl 3 years ago

not a true brawl. the goalies stayed in their net!

Picture of Nuntchakou24 achievements


22. Nuntchakou 3 years ago

You want to see real hockey fight with honor : just watch the Montreal-Boston game of february 9th 2011...even the goalies fought in this game !!

Picture of Vaithan29 achievements


23. Vaithan 3 years ago

Pathetic. That's not a sport, just a friday night brawl.

Picture of mescaline41 achievements


24. mescaline 3 years ago

Hockey fights video = automatic thumb down, next video.

Stop wasting my time Snotr (and whoever wants to comment back to this: get lost in your mom's womb).

Picture of Coresi18 achievements


25. Coresi 3 years ago

Hockey or just a random retarded fight ?