26 People in a Mini Cooper

with Pilobolus (see also vid 1550)

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33 comments posted so far. Expand all comments Login to add a comment.

Picture of ranger9838 achievements


1. ranger98 3 years ago

That's the fully-loaded model >:)

Picture of SunshineEddy36 achievements


2. Comment rated too low. Show this comment SunshineEddy 3 years ago

not even for the coordinates to the lost city of atlantis...
WHY would you want somebody's ???? in your face or up your arse?
Congratulations members of Pilobulos, I'm glad I've never met you...

Picture of librabooks37 achievements


3. librabooks 3 years ago

Next up...150 newborn babies!

Picture of kevlar26 achievements


4. kevlar 3 years ago

ooh i wanna be in that car!

Picture of Natan_el_Tigre43 achievements


5. Natan_el_Tigre 3 years ago

Like I was saying ... 8-)

Picture of y3lom40 achievements


6. y3lom 3 years ago

in a crowded place like that first rule is no farting :p

Picture of deenajs42 achievements


7. deenajs 3 years ago

Deliver that car to my house when u have filled it! :)

Picture of fjwjr43 achievements


8. fjwjr 3 years ago

Who farted!

Picture of wolverju24 achievements


9. wolverju 3 years ago

4:18 Ahahaa

Picture of Firebird36 achievements


10. Firebird 3 years ago

Priceless reporter mimics :D

Picture of ughlah37 achievements


11. ughlah 3 years ago

let me summarize: 3:31-3:37

Picture of banzemanga42 achievements


12. banzemanga 3 years ago

But they didnt say how many people fit at the end. :'(

I wonder how much for the mini with the girls. :P

Picture of IDK39931 achievements


13. IDK399 3 years ago

Hmmm skittles.

Picture of MakeTnotWar37 achievements


14. MakeTnotWar 3 years ago

#3 you're right. What defines "people"? Even if you say only adults - would midgets count?
Looks more like viral marketing than breaking a (useless) record to me.

Picture of Atmo29 achievements


15. Atmo 3 years ago

They didn't want to say it, but pineapple was the fart alarming word :D

Picture of blackty29 achievements


16. blackty 3 years ago


Picture of FatalBaboon25 achievements


17. FatalBaboon 3 years ago

The title is wrong! It's "26 HOTTIES in a Mini Cooper".

Can't believe it took 17 comments to raise that issue...

Picture of LappyPro25 achievements


18. LappyPro 3 years ago

I bet the mexicans can beat that.

Picture of librabooks37 achievements


19. librabooks 3 years ago

They should have all dressed up as clowns! :P

Picture of Rodarius27 achievements


20. Rodarius 3 years ago

#14 at 0:18 he says they need to be a minimum of 5ft tall

Picture of Slap_chop_ninja36 achievements


21. Slap_chop_ninja 3 years ago

#17 You do realise that some of those were men right?
I mean it's cool if that's your thing.....

Picture of OnetimeX36 achievements


22. OnetimeX 3 years ago

They'd have got 1 more in if they opened the glovebox >:) >:) >:)

Picture of aaii30 achievements


23. aaii 3 years ago

Next up... 1 guy, 27 girls, 1 smart car, 54 boobies... yes please!

Picture of imagic42 achievements


24. imagic 3 years ago

that car had something to tell in the parkinglot the other day

Picture of Dennyboy28 achievements


25. Dennyboy 3 years ago

Lets hope nobody farted!... :D

Picture of Guitarfreaknatio18 achievements


26. Guitarfreaknatio 3 years ago

I think it would be more enjoyable with some smooth jazz music. You know what im talking about ;)

Picture of Farmer201125 achievements


27. Farmer2011 3 years ago

I want a mini after this video!!!!

Picture of richardleed23 achievements


28. richardleed 3 years ago

Wait wait.. that's the NEW 2011 Mini Cooper.. It's 2mm longer.

I could see this record already beaten by 55 midgets.

Picture of huldu30 achievements


29. huldu 3 years ago

Why not stuff it with midgets... you would double the person count right away.

Picture of Farmer201125 achievements


30. Farmer2011 3 years ago

number #28 and #29 to break the record people should be at least 5feet tall (0:18)....no midgets for this one!!!!

Picture of loadrunner46 achievements


31. loadrunner 3 years ago

Can you scratch my back ? I can't reach it.

Picture of richardleed23 achievements


32. richardleed 3 years ago

This could be beaten with 57 anorexic people..

Picture of Nixniz17 achievements


33. Nixniz 3 years ago

#27 for 25 girls ?