Javelin guided missile!

Members of the Royal Marines benefit from being able to live-fire the Javelin guided missile prior to deployment in Afghanistan.

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Picture of zerorain26 achievements


1. Comment rated too low. Show this comment zerorain 3 years ago

Just like Call of Duty Black Ops.

Picture of kekke200037 achievements


2. kekke2000 3 years ago

This is both cool and horrible. It really glorifies murder.

Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements


3. Chrisofskjern 3 years ago

Before they get it set up, I can exit the tank, walk over to the soldiers, and calmly convince them not to fire the javelin.

Hurry up guys! You're probably sitting in enemy territory when you need that thing!

Picture of fjwjr42 achievements


4. fjwjr 3 years ago

That's awesomeness wrapped in bacon! (because bacon makes everything more awesome)

Picture of banzemanga42 achievements


5. banzemanga 3 years ago

Now, I see that movies do make missile explosions look way exaggerated.

Picture of Hallsavenger24 achievements


6. Hallsavenger 3 years ago

I really wish people didn't need to use these weapons, I really cry when I see this. Lets just be peaceful I beg the world.

Picture of max200035 achievements


7. max2000 3 years ago

they got no choice: javelin is stock, and needs rotation w/out bein' sold outside.

Picture of thundercash42 achievements


8. Comment rated too low. Show this comment thundercash 3 years ago

#1 Call of Duty Black Ops is Just like that

Picture of dragonon38 achievements


9. Comment rated too low. Show this comment dragonon 3 years ago

#1 and # 8, man whatever... I would love to play this in real. better graphics >:) , without any +17 graphic content!

Picture of j000z1132 achievements


10. j000z11 3 years ago

I dont know why some people can do this.

Everytime you fire one of the missile, someone can/will die.

I know that survival is the most important thing in a battlefield.

But why can't humans find a reason to stop fighting.

I dont get it.

Picture of superfly19 achievements


11. superfly 3 years ago

Royal Marines, fuck yeah

Picture of Nikonezna8727 achievements


12. Nikonezna87 3 years ago

All this looks nice ...
Spending money on this, never!

Picture of GOOSE4222 achievements


13. GOOSE42 3 years ago

#2, #6, #10. people do this because they have the ability and sense of duty and responsibility to allow you to keep whining about world peace and not defending your way of life, now before you get pissy, just know that, yes i know some guys join the military(country does not matter) just to blow shit up and look cool, but if that keeps them from robbing a liquor store more power to them. I don't condone war or the death penalty personally, but unlike most flower sucking hippies crying here, i have served in the military. Perhaps once we can pull our collective head from the ass that is religion we can move beyond the need for such cool toys and into a brighter future. so stop blubbering on snotr and go do something constructive for world peace like burning a bible or a copy of the qur'an instead of getting your useless "give peace a chance" panties in a bunch watching a sweet missle test video on the internet.

Picture of LightAng3l48 achievements


14. LightAng3l 3 years ago

#1 and #8 Call of duty black ops is a piece of crap and a disgrace to the Call of duty name! Modern Warfare 2 was better in every way.

Why is it we can't use the money that go into development of weapons for something else? .... like food...

Picture of 9573129 achievements


15. 95731 3 years ago

thats some nice accuracy skills

Picture of Apocalypse1132 achievements


16. Apocalypse11 3 years ago

#14 is right, black ops is appauling, its like Inception cod style... and i might be wrong but theres no such thing as a valkyrie missile... mw2 had it all right with the javelin, however apparently once the javelin is fired, the person who fires it has to set a lock on a target, and then the missile uses infra red to keep tracking it until it hits, whereas on mw2 you just fire it and run away, but then i guess if youd fired it you wouldnt want to just stand there and get shot while sending this missile around the map (like you do on black ops)...

awesome technology none the less, must be saving lives out there somewhere, but then do the taliban even have tanks these days?

