Nikki Stanley - Skills on fire

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Picture of mihkel123036 achievements


1. mihkel1230 3 years ago

Was thinking this video was going to have fire and possibly juggling. Chick is quite bendy.

Picture of moskwiz36 achievements


2. moskwiz 3 years ago

Quite the skills... for a girl! >:) trololo

No in all fairness not many of us can do that. Loved the pink nunchaks

Picture of abbahh31 achievements


3. abbahh 3 years ago

I can do that too only I can't do that on the roof because I have fear of heights :S

Picture of LightAng3l48 achievements


4. LightAng3l 3 years ago

Red nunchaku too... I see them bloom, for me and you, and I think to myself what a wonderful girl.

Picture of beel37 achievements


5. beel 3 years ago

hot hot hot hot hot hot!

Picture of y3lom40 achievements


6. y3lom 3 years ago

this is the type of girl that you'll never want to cheat with :D

Picture of theHourUndone26 achievements


7. theHourUndone 3 years ago

she is way too cool!what martial art is she performing?

Picture of BiCH36 achievements


8. BiCH 3 years ago

#6 If you have a girl like that you don't have a reason to cheat :P

Picture of ughlah37 achievements


9. ughlah 3 years ago

now that's a really flexible and agile lady

Picture of treioase1zambet24 achievements


10. treioase1zambet 3 years ago

00:35 her tit is out

Picture of roisterdoister30 achievements


11. roisterdoister 3 years ago

..beautiful :* ..and dangerous (i)

Picture of Gorf35 achievements


12. Gorf 3 years ago

Wonder how many ninjas died in the making of that film

Picture of Baboon39 achievements


13. Baboon 3 years ago


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Picture of huldu30 achievements


14. huldu 3 years ago

Camel Toe warning @ 0:31

Picture of DrPing38 achievements


15. DrPing 3 years ago

whats the track anyone?

Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements


16. PortugaL26 3 years ago

1:03 amazing skill indeed O:)

Picture of TarasFromLviv40 achievements


17. TarasFromLviv 3 years ago

#15 blue foundation - eyes on fire (Zed's dead remix) ;)
I love it when good looking chicks are active and not just shopping zombies ^^
I'd love to get beat up by her...xD

Picture of Zepequenodkq19 achievements


18. Zepequenodkq 3 years ago

Dont know exact dubstep mix of this song, but the original is: Blue Foundation - Eyes On Fire

Picture of RandurSource54 achievements


19. RandurSource 3 years ago

indeed more bendy then fire

0:38 fail landing cut out
0:59 and another two

Picture of Segeer20 achievements


20. Segeer 3 years ago

Killing spree ;)

Picture of ibrahimde35 achievements


21. ibrahimde 3 years ago

01:05 01:05 01:05 ahhh.... finely 01:05 again

Picture of TrollyAtsam39 achievements


22. TrollyAtsam 3 years ago

: O

*picks up jaw*

Picture of BasmanT47 achievements


23. BasmanT 3 years ago

19 Years old & 10 time WKA (World Karate Association) World Champion -.-

Picture of therob4233 achievements


24. therob42 3 years ago

I think I am in love

Picture of strangenature21 achievements


25. strangenature 3 years ago

pfft, i can do that.. no problem.

Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements


26. c0mmanderKeen 3 years ago

#7 She is a black belt in kick boxing and karate. I dont know the exact rank in the latter tho. And there are taek-won-do kicks and jumps among her forms.

She is no tourney fighter - you can tell by the lack of power in her kicks. She professionally performs "forms" which are a vital part of any martial art (and that doesnt mean she would wupp all our asses, by lack of power I mean in comparison to a tourney fighter..)

She is more of a cheerleader with kicks - which is still as awesome :D


Picture of TarasFromLviv40 achievements


27. TarasFromLviv 3 years ago

#25 You can??? Give me a call some time...:P

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


28. sux2bu 3 years ago

#26 I do not know where you saw that she is a black belt in kickboxing but there are no "belts" in that sport.Only some money-motivated karate schools for kids hands out belts for "kickboxing" to keep the parents happy. In kickboxing you are ranked according to who you have fought and your win/lose record and whether you are an amature or pro,just like in boxing. Nikki does not fight but is rather a cheerleader type like you said. She is also excellent at performing her Katas and does exhibitions all over the world. In some of her videos you can see cheerleader championship banners hanging all over the walls of the gym.

Picture of jaguardog3 achievements


29. jaguardog 3 years ago

just woman that can dance better than mnost

Picture of Sephir20 achievements


30. Sephir 3 years ago

i think this is the dubstep remix

Picture of BasmanT47 achievements


31. BasmanT 3 years ago

#7, #26 & #28, again, it´s called "Tricking".

"Tricking incorporates a variety of moves from different arts, such as flips from gymnastics, 540 kick from Taekwondo, butterfly twist from Wushu and double leg from Capoeira. Tricking is recognizable by its flashy kicks, complex flips and twists, and its highly stylized movements which separate it from other arts."


Picture of trancetunes46 achievements


32. trancetunes (moderator) 3 years ago

she can kick my ass any day

Picture of flajce2412 achievements


33. flajce24 3 years ago

i'm in love :)

Picture of CrazyEddie28 achievements


34. CrazyEddie 2 years ago

I can't believe nobody has said it would be better if she was nude.
Well done everybody.