Three Year Old Painter

kid has talent!

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Picture of 5ubZer033 achievements


1. 5ubZer0 3 years ago

like a printer! when he grows up the pixels will get smaler ^^

Picture of LightAng3l48 achievements


2. LightAng3l 3 years ago

He better hope this is nothing that fades over time.

Picture of soultanos48 achievements


3. soultanos 3 years ago

well he's got it alright....

Picture of Baboon39 achievements


4. Baboon 3 years ago

fake to me, but still very nice and funny, and it's a really good idea ^^

here why it's fake to me:

1. at 00:21 the kid is painting a big dot by squeezing the paper many times, just after we see a clean dot made by a certain precision (action painting dot)

2. We never actually see the kid painting, we only see his hand painting, that hand looks weird and its wrist doesnt move, neither its fingers,seems like a gadget, or maybe his dad moving his arm.

3. on the rare occasions where we see him painting on that paper, it's too subtile and evasive, just to make us beleive, like: the paint had allready dried, or he's bluring some specific point to fill some allready shaped space.

and why is the paper all shiny at the end?? seems like a clean print, the shinyness of a painting is never regular ... maybe it was photoshoped at the very end.

Picture of Spender14 achievements


5. Spender 3 years ago

Yes. It's clearly a fake.

Picture of YoArgentino34 achievements


6. YoArgentino 3 years ago

#1, when he grows up, pixels will get bigger!
As his fingers do.

Picture of Araniko33 achievements


7. Araniko 3 years ago is Fake! Very dissapointing after reading above comments and checking it myself and finding it by myself :S Very Bad Parenting! :(

Picture of Viveroth30 achievements


8. Viveroth 3 years ago

Does anybody remember the TV Series called Kyle XY?
There was a guy who was using 100% of hes brain and he was drawning exacly like that.

Picture of lalafafak32 achievements


9. lalafafak 3 years ago

#4 is right. It's a famous fake and here is the frame that proves it. You can see the stick that holds the fake hand:

Picture of orabino17 achievements


10. orabino 3 years ago

i dont belive it is real

Picture of RandurSource54 achievements


11. RandurSource 3 years ago

I also believe it's fake, for the things #4 said and the fact that there is no paper wrinkle from waterpaint + the white border we see at the end.

At 1:28 is the only time we actually see the kid adding paint...

If it is not fake, which I doubt, then this kid could maybe become as good as this guy (Stephen Wiltshire from London, The Human Camera):

Picture of mescaline41 achievements


12. mescaline 3 years ago

So this could be fake?
If it was real, I thought this kind of exceptionnal aptitude at such a young age would be a very worrying sign of autism disorder. :s

Picture of jaguardog3 achievements


13. jaguardog 3 years ago

get a life... so fake its unreal

Picture of thundersnow29 achievements


14. thundersnow 1 year ago

Fake!!! I know this because, I have knowledge about child development. What this is, is stupid parents needing attention. Poor kid has to put up with parents like that.