The Living Bridge

A way of working with nature

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Picture of TrollyAtsam39 achievements


1. TrollyAtsam 3 years ago

That was amazing. Mother nature is so wonderful.

Picture of loadrunner46 achievements


2. loadrunner 3 years ago

Yes, and I hope life there does not get poluted by our democracy system with money and oil. or is it already to late?

Picture of wyvern197824 achievements


3. wyvern1978 3 years ago


Thumbs up if you think this is more beautiful than any modern building.

Picture of thejackel35 achievements


4. thejackel 3 years ago


Picture of librabooks37 achievements


5. librabooks 3 years ago

Working with nature to combat nature's forces.

Picture of yokey9129 achievements


6. yokey91 3 years ago

talk about patience and perseverance!

Picture of cretia27 achievements


7. cretia 3 years ago

wow real 21st century hippies not like the ones in the cities trying to preserve a heritage listed building

Picture of Slap_chop_ninja36 achievements


8. Slap_chop_ninja 3 years ago

Appropriate use of the word "epic"

Picture of perpetual18 achievements


9. perpetual 3 years ago

they are like hobbits :D

Picture of Rathor30 achievements


10. Rathor 3 years ago

Fantastic piece of job. Nature and man all together. I love it..

Picture of huldu30 achievements


11. Comment rated too low. Show this comment huldu 3 years ago

#1 Yeah it's all fun and play until someone gets an eye poked out. We'll see how much you like it when your child gets born with cancer.

Picture of smee42029 achievements


12. smee420 3 years ago

#11 Some theories suggest that modern ways of living and the stresses that go with it are a cause of cancer. It's thought that the cancer rate has skyrocketed in the past few hundred years - that would suggest that living in harmony with nature is actually much better for people, because as people have started living in cities, eating processed food, working long hours indoors and driving cars cancer has become much more prevalent. Sure people live longer now due to disease control and better medicine but who are we to say that living like this is worse than how we do? I would bet none of the people in this video have depression or eating disorders.

Beautiful vid btw

Picture of monkeyboy50 achievements


13. monkeyboy 3 years ago

I want to live like these people! :( the world isn't right what we have achieved is amazing but at what cost... look at the greedy company's and insane governments taking all they can and giving little to none back to help any of the worlds problems

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


14. sux2bu 3 years ago

Twisting and binding mother nature and forcing her to do man's bidding, and no one is crying out for justice ???? :O Good , because this is a perfect example of people working in harmony with the natural environment. Wonderful video. :)

Picture of Highmeadow44 achievements


15. Highmeadow 3 years ago

#12 - people have always died of cancer (when other things didn't kill them first). They just used to lump every type of death together and call it "natural causes". Part of the reason the rate of EVERYTHING is increasing is because we are actually counting now.

Picture of shirleytownsend2 achievements


16. shirleytownsend 3 years ago

Fantastic! What we can do when we work with nature is wonderful.

Picture of brenda3334 achievements


17. brenda333 3 years ago

that is so cool what a way of working with what God has given us WOW :) <3

Picture of Bodacious3 achievements


18. Bodacious 3 years ago

What I get from watching this video clip is, We should all look at WHAT WE HAVE to fix our problems. They survive because they stood up to their problem and with one person's idea and lots of help, it has become a way of life.............just as many things we do. Beautiful story, will remember.

Picture of ColoMom4 achievements


19. ColoMom 3 years ago

How ingenious & that his son will carry on.
I watched it twice but both times I somehow missed the country. ( audio doesn't always come on at first). Could someone please answer. Thanks :) <3
Watched 2x again finaly heard it is in NW India. Thx

Picture of blwetorch2 achievements


20. blwetorch 3 years ago

This is in Meghalaya state of India in the North-east. The capital is Shillong. I stayed there for a while. I think the people in the video are the local Khasi tribe.

Picture of Barkos2 achievements


21. Barkos 3 years ago

Correct. They are from the Khasi tribe. I visited these two bridges in April this year. They are superb works of art. Patiently built over many years, the roots are trained regularly and they are sturdy and literally vibrant.

Picture of kennyhen1 achievements


22. kennyhen 3 years ago

Even if they don't have dots on their heads, they're still Snakecharmers! As for the bridge, I'll stick with steel, concrete, and asphalt. (this is why we call it the Third World)

Picture of Victor993 achievements


23. Victor99 3 years ago

@kennyhen - you are a pillock...

