Low Pass

Argentine Air Force FMA AT-63 Pampa mowing the lawn.

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Picture of Apocalypse1132 achievements


1. Apocalypse11 3 years ago

staring death in the face much? that must have been what...4ft off the ground?

Picture of gadgetfreak39 achievements


2. gadgetfreak 3 years ago

the first one was unbelievable close :O

Picture of sitaauk47 achievements


3. sitaauk 3 years ago

what's the worst thing that pilot could have said doing that?


Picture of MakeTnotWar37 achievements


4. MakeTnotWar 3 years ago

Impossible to be lower. With gears down he would've hit the ground.

Picture of marx001230 achievements


5. Comment rated too low. Show this comment marx0012 3 years ago

lucky for those on the ground he was not flying supersonic........ >:)

Picture of Baboon39 achievements


6. Baboon 3 years ago

translation anyone plz?

Picture of ValdeLevis27 achievements


7. ValdeLevis 3 years ago

Next clip; How to take down a $8,000,000.00 aircraft with a strategically thrown rock.

#5 That plane is not capable of supersonic speed.

Picture of tree4free45 achievements


8. tree4free 3 years ago

If you pause at around 0:19 - 0:20 you can see how close it is. it's like half a meter (or half a yard). The pilot must be seriously skilled or just crazy.

Picture of Namron724 achievements


9. Namron7 3 years ago

He could've shaved the hairs off an elephant with that manoeuvre >:)

Picture of BlakeKent12 achievements


10. Comment rated too low. Show this comment BlakeKent 3 years ago

It's misleading because of the camera angle, but at its lowest point, you could quite easily position the Eiffel Tower beneath the plane.

Picture of archis48 achievements


11. archis 3 years ago

#8 I think there is much more then half a meter, otherwise in that scale th plane is about 1 meter high. My guess 1.20-1.50m

Picture of tree4free45 achievements


12. tree4free 3 years ago

look @ this link and judge by yourself


Picture of motoso30 achievements


13. motoso 3 years ago


"Look how he's coming
He's low Leo
You filming Chan?
Oh God..oh gooood...
**lots of unclear banter**
*Plane flies by*

Ay! Old (viejo is a sort of nickname in south american countries) Son of a Bitch!!
Look at the floor!!

Picture of proatwork39 achievements


14. proatwork 3 years ago

#12 I'd say about 1 meter

here's something to give you an idea of the size of it : http://images3.jetphotos.net/img/2/6/4/8/21421_1268836846.jpg

Picture of Jabafara54 achievements


15. Jabafara 3 years ago

Damn that was low :x

Picture of 4string8622 achievements


16. 4string86 3 years ago

That was what I call f*ckin close ;)

Picture of gringo40 achievements


17. gringo 3 years ago

there are a lot of shitty pants around there :(|)

Picture of quadie39 achievements


18. quadie 3 years ago

#12 If you looked at the frame before that shot you'd see it gets much closer

Picture of Mourialaid23 achievements


19. Mourialaid 3 years ago

View from the cock pit:
(at 1min04 people go out of the way just in time!) :O

Picture of lockandload57 achievements


20. lockandload 3 years ago

#19 good link, me likes :)

Picture of mr_magicman25 achievements


21. mr_magicman 3 years ago

i just have to think about the insurance claim.

insurance company: so what was the accident? And where were you at the time?
bloke: Standing in a field with my mates minding my own business then got ran over by a flying jet at 300mph.
insurance company: WTF?????

Picture of TrollyAtsam39 achievements


22. TrollyAtsam 3 years ago

Chuck norris was flying the first one obviously.

Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements


23. c0mmanderKeen 3 years ago


I wouldve died right there :O

Picture of Nightcamo23 achievements


24. Nightcamo 3 years ago

When you're out of ammo, you can still use it as a melee weapon.

Picture of CorpseGrinder43 achievements


25. CorpseGrinder 3 years ago

#19 big thanks for the link, thats even more impressive seeing it from the (clearly crazy) pilots view.
and seeing a bunch of hardcore military people duck and cover means he was reeeeally low :D