Frisbee Trick Shots

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Picture of Jahoo31 achievements


1. Comment rated too low. Show this comment Jahoo 3 years ago

"time for something new"
Just not in this video.

Picture of kekke200037 achievements


2. kekke2000 3 years ago

You can see on his reaction after some of the throws that he did many tries. But obviously it's still very skilled!

Picture of smi50 achievements


4. smi 3 years ago

I've been finding a lot of frisbees in trash lately. Why are people throwing them away?

Picture of Baboon39 achievements


5. Baboon 3 years ago

This video needs some dynamic editing :'(

Picture of Oddi50 achievements


6. Oddi 3 years ago

...and now lets try with the camera on! hehe

Picture of djoulbadi26 achievements


7. djoulbadi 3 years ago

Fake or unbelievable skilled man?? :O

Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements


8. PortugaL26 3 years ago

Why are you guys complaining? i thought it was really cool, especially the shots where he used the walls.
and this one 3:22 :)

Picture of gunsnroses28 achievements


9. gunsnroses 3 years ago

Very unique & very impressive talent. simply remarkable!

Picture of mice21 achievements


10. Comment rated too low. Show this comment mice 3 years ago

boring as hell

Picture of peacinu34 achievements


11. peacinu 3 years ago

#1 Well let's see if you can do that, hot shot. I dare you, come on, tough guy! Same to you #10, MICE. Or you're just too small to handle a frisbee disc.

Picture of Jahoo31 achievements


12. Jahoo 3 years ago

#11 I never claimed to be able to replicate what he did, but he is the one making a video claiming to do something new, only to do the same thing everybody else does.

Picture of Fergus_Thedog36 achievements


13. Fergus_Thedog 3 years ago

Some impressive throws, but he utterly fails to capture the nonchalance required to make this sort of thing properly cool.

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


14. irishgek 3 years ago

Its a Bit like the "normal day" videos were you know it did not all work out so easy but some of those shots no matter how hard id try i would never make one , well done to him!

Picture of wongraven37 achievements


15. wongraven 3 years ago

Cool that water frisbee move on the end !

Picture of mrespman22 achievements


16. mrespman 3 years ago

I'm glad to see that they are teaching frisbee skills in college instead of that old math and science crap. It's not like you'll need anything but frisbee for the rest of your life. Nice to see what people are doing with a 200k education.

Picture of Sizzlik59 achievements


17. Sizzlik (admin) 3 years ago

true #16 ..they couldnt possibly be on campus in their freetime..all freetime is filled with this math and science crap.. :D

Picture of masterman8929 achievements


18. masterman89 3 years ago

0:59 clearly fake as it falls in

Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements


19. YetiGrowl 3 years ago

cool skills and fun to watch. but this guy is just a royal douche.

Picture of RandurSource54 achievements


20. RandurSource 3 years ago

#13 I hate those 'normal day' guys with their nonchalance (thumbed them down) and I love these guys showing their respectable enthousiasm (thumbed this up up up). Well done.

Picture of ridebmxx329 achievements


21. ridebmxx3 3 years ago

dirty ass frisbee

Picture of mescaline41 achievements


22. mescaline 3 years ago

"look at me, look at me"

Picture of ringmaster40 achievements


23. ringmaster 3 years ago

I had to watch it at

Please think about your frustration when you are stuck or something before you consider voting this comment down.

Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements


24. c0mmanderKeen 3 years ago

I like the shots, just please cut out the wack poses next time...

still +1