Indian Driving Manners

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Picture of Mourialaid23 achievements


1. Mourialaid 3 years ago

Where are the sacred cows supposed to slow down traffic?!?
(ours have car and give fines)

Picture of gouranga4ever43 achievements


2. gouranga4ever 3 years ago

The Indian guy is thinking; "Atleast we can balance our budget Goreh!"

Picture of BalboaCZ29 achievements


3. BalboaCZ 3 years ago

actually #3, we call those pigs, not cows.

Picture of SamPsychedelic32 achievements


4. SamPsychedelic 3 years ago

The road to death?

Picture of Nifen34 achievements


5. Nifen 3 years ago

no. unlikely you'd die. though i imagine there are a LOT of crashes!
No one seems to be super fast its just super stupid to even try driving there.
Bring a Tank!

Picture of primate197030 achievements


6. primate1970 3 years ago

Makes the Ice-Road truckers look like pussies....!

Picture of banzemanga42 achievements


7. banzemanga 3 years ago

I wonder what is car crash death rate in India. Anyone knows the numbers?

Update: I found this interesting article

Picture of marx001230 achievements


8. marx0012 3 years ago

like the driver said, In india they are all a bunch of retarded idiots behind the wheel. Don't let any of them ever come to my country, they will have lost their drivers license within 30 secs.....

Picture of cretia27 achievements


9. cretia 3 years ago

#8 Licence wat is dat Mr marx0012?

Picture of mikeaza33 achievements


10. mikeaza 3 years ago

They drive like this in Italy.

Picture of gringo40 achievements


11. gringo 3 years ago

All this chaos and didn't see a crash, wtf :x

Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements


12. c0mmanderKeen 3 years ago

If this is standard I dont think there is CONSTANT horn beeping on this road. I suspects its been edited in to enhance the stress experience.

beeping or not this is one hell of a ride :D

Picture of LQoQK36 achievements


13. LQoQK 3 years ago

actually they are not crazy, they way they drive is that they use the hornes on the corners and hear the echo back they are like bats they see things we dont see.

Picture of loadrunner46 achievements


14. loadrunner 3 years ago

The only reason the Indian guy was so close to the door and holding it, he could jump out fast if needed.

Picture of huldu30 achievements


16. huldu 3 years ago

The thing is "crashes" usually occur because of the coming vehicle. If they are "afraid" they try to steer away and hit a tree or another car. Clearly these Indian drivers don't steer away hence accidents aren't that common. If you know what the driver is going to do, ie nothing unpredictable like trying to steer away, you're safe. Just focus on what you're doing and stay on course and no accidents happen.

Picture of mduggy28 achievements


17. mduggy 3 years ago

Does anyone know what progam this was on?

Picture of captain_obvious38 achievements


18. captain_obvious 3 years ago

@12 not edited. seen roads way worse then this. the one that hunks the loudest should go first. at least most of them think that. its ussualy gets even more insaine, if the sun is up and everyone wanna drives in the shade instead of the proper lane.

Picture of loadrunner46 achievements


19. loadrunner 3 years ago

#17 History channel

Picture of Neutral31 achievements


20. Neutral 3 years ago

In india, you can drive without brakes but not without your horn >:)

Picture of akeem32 achievements


21. akeem 3 years ago

Well at least according to their believe they do get multiple chance to try again.

Picture of Dennyboy28 achievements


22. Dennyboy 3 years ago

And I thought the Indian's were inteligent people!.. :|

Picture of dashmagnus26 achievements


23. dashmagnus 3 years ago

They should be driving more carefully. It is Ganesh's birthday after all.

Picture of loadrunner46 achievements


24. loadrunner 3 years ago

In India the horn wears out more then the tires, and is changed 4 times a year.

Picture of anjoe21325 achievements


25. anjoe213 3 years ago

Mate; 2 things: 1. Go with the flow, don't be a foreigner prick and hold up traffic, we're a billion people trying to get places, and couldn't care less about your righteous driving manners. 2. Chill the fuck out, people use horns as a passive means to let their presence be known, it's not all aggressive and not all directed to you. Chill and watch the chaos unfold, you gotta admit there's a precision roadshow, and it's all free! :D

Picture of Highmeadow44 achievements


26. Highmeadow 3 years ago

#2 - at the end of the clip he says he is Canadian, not American. The Canadian budget is pretty much normal.