President Obama's payback speech at the White House correspondents' dinner

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Picture of sidewinder26 achievements


1. Comment rated too low. Show this comment sidewinder 3 years ago

He does not deserves comment! I it is a pity.

Picture of Araniko33 achievements


2. Araniko 3 years ago

Obama vs Trump
Owned - Roasted >:)

Picture of Chrythes26 achievements


3. Chrythes 3 years ago

#(removed comment) Yeah , apparently Al Qaeda managed to infiltrate the US government and planted Barack Obama as a spy in the political world. They just got lucky and he became the president.

Picture of Thanos26 achievements


4. Thanos 3 years ago

Well! we all can see the difference. In comparison to quite a number of "ranch bred Presidents", Obama is not only using his head, he also doesn't take himself too seriously unlike 'some' of his predecessors. (something that many consider to be given by reaching a high position, even though one of the pronounced greatest patriots of USA stated something implying quite otherwise)

By the way, pretty nice payback, but can't help it, Fox board is not gonna like him for a while... ^_^

Picture of kaneg35 achievements


5. kaneg 3 years ago

i like the pimped out White house :D

Picture of Mcpro28 achievements


6. Comment rated too low. Show this comment Mcpro 3 years ago

Yeah Politician. All they do, is to make fun of people.

Picture of Siruss21 achievements


7. Comment rated too low. Show this comment Siruss 3 years ago

Fuck you Barry Soetoro get out of the White House. NOW !

Your an imposter, you've hidden your past, and there is evidence that Obama has been using a fake Connecticut Social Security number.

Stop lying to the public you bastard.

Picture of obelicks6921 achievements


8. obelicks69 3 years ago

you're fired!!!

Picture of TenoriTaiga28 achievements


9. TenoriTaiga 3 years ago

It's nice to see a President who can actually have a joke and amuse his peers.

George Bush Jr did the same but more were laughing at him than with him.

I dont think his past should matter, it's what he does NOW that matters and will influence the world more.

Picture of cysmoke7 achievements


10. cysmoke 3 years ago

He's the man

Picture of gringo40 achievements


11. gringo 3 years ago

Poor Donald this must have been hard for him, so many people laughing at him and he can't fire them ::(|)

Picture of dinamita22 achievements


12. dinamita 3 years ago

i bet Obama had a nice chat with jerry seinfeld and wrote thoes jokes down ..... :D

Picture of Cvejic44 achievements


13. Cvejic 3 years ago

What's Obama's beef with the Trump? Jealous of his hair cut?

Picture of LB18743 achievements


14. LB187 3 years ago

I can't stand Obama but I gotta give him credit... that was some funny stuff >:)

Picture of Malinar33 achievements


15. Malinar 3 years ago

Obama or any other president, and he kills people. So retard.

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


16. sux2bu 3 years ago

Ya know why he swings his head from left to right constantly while speaking without ever looking straight ahead? Everything he says is being fed to him on his teleprompters,one on each side and on notes on the lectern when he looks down. He can't put a cogent thought to words without help. Here he is when trying to speak without help in my state.....

He has escalated the war and quadrupled our debt in just over two years and he will be fired in 2012.

Picture of Sizzlik59 achievements


17. Sizzlik (admin) 3 years ago

#16 i dont care about US presidents (or better say warlords) but he swings his head because its a big room..not because of teleprompters..look again..he got the paper in front of his nose wich he reads from..not screens left & right

Picture of WildMonkey31 achievements


18. WildMonkey 3 years ago

Is that how Donald cries?

Picture of Denaro30 achievements


19. Denaro 3 years ago

Im just going to say this once on all these videos that have the slightest hint of american politics. Stop whinging about your damn presidents, your nation is f*cked in almost every realm: medical, economic, social etc. Im not having a personal dig, but seriously, the national debt of america was $33t 5 years ago. Stop saying that he exacerbated the war, it was a necessity, not only to try to weaken terrorism, but to stop your nation from falling into economic anarchy faster than trumps ego.

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


20. sux2bu 3 years ago

#17 Well here you go talking about something where you have no frame of reference to know what you are talking about.It is common knowledge in the US that Obama does not speak without his trusty teleprompters,one on each side of him,but I guess you need to see it for yourself,so....

