Backflip off a two story building


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Picture of cretia27 achievements


1. cretia 3 years ago

Backpain or no brain or both?

Picture of peyrote31 achievements


2. peyrote 3 years ago

He really has to do this for people to look at him :|

Picture of Goror11 achievements


3. Goror 3 years ago

but, WHY. would anyone care to explain this to me.... WHY!

Picture of loscohones39 achievements


4. loscohones 3 years ago

an unsuccesful suicide attempt >:)

Picture of cretia27 achievements


5. cretia 3 years ago

#3 they are the people who have not evolved in evolution before prehistoric cave man .Lucky America has a great health care system look after him NOT

Picture of datastreamdude26 achievements


6. datastreamdude 3 years ago

nice fucking friends letting him do it.

Picture of Vypestattoo28 achievements


7. Vypestattoo 3 years ago

He forgot an important rule: GRAVITY !!!!!!!!!!!

Picture of s1nn0cence49 achievements


8. s1nn0cence 3 years ago

Like late Carlin woulda said ..a near miss. :D

Picture of OMGkungfu26 achievements


9. OMGkungfu 3 years ago

this is your brain on crack.. retard

Picture of owner41 achievements


10. owner 3 years ago

come on guys... it was a CRAZY back flip..
some of you guys were upset because he didn't fail. then, don't visit SNOTR. :P

Picture of Pizzathehutt2633 achievements


11. Pizzathehutt26 3 years ago

That made me feel sick watching that!!! He was lucky not to die.

Picture of mr_magicman25 achievements


12. mr_magicman 3 years ago

Darwin award nominee for sure.

Picture of RandurSource54 achievements


13. RandurSource 3 years ago

He is a lot shorter now, look at his floppy clothes

Picture of silly_sy43 achievements


14. silly_sy 3 years ago

looks like a drunken idea, or under the influence of something. surely no sane person would try that.

Picture of tree4free45 achievements


15. tree4free 3 years ago

Haha shop 4 ballers with a chrome rim in front.

Picture of SimonaEA35 achievements


16. SimonaEA 3 years ago

was I the only one that heard that??

Picture of Nikonezna8727 achievements


17. Nikonezna87 3 years ago

You all right!??? xD

Picture of librabooks37 achievements


18. librabooks 3 years ago

"Where you going Bro?", "Off to get my friggin' head examined to see if there's anything in there!"

Picture of dannodon36 achievements


19. dannodon 3 years ago

Call the amber lamps!

Picture of Dauntless45 achievements


20. Dauntless 3 years ago

#10 But he did fail. the whole jumping off a 2 story roof was a fail.

Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements


21. Chrisofskjern 3 years ago

That was SUPER FUUUnnn.... +_0

Picture of stnucasu16 achievements


22. stnucasu 3 years ago

Wow! He let his brother do that!!! Meth phet works sooooooo well in family decisions.

Picture of SeanzBeanz28 achievements


23. SeanzBeanz 3 years ago

Haha he tryna walk it off lol

Picture of fjwjr42 achievements


24. fjwjr 3 years ago

Can you say "Internal bleeding"?

Picture of heyhey31 achievements


25. heyhey 3 years ago

Total Mindfuck.

Picture of Mourialaid23 achievements


26. Mourialaid 3 years ago

#5. Sorry I do not want to be indiscreet, may I ask you a question: Your nickname cretia, is it an abbreviation for the french word crètain?

Picture of peacinu34 achievements


27. peacinu 3 years ago

Well at least we'll know how his suicide act will be. 8-)

Picture of kekke200037 achievements


28. kekke2000 3 years ago

He wont forget this backflip. His back will reminding him until he enters his grave... :| Poor fellow

Picture of firest4rter33 achievements


29. firest4rter 3 years ago

he should get a job then he'll have a real achievement

Picture of tim42036 achievements


31. tim420 3 years ago

#3 why not?

Picture of oldskoolhead9 achievements


32. oldskoolhead 3 years ago

right thats my local trouser shop done next the empire state building

Picture of cretia27 achievements


33. cretia 3 years ago

Spinal injury mate?