Young girl

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Picture of BlakeKent12 achievements


1. BlakeKent 3 years ago

I saw this first, but now I wish I hadn't.

Picture of Oddi50 achievements


2. Oddi 3 years ago

If she looked like this prob i wouldnt mind

Picture of hafa33 achievements


3. hafa 3 years ago

1:32 and credits are the real kicker

Picture of matinmiah27 achievements


4. matinmiah 3 years ago

i dont get it

Picture of TheGreenMan28 achievements


5. TheGreenMan 3 years ago

WTF ?!?! Was that ment to be funny ? I mean the part where he tells she's 8 was alright, but the rest ...

Picture of Viveroth30 achievements


6. Viveroth 3 years ago

Ok guys. Why it isn't ended before "Im eighteen" ?
That would be great parody actually because everywhere we can see 13,14 years old girls looking and acting like 18 so why not 8 just for the parody case?

Im gonna cut the ending and then show my friends!

Picture of Vaithan29 achievements


7. Vaithan 3 years ago

The only funny bit about this clip was the sign on the pub door that said 'Sorry we're open'

Picture of thend19 achievements


8. thend 3 years ago

The credits are awesome !!!!!!!! :D :D :D 100 ppl for 2 minuts vid xddd >:)

Picture of oldcurt619 achievements


9. oldcurt6 3 years ago

some british hummor dose not teanslate to american. don't get the parody

Picture of LQoQK36 achievements


10. LQoQK 3 years ago

8 or 18 I still do her,


Picture of Sizzlik59 achievements


11. Sizzlik (admin) 3 years ago

So you guys say when she is 18 its not right to date her? If this would be real it would still be her choice to date an older

Picture of dushan51 achievements


12. dushan 3 years ago

#11 of course it's not right to date her, if you are 14 :D

Picture of Jabafara54 achievements


13. Jabafara 3 years ago

I think that the ending jump & credits was the sugar coating to whole joke.. Why to cut it off #6 ? :D

Picture of gringo40 achievements


14. gringo 3 years ago

more like 28

Picture of Mourialaid23 achievements


15. Mourialaid 3 years ago

I will never understand those #10LQoQK. Pro is a lot better than young! :D

Picture of cretia27 achievements


16. cretia 3 years ago

I will have "the Juice"

Picture of Nifen34 achievements


17. Nifen 3 years ago

Well i did Thumbs up as she's hot! But i have NOOO idea what this has to do with anything!

Picture of domali18 achievements


18. domali 3 years ago

only thing i like about this video that 'girl is beautiful' period.

Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements


19. c0mmanderKeen 3 years ago

wth was that all about ?!

#9 and what has that got to do with anything? I aint american nor british and I love both humors but someone has to explain this one to me..

Picture of esona23 achievements


20. esona 3 years ago

What a load of crap.not even close to been funny. :|

Picture of batman3426 achievements


21. batman34 3 years ago

this is like that story with the king who was told that only smart people can see the special clothes, even there were no clothes. so he walked naked and everybody said the clothes are very nice, just not to be considered stupid. so, this film really sucks and it has no humour whatsoever.

Picture of p00nie39 achievements


22. p00nie 3 years ago

Shit, I actually laughed my ass off :S