YoYo World Champion 2011

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Picture of wilkinsun23 achievements


1. wilkinsun 3 years ago

What a great skill. Amazing

Picture of Rigel36 achievements


2. Rigel 3 years ago

we asians are masters of all skills useless

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


3. irishgek 3 years ago

He had me pissed off at 8 seconds in , already I would long be screaming and going mental trying to undo the knots I would have made, But I bet I can open a knot faster than him .....Practice from childhood trying what he's doing , getting mad and trying violently to untangle them = huge knots

Wicked skills for any one to have with such a great simple toy

Picture of ZaMpTi47 achievements


4. Comment rated too low. Show this comment ZaMpTi 3 years ago

sorry to say but this is another useless skill evolution will sort out :P unless he finds a nerd girl and starts a nerd family.

Now gimme ur love.
Haters hate <3

Picture of drevil29 achievements


5. drevil 3 years ago

with both hands.. i'm spechless

Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements


6. Usdevildoggmc 3 years ago

I would go blind in one eye before I could have the patience for this skill... I have tried to get into it when I was younger but I sucked!

Picture of YetiGrowl38 achievements


7. YetiGrowl 3 years ago

the only good thing about this talent is if he makes money off it. if not, what a waste of time.

Picture of huldu30 achievements


8. huldu 3 years ago

That was crazy good. Well #4, most of us wouldn't even be here today if that was true. Humans don't breed to make mankind stronger, we just breed because it makes us feel good. Sex. That is all it's about. Just a shame with the children being born because of that. Most of us shouldn't even have children... yet we do. Let our children sort out tomorrows problem while we're dead.

Picture of yokey9129 achievements


9. yokey91 3 years ago

and they don't get tangled

Picture of loadme32 achievements


10. loadme 3 years ago

best part is his winner face :D

Picture of Cvejic44 achievements


11. Cvejic 3 years ago

Low frame rate ruined this video.

Picture of ughlah37 achievements


12. ughlah 3 years ago

Actually I don't find this that useless, the guy shows dedication to his hobby like to an olympic sport, which is a quality I really appreciate in employees. Plus he has an amazing ambidextrous coordination.

Watching internet flics like we do is by far a more useless way to spend time.

Picture of datastreamdude26 achievements


13. datastreamdude 3 years ago

awesome skill.

i think he should be tested for Performance Enhancing Drugs.

:D :D :D

Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements


14. c0mmanderKeen 3 years ago

#4 According to you, about 60% of what humans do shouldve been sorted out.. quite a while ago ;)

I liked this vid despite the atrocious techno sounds :) very entertaining, mad skillz

Picture of IamFriendly18 achievements


15. IamFriendly 3 years ago

Isnt there world yo-yo watching championship??
IMO there have to be one, just cuz it is skill on its own to understand the movements of yo-yo. 8-)

Picture of ZaMpTi47 achievements


16. ZaMpTi 3 years ago

#14 ye according to me Humuans would only do gr8 stuff ;) the good thing about my opinion is, it's mine :=)

Picture of hillbilly15 achievements


17. hillbilly 3 years ago

Its always techno music. Can't they do something to mozart? honestly it would be much more fluid.

Picture of Noobeater26 achievements


18. Noobeater 3 years ago

This duy must be a god at his highschool. But I can't stop thinking that he could have done something more constructive with his skill, like nunchucks?

Picture of CorpseGrinder43 achievements


19. CorpseGrinder 3 years ago

who needs video games, right? :D

Picture of Thi0u9 achievements


20. Thi0u 3 years ago

Nice drum'n'bass.

Picture of sirval33 achievements


21. sirval 3 years ago

what a good sport, he gave the public several middle fingers and they still liked him! 2:17

Picture of VonAnka24 achievements


22. VonAnka 3 years ago

#2 And everything else !

Picture of moese42 achievements


23. moese 3 years ago

wow! impresive.
I can do the walk the dog trick... meh

Picture of Sizzlik59 achievements


24. Sizzlik (admin) 3 years ago

#23 Hey..i can do that one too......*thinks*.....*sadface*