Tactical innovations

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Picture of Break-a-leg27 achievements


1. Break-a-leg 3 years ago

Yay! Better ways to kill even more people even faster! :D It's great! I want one!


Picture of Daniellangille31 achievements


2. Daniellangille 3 years ago


Picture of AmazingNixxo30 achievements


3. AmazingNixxo 3 years ago

Power to the rednecks!

Picture of Unknown37 achievements


4. Unknown 3 years ago

Just what we need. More weapons. Great innovation.
Who needs green energy? Give me more weapons.

Picture of loscohones39 achievements


5. loscohones 3 years ago

bulletstorm :D

Picture of Acim43 achievements


6. Acim 3 years ago

Hurray! We want world peace..(Make some more guns, just in case)... We don't need a meteor to kill us, we'll do it ourselves, thank you.

Picture of Alter11 achievements


7. Alter 3 years ago

mmmm...whats the innovation here? The invented drumm magazine, again?

Picture of 13wallace1340 achievements


8. 13wallace13 3 years ago

Hurray another sarcastic comment!

Picture of b0b-26 achievements


9. b0b- 3 years ago

Now if someone missfire he'll kill the whole squad.

Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements


10. c0mmanderKeen 3 years ago

Hardly applicable, no need for such a thing, except for al capone remake..

Picture of gilezajner26 achievements


11. gilezajner 3 years ago

You could KILL someone with that thingy :D

Picture of ValdeLevis27 achievements


12. ValdeLevis 3 years ago

That's just an upper receiver that will allow you to "plink" with 22 L.R. as opposed to 5.56 X 45, a much costlier ammo. The manufacturer states that that this conversion will only work on registered receiver sear drilled M16 lowers. It WILL NOT work with drop-in auto sears or with lightning links, M16 ONLY, NOT AR15. For those of you that that don't "speak gun" this is a conversion for existing machine guns, not a new machine gun.

Picture of ruhk30 achievements


13. ruhk 3 years ago

#1 #6 This might be shocking so brace yourself. I am a gun owner. *GASP* I know! Shocking! Heres another shocking fact, I have not killed anyone! It defies logic doesnt it?

If you take away guns mankind will find another means of harming humanity. The gun laws that exist *CURRENTLY* are sufficient. Instead of pushing for additional restrictions *that only hurt those willing to obey the law ANYWAYS* why don't you encourage your representatives to enforce the laws on the books?
Im a gun owner and firearms enthusiast and I support enforcing the laws that exist now. There are a lot of laws on the books that are ignored by law enforcement, DA offices, and gun vendors. New laws only harm law abiding citizens.

Stop punishing the law abiding recreation/home defense/hunting gun owners.

#10 Athletes have ball games, shooters have gun sports. That crazy drum mag does have its place in the recreational shooting realm ;)

#12 have you seen the .22lr gatling guns with 8 revolving barrels? Bitchin awesome.

Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements


14. Chrisofskjern 3 years ago

The Tommygun. RELOADED!

Picture of armageddon36 achievements


15. armageddon 3 years ago

rapid fire is very inaccurate :(

Picture of ValdeLevis27 achievements


16. ValdeLevis 3 years ago

#13 I've seen videos of the baby gatling guns you mentioned, but I'm more familiar the M61 and it's variants. 20 X 102 at 6600 rpm's (M61A2) is really "Bitchin' Awesome".

Picture of sacredmaniac33 achievements


17. sacredmaniac 3 years ago

very slight recoil, i wonder how its accuracy considering high fire rate

Picture of GhostInShell39 achievements


18. GhostInShell 3 years ago

another invention for those who haven't learn to aim... what a waste of bullets.

Picture of Zebulun36 achievements


19. Zebulun 3 years ago

That's what I'm talkin' about. Faster more powerful ways to kill terrorists bent on destroying peace and innocent lives.

To all you pacifists out there. Let me punch you in the face while you stand there and do nothing. I would say you could punch me back however, you're a pacifist so you're principles won't allow you to defend yourself.

Too bad for you :'(

Picture of max200035 achievements


20. max2000 3 years ago

it's perhaps about states in the u.s. allowing licensing of such CQt, hence similarily to the 'silencer, it be glasnost for many of the western'ers to even picture it. :(|)

Picture of version2138 achievements


21. version21 3 years ago

#13: True, I could kill someone with a hammer or a kitchen knife, but thats not as easy as killing with a gun. Guns are made primarily for killing people. All of the school kill runs by children could not happen if they had no access to guns. You simply can't kill 20 people with a knife!

I think its a small price to pay to not play with killing tools just for fun to prevent useless death.

I know that many more people are killed by car accidents etc. but people drive cars for a reason.

