Naked Man With AK-47 Fires At SWAT Robot

A Brevard County man got in a shootout with a SWAT robot while wearing nothing but his birthday suit.

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Picture of doubledesperado27 achievements


1. doubledesperado 3 years ago

waaAAALLeeee :D

Picture of ZaMpTi47 achievements


2. ZaMpTi 3 years ago


Picture of irishgek50 achievements


3. irishgek 3 years ago

Again another reason people should not be allowed to own GUNS , or at least nothing more that whats actually needed to protect your self !!

Also $65,000 robot , why on god name when you could make a cheap "expendable" one for less than a $200 do they use one like this , I get the picture here they have more money than sense

Picture of Slap_chop_ninja36 achievements


4. Slap_chop_ninja 3 years ago

Beta testing Robocop

Picture of nooitaf40 achievements


5. nooitaf (admin) 3 years ago

(i) After shooting the robot the man got dressed and walked out the door with his hands up.

Picture of Kendiana29 achievements


6. Kendiana 3 years ago

Criminal Mischief?? Are you kidding me? What about firing a weapon within the city limits?? DUH! He got off easy. Dick Head!

Picture of dredawg27 achievements


7. dredawg 3 years ago

Did the robot have a warrant or read him his miranda rights? I would think the terminator entered my house I could pull a gun on it and not get charged. Safety pfft, what they couldn't send in SWAT in body armor? Cowards.

Picture of Teqskater32 achievements


8. Teqskater 3 years ago

We also have € 65 or $ 80 photocamera's that can look wider than that camera on the robot. It looks like it's looking trough a roll of toilet paper! $65,000 is just much to much for such crap they use. You can make even better things with a lego mindstorms set so to speak.

Picture of BenderBRodriguez22 achievements


9. BenderBRodriguez 3 years ago


I can't agree with your opinion. Criminals will always find a way to buy a gun, it should be opposite, everyone should be allowed to carry a gun (at least 21 year old) so that any criminal would have to double guess if he is taking the risk assaulting that innocent grandma. In my opinion criminal that assaults anyone should bear in mind he is taking the risk of losing health/life doing this and that would make all of them think twice before attacking anyone.

Picture of daark0811 achievements


10. daark08 3 years ago

That's $65,000 they could have spent on a new officers salary, which could have increased police force, saving numerous lives, not "one". Assuming the guy would have really shot SWAT, its one thing to shoot a robot, it's a completely different thing to shoot at a SWAT team after a flash bang just went off at your feet.

Picture of medicino30 achievements


11. medicino 3 years ago

#9 well actually is quite the opposite, unless you're carrying your gun fully loaded and with your finger in the trigger 24/7 chances are the thief would catch you off guard (unless you're the fastest pistol in the world).

You see most of the criminals use the element of surprise, and statistics show that having a gun does not make you less likely to get robbed just make it more likely that you get shot with your own gun or that you believe that you can solve any dispute cause you have a gun and that's a pretty sure way to get a Darwin award. 8-) 8-)

Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements


12. Usdevildoggmc 3 years ago

It would be so funny if he got charged with a 187

Picture of TitvsCaivs45 achievements


13. TitvsCaivs 3 years ago

#9 you must be american, the only nation who thinks that weapons can solve all the problems. By my opinion, no one in the entire world should be allowed to have a gun. I think guns just make any situation worse.

Picture of ruhk30 achievements


14. ruhk 3 years ago

Those who bend their swords into plowshares get ruled by those who did not.

And furthermore, if you take guns away are people going to magically all get along? What is this, sesame street?

You go ahead and call the cops when the deranged lunatic is assaulting you on the street. I'll pull a Kimber .45 and still make the matinée

EDIT: check yourself before you wreck yourself.

Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements


15. c0mmanderKeen 3 years ago

#14 funny that the countries with the softest gun laws have the most crimes associated with guns then. its not about who gets ruled by whom its about everybody not owning fucking firearms at all.

Picture of ruhk30 achievements


16. ruhk 3 years ago

#14 Hate to break it to ya, but the guns in America are what keep America safe. Maybe not from ourselves, but from corrupt government (should it feel it wants to take on an army thats about... oh, 50 million strong at this point) and any invading countries.

The founding fathers of America gave us a 2nd amendment for a reason: not taking shit from would be dictators. Its not MY fault (criminally inclined) people have no humanity left in them. Im a gun owner, not a criminal, not a gangster, just your average gun owner.

God bless ya in the totalitarian state that you live in. How long does it take the police to arrive if you have problems? Mine take between 20 and 50 minutes.
Doesn't bode well for survival.

Picture of cincodemayo31 achievements


17. cincodemayo 3 years ago

the man has the right to protect himself with any means. If I see a robot inside my house, I am shooting it down too. police has no right sending their shit into people's homes. The land of the free, my ass

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


18. sux2bu 3 years ago

If all the criminals would get rid of their guns the country would be better off,but that will never happen. In the meantime I think I will just hang onto my nice collection of firearms. There is nothing like a .357mag loaded with Hydrashoks to change an intruder's mind. At my age I would rather not have to wrestle with an amped-up 25 yr old robber in my den at 3:00 in the morning.
#16 You are wasting your time trying to talk common sense into some of these guys.We have the right to own guns while they don't so of course they would love to bring us down to their level of being controlled by government.
Time to dis-arm those Dutch now too I guess....if just one citizen had been armed they might have stopped that wacko who was shooting the place up.

Picture of kekke200037 achievements


19. kekke2000 3 years ago

Sorry, one zero too much ^

Picture of makbeth36 achievements


20. makbeth 3 years ago

Its cant be criminal if you are damaging something that has entered your property without your permission. The robot is trespassing, and he hasnt committed any crime yet.
I am really losing patience with law enforcement these days. Its not about the law any more, its about bowing to their will or facing the consequences.

Picture of klabauter23 achievements


21. klabauter 3 years ago

Naked man shoots robot with rifle... What a headline that would make

Picture of richardleed23 achievements


22. richardleed 3 years ago

But but but.. couldn't the naked man charge the robot for trespassing>

Picture of Tonoko8 achievements


23. Tonoko 3 years ago

if the robot shoots back it's self defense right? :D