Martin Jetpack 5000ft flight

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Picture of OnetimeX36 achievements


1. OnetimeX 3 years ago

Dear Santa Claus, if i'm good from till till Christmas, and i mean really good... >:) >:) >:)

Picture of LiquiDnB30 achievements


2. LiquiDnB 3 years ago

Imagine if in the future everyone would get those... No more quiet Sunday mornings. :D BZHEEEEEEEBZHEEEEE... Impressive though. 8-)

Picture of Viveroth30 achievements


3. Viveroth 3 years ago

Its Big!
I remember playing Duke Nukem 3d. 15 Years ago they had ideas about much smaller jetpacks!

Picture of GhostInShell39 achievements


4. GhostInShell 3 years ago

and mythbusters couldnt make something similar fly and called it busted... hmm :-/

Picture of Gringo_el_Diablo44 achievements


5. Gringo_el_Diablo 3 years ago

I hope its sold with the parachute.... ;)

Picture of mikeaza33 achievements


6. mikeaza 3 years ago

#4 It was busted cause the myth was "Build a Jetpack with blueprints founded on internet".

Picture of mothali27 achievements


7. mothali 3 years ago

Look out for the chopper, he could end up like the frog in a blender vid...

Picture of johannsommer28 achievements


8. johannsommer 3 years ago

"Martin" is a dummy?!
Is this because of safety reasons or because e real person would be to heavy to be lifted?

Picture of ringmaster41 achievements


9. ringmaster 3 years ago

Ancestors of Fett (Jango and Boba)?

Picture of Siruss21 achievements


10. Siruss 3 years ago

But, but...Mythbusters proved this was not possible...busted.

Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements


11. YetiGrowl 3 years ago

there are going to be a lot of ufo sightings now....

Picture of Trooper25 achievements


12. Trooper 3 years ago

#10 If you recall the episode, the Mythbusters used a 4 stroke engine which is much heavier than the 2 strokes engine Martin is using. Also, the drive system on Martin's machine is a lot more efficient and lighter than the flexible belt used on the show. Finally, the Martin Jetpack is about half the weight of the machine built by the Mythbusters because they use carbon fiber instead of aluminum.

You must also keep in mind that the MB built their machine is the space of a couple weeks while Martin have spent years on their design...

Picture of Siruss21 achievements


13. Siruss 3 years ago

12. I was being sarcastic. I falsely concluded based on watching the Mythbusters episode as Mythbusters made the whole concept of being able to fly like this appear to be not possible given the current power to weight ratio available in today's engines.

I am glad it did not stop these guys from continuing onwards because I am sure they saw the MB episode and were probably told by alot more people (including myself) saying it was impossible due to it.

Picture of Teqskater32 achievements


14. Teqskater 3 years ago

Till 1:18 i tought. Hey this would be realy awesome if it has autorotation like some helicopters have. Then the canopy pops out and i tought. Meh...thats good to :)

Picture of agentreeko32 achievements


15. agentreeko 3 years ago

I can see Jango Fett in the making...

Picture of Namron724 achievements


16. Namron7 3 years ago

I wonder if he lit a fart whether that could be counted as lighting up the After-Burners >:)

Picture of arcerhawk28 achievements


17. arcerhawk 3 years ago

what a dignified landing....