Picture of suzee3 achievements


24. suzee 3 years ago

it is wonderful to see good news for a change...

Picture of hariprabha4 achievements


25. hariprabha 3 years ago

The mother nature provides every thing to each individual. It is for the individual to get the best of it and sustain with nature

Picture of neilcp4 achievements


26. neilcp 3 years ago

Kennyhen and his ilk are certainly the virus of the world...
We need to always live in harmony with nature.The video is such a fantastic example of how people and nature can co-habit this earth.... If everyone did the same, disasters like New Orleans would NEVER have happened.... but I guess Kennyhen and his "First World" attitudes know better...

Picture of Spiritrider5 achievements


27. Spiritrider 3 years ago

Beautiful and ingenious! I'm so glad I saw this... thank U!

Picture of Rockhead19632 achievements


28. Rockhead1963 3 years ago

:D Man is this ever stupid .
Know I see why these people live where they
Do ....

Picture of knancy2 achievements


29. knancy 3 years ago

I would love to see these bridges when the river is a torrent below......

We should all be so reasonable!

Picture of procomicdiva3 achievements


30. procomicdiva 3 years ago

A Perfect example of 'Nature, Nurture, Reverence & Love for Mother Earth!'

Picture of janecartwright4 achievements


31. janecartwright 3 years ago

There a couple of comments on here made by absolute twits and it's because of their type of narrow, short-sighted attitude that the world is in its present can only feel sorry for them - they probably see nothing wrong with the state of the world today....

Brilliant, inspiring video of a people that understand so much more than many of us.... :)

Picture of Golestan1 achievements


32. Golestan 3 years ago

Can anybody tell me, how the name of this place is spelled. All this video tells me, is that the place is located in north eastern India, but I'd like to find out more about it.


Picture of vaneeta2 achievements


33. vaneeta 3 years ago

the name of the place is meghalaya.

Picture of ostromeckibob2 achievements


34. ostromeckibob 3 years ago

It's important, as Parents, that we guide and teach our Children all we can about good and honest survival in this world.

Picture of dm952 achievements


35. dm95 2 years ago

No amount of architecture or engineering know-how can ever duplicate God's creation...nature. The living bridge is one great creation. Simply awesome!

Picture of janadee2 achievements


36. janadee 2 years ago

Oh My simple and awesome and beautiful is this? I hope in
500 years, the people and the magnificent land the people reside on will
be as simple and be free of the pollution some of us face not only in our
environment but also with human beings and their lack of appreciation for
the simple life.

Picture of 1lookingup1 achievements


37. 1lookingup 2 years ago

:) God is so wonderful! And this shows some good parents too.

Picture of scottywalk1 achievements


38. scottywalk 2 years ago

And loadrunner, you wish to deny these native children what you have benefited from for all your blessed life? Or maybe you live as they?

Picture of rs0071 achievements


39. rs007 2 years ago

this reminds me of LOTR, Avatar and similar movies!..what amazing wonders man is capable of if he worked with nature..almost as if the divine has been channelled through the hands of man :)

Picture of monkeyboy50 achievements


40. monkeyboy 2 years ago

do my eyes deceive me or has this video had over 1 million views!? that cant be right.. lol

Picture of josephina1 achievements


41. josephina 2 years ago

This warms the cockles of my heart... to think that "lowly peasants from a backwoods area" can create magic with our mother without destroying! Wondrous! Thank you ;)

Picture of denoflioness2 achievements


42. denoflioness 2 years ago

Beautiful. To live in such a garden and to adapt to its rugged environment must present enormous challenges to these people every day. Yet, they choose to approach their issues using positive solutions which do not destroy, but build up, do not kill, but live on. Civilization leaves a lot to be desired when compared to what could have been and, if we could change, could still be. We are all connected - humans, animals, plants, water, air -stop and listen, feel, breathe, calm your mind. Embrace the feeling of serenity and peace as often as you can and see how this will spread. Teach your children well.

Picture of GinnyKamano2 achievements


43. GinnyKamano 2 years ago

Stunning. Innovative. "Necessity is the Mother of invention" no matter where on earth we live. This video is living proof that the aforementioned quote is true.

Picture of laserlady1 achievements


44. laserlady 1 year ago

The video and story are fabulous - however, the bandwidth on this site is terrible - constantly buffering - found on YouTube where it plays seamlessly. :'(