And the argument you need a gun to protect your home and property is just ****.
I don't have a gun and hey: I'm still alive. If you have a gun to protect yourself your attacker will probably have one too. Too bad for those people having no guns: The attacker plans to attack -> has a gun and shoots you.

So its as simple as that: Less guns -> less useless death.

btw: I live in Germany where not nearly as many people have guns than in the US and we're pretty happy with that.

Picture of cretia27 achievements


22. cretia 3 years ago

screw green energy when you can destroy the cause of global warming

Picture of Shinoda27 achievements


23. Shinoda 3 years ago

How fun is it to reload is the question...

Picture of superfly19 achievements


24. superfly 3 years ago

Gonna need to change that barrel after every mag, lol

Picture of cincodemayo31 achievements


25. cincodemayo 3 years ago

.22 machine gun!

Picture of stupidbullshit23 achievements


26. stupidbullshit 3 years ago

#13 in german there`s a name for this kind of weapon. it is called niederhaltewaffe... which means, I keep you and your "friends" in your hideout with this weapon... noone will ever come out, while someone shoots at him with this kinda shit. therefore it is called a TACTICAL innovation. so please don´t tell me, about your use of your weapons, i don´t f...ing care! this weapons are meant for a certain purpose... there are dead humans involved! so idiots like you should be the one in the hideout... it´s lunatic to argue in your way

Picture of LQoQK36 achievements


27. LQoQK 3 years ago

#13 mmm a law ha, O.K. tell this to the judge who caught his wife cheating and went to his bedroom took the gun and boom shot head. ops I swear i read the law but I was not in the mood to listen to it.

Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements


28. c0mmanderKeen 3 years ago

#26 niederhaltewaffe ? I am german too and i have never heard that word xD what he means is suppresive fire.

Picture of ruhk30 achievements


29. ruhk 3 years ago

Im glad we can have a rational argument/discussion on this topic. (truly. no sarcasm in that)

#21 I disagree with your car comment. In it you seem to insinuate that guns have NO PURPOSE other than to murder. I would disagree. Hunting for sustenance is a pretty powerful reason for guns to exist, and before you say "well just use a bow and arrow then" I will point out that when its MY FAMILY that will starve when I miss the shot, I will use a gun that has a MUCH better chance at a successful second shot. Also, just because you have a gun doesnt mean your attacker will, and the opposite is true. just because you choose to be disarmed by your government, doesnt mean your potential attacker is also disarmed. Feel free to gamble your survival. I choose powder and lead.

#26 , in America you cant just go to the corner store and buy a full auto firearm. It requires a background check, $200 dollar tax stamp, and the WRITTEN permission of your local chief of police, county sheriff, or state District Attorney. On top of that, full auto firearms are ultra expensive.

Any time there is a shooting involving a full auto, authorities generally know who did it based on the registration rolls.

#27, your comment makes no sense. He could do the same thing with a butter knife. Want to ban those too? (you try buttering a bagel with a fork.)

#28 thanks for the clarification. I caught the gist of it, but "suppressive fire" sums it up very nicely.

EDIT: #26 if you dont care about my use of my weapons, why did you comment about it? As long as you dont break into my house intending to harm me or my family, you would never even see my guns let alone be assaulted by them. (unless you belong to the local shooting range, in which you STILL wouldnt care)

Criminals will always be criminals. If I was so inclined I could assault you with a rock from the ground. Common human respect is the answer to gun violence. I respect others and in return I receive respect. Whats so complicated about that?

Picture of Bream7333 achievements


30. Bream73 3 years ago

Gun love. Its an acquired taste

Picture of ruhk30 achievements


31. ruhk 3 years ago

#30 I was 100% anti-gun before my mom bought me my first rifle at 18. havent looked back since

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


32. sux2bu 3 years ago

#31 Yea shooting rats the size of opossum at my grandpa's hog farm got me hooked on shooting,and now I have enough guns to fill up my Browning gun safe. The people in countries who are not allowed to own guns do not realize what they are missing.

Picture of kimico16 achievements


33. kimico 3 years ago

Damn That gun can leave holes in you like a strainer!!

Picture of equilibrium2x25 achievements


34. Comment rated too low. Show this comment equilibrium2x 3 years ago

#29 lucky for the rest of us, people like you also get drunk and shoot each other. or leave loaded guns around the house for their kids to shoot themselves. or their friends. survival of the fittest at its best...

Picture of woschman30 achievements


35. woschman 3 years ago

That's the real MINI-Gun right there... or mini-MINI-Gun

Picture of joeman60 achievements


36. joeman 3 years ago

c'mon guys, there's a lot of laughing in this video...
and over 10,000 views...
lighten up!

Picture of cretia27 achievements


37. cretia 3 years ago

hopefully this is the gun they used when they caught Osama bin Laden