Picture of slrasta17 achievements


17. slrasta 3 years ago


Picture of tree4free45 achievements


18. tree4free 3 years ago

This video reminds me of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHn2P7x9hXY

Picture of orion27 achievements


19. orion 3 years ago

I love the one that did a loop in the air just for fun!

Picture of perpetual18 achievements


20. perpetual 3 years ago

There is no target for this missile in Afghanistan . Talibans does not have tanks . On the other hand , brits are such a good target :)

Picture of peacinu34 achievements


21. peacinu 3 years ago

Well, well, well! Lucky #13. Your point is in some parts quite invalid. So in your opinion people do this because they have the ability and sense of duty and responsibility [...]defending your ways of life? Seriously? Are you that naive? So (for example - a GREAT example) getting yourselves involved in other country's matters just because they have something you REALLY REALLY need (of course, using high-tech toys), defines the sense of duty and responsibility? How in the hell is that defending your way of life? You know what I'm talking about.
I'm just sayin'.

Picture of 4szajs11 achievements


22. 4szajs 3 years ago

army is nothing else but waste of public money

Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements


23. YetiGrowl 3 years ago

war is scary

Picture of Bobski18 achievements


24. Bobski 3 years ago

The Royal Marines, the best trained in the world by far!!! ;)

Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements


25. PortugaL26 3 years ago

"War, what is it good for? Absolutely nothin'!"

Picture of SIZ13 achievements


26. SIZ 3 years ago

Those rockets are horrible but what I think is really impressive is the way it work. first ignition is to come out of the tube but as it gets out there is no fire for the soldiers sake. afte a little distance it flies away.
Dont missunderstand me: Just the mechanical engeneering is impressive not the its purpose

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


27. sux2bu 3 years ago

#24 The Royal Marines seem to like firing the US made Javelin. Happy hunting!
But when the going gets tough,the Royal Marines pull out and leave the heavy fighting to the US Marines. So sorry to pop your bubble.



Picture of SIZ13 achievements


28. SIZ 3 years ago

who is giving us all a minus without a reason?

Picture of Tronk29 achievements


29. Tronk 3 years ago

What the F**K !
The video was cool enough but most of the comments STINK!
War is here because it is! Not me or you can do shit about learn to live with it! The human race has done so for thousands of years.. do you really think that you can spread world peace by sitting behind your computer and whining over how powerfull a freakin' rocket is ? GROW UP AND GET A CLUE!
Religon and Money.. remove it from the puzzle and we might have a chance otherwise just suck it up...
try to do the math.. If we dont kill each other the world would crash and burn in over population !
Try doing somethin about stuff you can actualy do and FFS suport your freaking soldiers no mather wich country they are from.. they are doing the tasks that need doing without them you would get overrun by others that just wanted too take a dump on your lawn !
I say give them what they want if it helps them doing whatever their mission is !

Picture of Hallsavenger24 achievements


30. Comment rated too low. Show this comment Hallsavenger 3 years ago

#13 Your so lost, you dont understand that I am only asking for people to be peaceful. Such a task would require the whole world to come to the conclusion that we can respect one another and that weapons are only negative creations meant for negative things... Death.

Picture of GOOSE4222 achievements


31. GOOSE42 3 years ago

#21 and #30 do not pity me you silly people. Also, #30 the contraction you are looking for is you're, not your. i hope somebody shoots a javelin at your tree house. :P and no #21, no one knows what you are talking about.. just sayin'. and #29 is absolutely right.

Picture of HyperionIV24 achievements


32. HyperionIV 3 years ago

I felt like I was playing Worms...

"Watch this!"

Picture of AstonMartin27 achievements


33. AstonMartin 3 years ago

I thought it's the other way around :S

Picture of tiggfigg27 achievements


34. tiggfigg 3 years ago

OMG Javelin glitch!!! :P

Picture of hellsd26 achievements


35. hellsd 3 years ago

Some straight Call of duty shit!!