On the third one scroll down and watch the video and you can see the glass teleprompters on each side of him . Normally the press is forbidden from showing a wide angle shot of him that shows his teleprompters. He also has notes in case they fail or get knocked over.

# 19 As bad as it might least we are not Australian.

Picture of Denaro30 achievements


21. Denaro 3 years ago

#20 Umm..Obviously.

But seriously, US - cool place, loved it when i went, too many problems for me to want to live there... But hey, tat's just my opinion.

Picture of Filiforme14 achievements


22. Filiforme 3 years ago

What? The president of the us used teleprompters? REALLY? As if he was the first one...

Picture of BabyJLE32 achievements


23. BabyJLE 3 years ago

#20 FFS stop whining, your country is fucked up. No disrespect to all the US citziens. Your country deserve more then just a bunch ppl like you, whining about everything.
Blame Obama? Naga please, you wont be on wow as a playable racial if you gonna whine all day long. Focus what matters, fix your country up. Stop ragin war and how about actually help people in the US that needs it.

Its easier to blame others right? Obama might be the President, but the power still in congress right? Its easier to be more opened minded and easier to debate.
Learn and fix the problems or take a gun and rage quit.

Picture of snotraddict36 achievements


24. snotraddict 3 years ago

The guy is in way over his head and doesn't have a clue what to do. Government is not the answer, government is the problem.

Picture of Premtm36 achievements


25. Premtm 3 years ago

There was a World medical convention going on and a Israel Doctor got up and boosted that their medical technology is so advanced the they can remove one testicle from one person and put it in to other guy and in 4 weeks period he will be looking for work. The German Doctor said that's nothing as they can take half part of heart from one guy and put it to another guy and he will be looking for work in 2 weeks period. The Russian Doctor said they can take half portion of brain from one guy and transplant to other guy and he will be looking for work in 1 weeks period. Hearing all this the American Doctor got up and said your technology is so very ancient. We got a guy from Kenya who didn't have balls, heart and brain and we made him the President of America and now the whole Country is looking for work........LOL

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


26. sux2bu 3 years ago

#23 So I pointed out a fact to others that Obama looks from one teleprompter to another without ever actually looking straight ahead at the audience,and he is well known for it here and he uses teleprompts more often than any President in recent history.
So a German tells me that is not so , so I give evidence of the fact.....done. Now a Swede sees that simple truth as "blaming" Obama for something,which I did not. Oh he has much to be blamed for and he will pay in the next election.
So since you really have nothing of value to say , how about just STFU.

#25 So true ! :)

Picture of Sizzlik59 achievements


27. Sizzlik (admin) 3 years ago

Sorry sux2bu .."a german" just tought he was looking at a paper rather then 2 teleprompter..but honestly..who cares?..teleprompter or paper..speech is speech..and most actors or other people in TV read from mind..anyways..i apologize.

But dont you think your comment isnt a bit racist? And value to didnt had much either..

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


28. sux2bu 3 years ago

Sizz , you are getting "nationality" confused with "race". Being German describes your country,not your race. I am of the white race as you might be too. I used your country instead of your nic to point out that someone from Europe could think he knows more about the everyday workings in US politics than someone who has lived here for almost six decades. No offence was intended by me and no apology is needed from you. You are always a straight-up guy from what I have seen here. :)
PS The STFU was not aimed at you. #23 was who I was responding to.

Picture of Sizzlik59 achievements


29. Sizzlik (admin) 3 years ago

good to know you go along with me sux2bu...but 6 decades?

Picture of loadme32 achievements


30. loadme 3 years ago

i'm sitting in my chair for quiet a while.
but from what i have seen over the last two decades, NO US president brought so many important things up, like obama did.

and most of it was refused.. thats so sad.
many blame HIM now, for making big speeches but not doing enough.

your country really needs more ppl like this guy.

Picture of SunshineEddy36 achievements


31. SunshineEddy 3 years ago

#30 this country basically IS people "like this guy" and frankly, that's EXACTLY what's fucking wrong with it.

I would actually rather vote for the imaginary Disney character of Simba..... he'd do a better job of it anyway...... you know, being human.