Malaria caught on camera breaking and entering cell

What an ugly cell.

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Picture of ranger9838 achievements


1. ranger98 3 years ago

Going to get myself vaccinated first thing tomorrow morning.

Picture of OneShot31 achievements


2. OneShot 3 years ago

Iv got goose bumps and am completely horrified I cant imagine what id do if I knew this was going on inside my body. Full sympathy to all who were unfortunate enough to be infected.

Picture of zerorain26 achievements


3. zerorain 3 years ago

Pretty aggressive little things.

Picture of thejackel35 achievements


4. thejackel 3 years ago

its like pacman :D
but really bad for you

Picture of FatHorse29 achievements


5. FatHorse 3 years ago

#1 unfortunately you can't get vaccinated in the common sense of the word like you get a vaccin for tetanus...

You have to take Malarone as a pill everyday during the entire stay into any "danger area" you visit... Even then, it's not 100%, it's not cheap, and has side effects... :S

I'm afraid Malaria is a tricky bastard... :|

Picture of AstonMartin27 achievements


6. AstonMartin 3 years ago

OMG Caught on Camera :O

Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements


7. Usdevildoggmc 3 years ago

Wonder if it was man-made in a lab like the aids virus.....

Picture of peacinu34 achievements


8. peacinu 3 years ago

#1 Don't worry, as long as you don't live/visit Africa, you're safe. Sort of...

Picture of dredawg27 achievements


9. dredawg 3 years ago

Cells are Bad. My uncle lives in a cell. Its 10'x12' and he has to read the same old magazines every day.

Picture of stretchpadawan30 achievements


10. stretchpadawan 3 years ago

Much grosser than i thought it would be...

Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements


11. c0mmanderKeen 3 years ago

#7 Love conspiracy theories :D

yet this one is 100% not man made for sure as it actually has remnants of chloroplast cell organelles which puts it into relation to PLANT like protozoa ! :O amazing stuff, microbiology :)

Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements


12. Fergus_Thedog 3 years ago

#7 - Nah, this one was created by reptilian aliens who live inside the Earth, which is actually hollow. :P

Picture of makbeth36 achievements


13. makbeth 3 years ago

...And the worst part is you can catch it from the vaccination. I got a mild dose years ago when I was undergoing the treatment before a holiday and my mother got it very bad.
Its a very malicious little parasite, and you can never become immune(you can only become more tolerant).

Picture of dragonon38 achievements


14. dragonon 3 years ago


Picture of Sramos34 achievements


15. Sramos 3 years ago

"Hey,you hear that? sounds like party,lets go in. Partyyyyyyyyyy" :D

Picture of Nazsturner9 achievements


16. Nazsturner 3 years ago

That was really amazing to see

Picture of FatHorse29 achievements


17. FatHorse 3 years ago

btw #13 you CAN'T get it from vaccination... Vaccines are inactive....

Picture of sartre32 achievements


18. sartre 1 year ago

#8 - while we don't have malaria in Europe (well, very marginally in E. Europe), we do have the spread of the Asian tiger mosquito to consider. This lovely little insect transmits West Nile fever, dengue fever, Chikungunya disease and yellow fever, among other diseases. It's reached the South of France already and is adapting to the cooler European climate. And it's spreading.... :O