Firing A Cannon Fail

:O :D

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Picture of LiquiDnB30 achievements


1. Comment rated too low. Show this comment LiquiDnB 3 years ago

Was that a tire? :)

Picture of cher-0027 achievements


2. Comment rated too low. Show this comment cher-00 3 years ago


Picture of gouranga4ever43 achievements


3. gouranga4ever 3 years ago

#1 It was a tire used as Wadding to hold the round.. It looked like they were firing Bowling balls?

Is this the new Russian Artillery? :P

Picture of Zmagec33 achievements


4. Zmagec 3 years ago

LMAO AT THE LAUGHS "ohohohohoho" "ohohohohoho" XD

Picture of MiMe51 achievements


5. MiMe 3 years ago

"Sorry guys but I must change my underwear"

Picture of doubledesperado27 achievements


6. doubledesperado 3 years ago

Ha, that guy jumped up just like a cartoon :D

Picture of ValdeLevis27 achievements


7. ValdeLevis 3 years ago

They need a longer fuse or a longer torch.

Picture of RandurSource54 achievements


8. RandurSource 3 years ago

They sounded Dutch to me, although very distinct, and it is carbid shooting.

#3 It's regular footballs

Picture of loadrunner46 achievements


9. loadrunner 3 years ago

It was Amonium carbide (NH4)4C. oldyears day some dutch use milk cans with a bit of the chemical and add some water, creating an explosive gas. blowing away the lid(when adding the heat), with an awesome explosion. the big one did it ok, but should be a bigger bang. the tire should had been dissapeared into the fog.

Picture of b0b-26 achievements


10. b0b- 3 years ago

Where is the slow motion ? i NEED my daily doses :(

Picture of yoal5433 achievements


11. yoal54 3 years ago

#4 me too :D

Picture of bjarneks24 achievements


12. Comment rated too low. Show this comment bjarneks 3 years ago

In Soviet Russia they....... Nevermind

Picture of Rossg17 achievements


13. Rossg 3 years ago

#3 not russian this time lol

Picture of tree4free45 achievements


14. tree4free 3 years ago

In my country between easter holidays we shoot with carbide, which basically looks like a rock and you have to pour water on it to start producing gases and close that tight in some kind of a container. You can use paint cans or like we do it and use something bigger like barrels. It produces massive shock waves and can be heard miles away. Each of those explosions shake every window in our town and we are shooting like 2-3 km away. Standing next to it and firing it with a burning stick much like in the video is very extraordinary feeling and if can you should experience that for yourself.

Picture of banzemanga42 achievements


15. banzemanga 3 years ago

lol. Got to like the camera man's evil laugh which sounds a little like santa. "Hohohohoho"

Picture of gringo40 achievements


16. gringo 3 years ago

Poor guy , he is lucky his head wasn't blown away :(|)

Picture of mescaline41 achievements


17. mescaline 3 years ago


Picture of Kendiana29 achievements


18. Kendiana 3 years ago

That takes some "BALLS". :O

Picture of mcaksoy26 achievements


19. mcaksoy 3 years ago

Butt-Head the camera man.

Picture of cameramaster40 achievements


20. cameramaster 3 years ago

I think he shat himself ! :'(

Picture of bigbabou15 achievements


21. bigbabou 3 years ago

0:06 monkey`s got fire... really not good ^

Picture of armageddon36 achievements


22. armageddon 3 years ago

this cannon sure has a short fuse :D

Picture of DrPing38 achievements


23. DrPing 3 years ago