TaTaTaTa - Twin conversation

this is cuteness overload :)

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Picture of gazisere34 achievements


1. gazisere 5 years ago

wow this site really is slow at allowing vids, this was all over the news weeks ago.

Picture of aaii33 achievements


2. Comment rated too low. Show this comment aaii 5 years ago

This video could of been reduced in length, 0 seconds would of been good! Those two goblins are just irritating.

Picture of funkyging22 achievements


3. funkyging 5 years ago

Seems like a live action scene from pinky and the brain

Picture of Pangit27 achievements


4. Pangit 5 years ago

The one on the left is definatley a female cause she just wants to keep on arguing!

Picture of LQoQK44 achievements


5. LQoQK 5 years ago

it might not be funny or cute if some one could actually translate the tatata conversation. it might end up with really some cursing,

Picture of SimonaEA35 achievements


6. SimonaEA 5 years ago

on one of the Romanian televion`s web site appears an article of 13 reasons why the world doesn`t end on the 21th May 2011 and one of the those reasons is because the twins talked about this and they reached the conclusion it`s not going to happen :(|)

Picture of ZaMpTi47 achievements


7. ZaMpTi 5 years ago

#6 yes, i loled

Picture of abzsid48 achievements


8. abzsid 5 years ago

Translation to English
Let him think were saying something and after he posts this online we will be internet legends.Muahahahahahaa

Picture of kekke200037 achievements


9. kekke2000 5 years ago

I've heard that babies understand each others "Dadada" and can communicate beyond grownups understanding.

Picture of Jamboree9 achievements


10. Comment rated too low. Show this comment Jamboree 5 years ago

Baby talk, also referred to as caretaker speech, infant-directed speech (IDS) or child-directed speech and informally as "motherese", "parentese", "mommy talk", or "daddy talk" is a nonstandard form of speech used by adults in talking to toddlers and infants.

It is usually delivered with a "cooing" pattern of intonation different from that of normal adult speech: high in pitch, with many glissando variations that are more pronounced than those of normal speech. Baby talk is also characterized by the shortening and simplifying of words. Baby talk is similar to what is used by people when talking to their pets (pet-directed speech), and between adults as a form of affection, intimacy, bullying or condescension.

Baby talk is more effective than regular speech in getting an infant's attention. Studies have shown that infants actually prefer to listen to this type of speech. Some researchers, including Rima Shore (1997), believe that baby talk is an important part of the emotional bonding process between the parents and their child that help the infants learn the language. Other researchers from Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Wisconsin confirm that using basic “baby talk” helps babies pick up words faster than usual. Infants actually pay more attention when parents use infant-directed language, which has a slower and more repetitive tone than used in regular conversation.

Picture of imagic42 achievements


11. imagic 5 years ago

i wonder if mommie and daddy also walk around the house mostly naked.

Picture of Highmeadow44 achievements


12. Highmeadow 5 years ago

#11 - Why? Isn't that normal? If that's not normal I really wish someone had told me before now... :|

Picture of therob4233 achievements


13. therob42 5 years ago

If that were any cuter my head would explode!!!

Picture of Jahoo31 achievements


14. Comment rated too low. Show this comment Jahoo 5 years ago

Babies are not cute.

Picture of Jamboree9 achievements


15. Comment rated too low. Show this comment Jamboree 5 years ago

Conversation is interactive, more-or-less spontaneous, communication between two or more conversants. Interactivity occurs because contributions to a conversation are response reactions to what has previously been said. Spontaneity occurs because a conversation must proceed, to some extent, and in some way, unpredictably. (Contrast with a scripted conversation, which falls outside this definition.) (However, the scope of that spontaneity may legitimately be somewhat pre-limited for the purpose of expediency, e.g. a talk show or a debate.)

Conversations are sometimes the ideal form of communication, depending on the conversants' intended ends. Conversations may be ideal when, for example, each party desires a relatively equal exchange of information, or when one party desires to question the other. (On the other hand, if permanency, or the ability to review such information is important, written communication may be ideal. Or if time-efficiency is most important, a speech may be preferable.) For a successful conversation, the partners must achieve a workable balance of contributions. A successful conversation includes mutually interesting connections between the speakers or things that the speakers know. For this to happen, those engaging in conversation must find a topic on which they both can relate in some sense.

Conversation is indispensable for the successful accomplishment of almost all activities between people, especially the coordination of work, the formation of friendship and for learning.[citation needed]

Conversation analysis is a branch of sociology which studies the structure and organization of human interaction, with a more specific focus on conversational interaction.

Picture of banzemanga46 achievements


16. banzemanga 5 years ago

Be aware! Twins planing wold domination! :x

Picture of knight39 achievements


17. knight 5 years ago

Twin 1: Where is your other sock?
Twin 2: I don't know, I lost it.
Twin 1: I'm gonna tell mum.
Twin 2: Why are you wearing odd socks?

Picture of dogma0117 achievements


18. dogma01 5 years ago

where is weed..... it bill and ben live ;) cool vid LMAO.

Picture of moese42 achievements


19. moese 5 years ago

mommy played too much The Sims

Picture of cincodemayo31 achievements


20. cincodemayo 5 years ago

I am 100% with the one on the right. He is right, he can't do that to him. that was not fair...

Picture of bitzosu36 achievements


21. bitzosu 5 years ago

future politicians! a lot of ta ta ta bla bla blaand the got you!