Best first dance at a wedding ever

This is simply hilarious :D

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Picture of Friendlysoul41 achievements


1. Friendlysoul 6 years ago


Picture of Aliquantulus40 achievements


2. Comment rated too low. Show this comment Aliquantulus 6 years ago

She should not be wearing white in her wedding.. Maybe gray like her husband.. >:)

Baby got back! :D

Picture of skive1 achievements


3. skive 6 years ago

Spot on great .

Picture of acantoni30 achievements


4. acantoni 6 years ago

Very cool! :D and 2 good dancers too

Picture of shehab2 achievements


5. shehab 6 years ago

WoW :D

Picture of jmc1231802 achievements


6. jmc123180 6 years ago

:D i didnt think it was really going to be that funny but wow... i must say I really got a kick outta that one! :D
atleast they rolled with it & didnt panic!

Picture of missybo6 achievements


7. missybo 6 years ago

:D :D very good lol

Picture of Saberhagen657 achievements


8. Saberhagen65 6 years ago

haha and the great thing is there children will see this

Picture of crazy4grey3 achievements


9. crazy4grey 6 years ago

This video is soooooo good I had to register on!!!
Man!!! I want to do this on my wedding anniv. party!!!
You guys are damn cool! :D

Picture of sebrock1 achievements


10. sebrock 6 years ago

f*cking A+ :D :D

Picture of wantu24 achievements


11. Comment rated too low. Show this comment wantu2 6 years ago

good video, but it was rehursed, sorry to break it to you

babby got back >:)

Picture of ripwink2 achievements


12. ripwink 6 years ago

Lovely, even if it was rehursed. 5 stars*****

Picture of nightshift2 achievements


13. nightshift 6 years ago

it doesnt matter that it was planned, thats just plain awesomeness. funny as!

Picture of zilch02 achievements


14. zilch0 6 years ago

At first I was just thinking, "Unchained Melody, what a wedding cliche!" Well played!

Picture of hrothgar1 achievements


15. hrothgar 6 years ago

Haha, with such good humors I think their going to have a happy marriage.

Picture of Smaranda2 achievements


16. Smaranda 6 years ago


Picture of diyrandman2 achievements


17. diyrandman 6 years ago

good job staged or not
like proposing a toast to the new bride and groom and the whole wedding party showering them with toast.

Picture of michaeleblackmon1 achievements


18. michaeleblackmon 6 years ago

I don't care that it was staged. I kept me laughing through the next 10 minutes. Great job. Gave me an idea for my reception.

Picture of indy2zai2 achievements


19. indy2zai 6 years ago

Picture of indy2zai2 achievements


20. indy2zai 6 years ago

:D real cool love it

Picture of indy2zai2 achievements


21. indy2zai 6 years ago

Picture of ivot1 achievements


22. ivot 6 years ago

Hey, but dance moves are stolen completely from the movie Hitch!

Picture of Louis6665 achievements


23. Louis666 6 years ago

Wicked :D :D :D :D :D

Picture of kmbcurtis1 achievements


24. kmbcurtis 6 years ago

Straight from Robert's wedding on Everyone Loves Raymond, but still funny.

Picture of keo641 achievements


25. keo64 6 years ago

:* :* These folks have a great sense of humor, I love it. I agree they have a better chance than most at making it with humor. >:)

Picture of temperance2223 achievements


26. temperance222 6 years ago

this is a good friendship,all the love and luck to you,but its clear you both have that.Thanks for makking my day.

Picture of tata219rod1 achievements


27. tata219rod 6 years ago

That was AWESOME :O !!!! LOVED IT!!! Hope that your life is filled with love, joy, and many,many happy years. It's great to see a couple that can have a laugh. God bless you both! O:)

Picture of Sluggishadj35 achievements


28. Sluggishadj 6 years ago


Picture of theTruth1 achievements


29. theTruth 6 years ago

Funny! I too like big butts. I cannot lie.

Picture of mawerikas20 achievements


30. mawerikas 6 years ago

It must have been an awesome wedding >:) >:)

Picture of -Neo-1 achievements


31. -Neo- 6 years ago

AUHUAhuahuahuahAuhauha COOl >:)

Picture of Bahamaut7 achievements


32. Bahamaut 6 years ago

LOL :D Finaly not a fcking stereotype. Something to remember :)

Picture of Primesteak1 achievements


33. Primesteak 6 years ago

I am getting married again JUST so i can do that dance.

Picture of kmodek6 achievements


34. kmodek 6 years ago

They got it from Everybody Loves Raymond at Robert & Amy's wedding except they danced to Elvis!

Picture of Nutsicle3 achievements


35. Nutsicle 6 years ago

Wow...there is actually an hour of fun involved in being married? they better sponge it up, bet they hate each other now.

Picture of EvLSant0s1 achievements


36. EvLSant0s 6 years ago

saw about ...200 movies on snotr .. but this one made me register :) it`s simply great :D

Picture of bottomsup8186 achievements


37. bottomsup818 6 years ago

:D ................ still awesome.

Picture of nooitaf40 achievements


38. nooitaf (admin) 6 years ago

the new one here is Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better :D

Picture of abderrahman5 achievements


39. abderrahman 6 years ago


Picture of Johnisnascar2 achievements


40. Johnisnascar 6 years ago

I know this was rehearsed but I luv it. I am 61 years old and go dancing twice a year at a local oyster roast. We have a DJ that really plays some neat tunes and I plan on showin him this to try to improvise something like this. It looks like fun.

Picture of gus1 achievements


41. gus 6 years ago

This is to the people who think they rolled with it, this was planned, hello they had a f-ing routine retard.

Picture of minka2 achievements


42. minka 6 years ago


Picture of gramphen1 achievements


43. gramphen 6 years ago

This was awesome!!!!! Great fun to watch!!!

Picture of loueena2 achievements


44. loueena 5 years ago

Out of all the weddings ive ever been too this is the most awesome first dance ive ever seen in my 46 yrs. Awesome job! :D 5 stars from my point of view

Picture of loueena2 achievements


45. loueena 5 years ago

:D Awesome job you 2 and excellant choice of songs too do your jive too it was awesome and 5 stars on my list.

Picture of beckyd2 achievements


46. beckyd 5 years ago

guys, this was so cool, yes the funniest part of it, is that it was rehearsed, and they did it togehter, they are both great dancers, I've seen a few of these on utube, they are sooooo good, its a beautiful, and fun day, I pray that your marriage last forever, you remind me of two kids my kids went to school with, and I miss those days of fun stuff.... congratulations and Job Well Beckyd

Picture of Hellion198238 achievements


47. Hellion1982 4 years ago

Looks like they had a specific Wedding Dance rehearsal too. :)

Picture of Bream7333 achievements


48. Bream73 3 years ago

What a laugh I enjoyed this. No shame on this couple full marks for originality

Picture of HMB1 achievements


49. HMB 3 years ago

I think Alia can do that in her wedding