Hilarious Accents (Comedian Elon Gold)

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22 comments posted so far. Expand all comments Login to add a comment.

Picture of thejackel35 achievements


1. thejackel 5 years ago

haha that was good :D

Picture of joker153535 achievements


2. joker1535 5 years ago

thaz waz very goodzzzzz

Picture of gooduser1238 achievements


3. gooduser123 5 years ago

ey eynjoyed ethiz

Picture of Nifen34 achievements


4. Nifen 5 years ago

My girlfriend annoys the the hell out of me by missing the T in things! im like. its BLOODY Water! Not wada! There is 2 T's in Butter Dear!

Picture of Wiggy26 achievements


6. Wiggy 5 years ago

And Americans seem to add more of the same letters to their words



You get the jist.

Picture of dogma0117 achievements


8. dogma01 5 years ago

I am English and I use the letter T "what a TW*T"....... ;)

Picture of 9grovere31 achievements


9. 9grovere 5 years ago

at least i aint a yank

Picture of DoubleBubble19 achievements


10. DoubleBubble 5 years ago

An American having a go an intelligence and accents? Really? People in glass houses and all that. Like the majority of Americans even know where the countries he's making fun of are.

Picture of Anomnomnom17 achievements


11. Anomnomnom 5 years ago

Im English and i hate tea,damn stereotyping yank.Americans words basically consist of fat,burger,hotdog,christianity and retarded.I didn't find this guy funny in the least.

Picture of Agrajag17 achievements


12. Agrajag 5 years ago


This is essentially what American comedy is now -- making fun of other cultures/races/religions.

Doug Stanhope is the only good comic the US has now.

Picture of mr_magicman27 achievements


13. mr_magicman 5 years ago

bloke is an idiot. if he really wanted to talk about english accents then he should know that there is more then one and not just the cockney accent. im a geordie (newcastle) and sound f**k all like that but am a very very proud englishman. this is prob the first video that has ever made me slightly angry on snotr in 4 years.

rant over......

Picture of Or3n32 achievements


14. Or3n 5 years ago

LOL the Israeli one made me laugh so hard!!!

Picture of Sebastien45 achievements


15. Sebastien 5 years ago

Le' us boo this cun' off the stage

Picture of Vaithan29 achievements


16. Vaithan 5 years ago

We may miss the letter T when pronouncing 'letter' but then so do you Americans :P Infact you lot pronounce it more Ledder, completely changing the letters instead of just missing them out. :*

Picture of sux2bu66 achievements


17. sux2bu 5 years ago

I have never thought the English sounded intellegent,what is this guy talking about? :D The Russian skit was great. I wish he had done something with a good old Alabama redneck accent just to even the humor out.
#16 Yep I do that all the time! I even catch myself saying "nether mind" instead of "never mind".

Picture of theHourUndone26 achievements


18. theHourUndone 5 years ago

what about japanese? :p

Picture of mescaline41 achievements


19. mescaline 5 years ago

German are actually more about pronouncing v like w : very becomes wery, and so on... :D

Picture of c2quad30 achievements


20. c2quad 5 years ago

s[y]uper P[y]erfor[y]me[y]nce. Gooz onez.

Picture of Gorf35 achievements


21. Gorf 5 years ago

Don't be too hard on him: the guy has a modicum of knowledge about the rest of the world - that makes him a rarity among Americans.

or "raridy" as the Americans would say.

Picture of LiquiDnB30 achievements


22. LiquiDnB 5 years ago

Ze germans are comming! ;)