Kid Gets Knocked Off Scooter

The driver of this scooter cuts off an oncoming car and his buddy pays for it.

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Picture of Alucard41 achievements


1. Alucard 3 years ago

That's some dangerous road rage,but why the guy in the back? Guess anyone will do when you're pissed.

Picture of Strychnine34 achievements


2. Strychnine 3 years ago

That guy needs some anger management urgently :D

Picture of zerorain26 achievements


3. zerorain 3 years ago

#1 he couldnt reach the guy in the front fast enough. both drivers are dicks...

Picture of VQAZ7628 achievements


4. VQAZ76 3 years ago

WTF that guy didn't try do get away from the scooter he pulled in front of him ran after them and punched the guy in the face what a slack cu*t

Picture of Alphacrane10 achievements


5. Alphacrane 3 years ago


Picture of imagic42 achievements


6. imagic 3 years ago

if i was the one in the filming car i would have tried to hit that sucker with my car after i saw him hit the scooter driver

Picture of Oxydous38 achievements


7. Oxydous 3 years ago

ooooh if chuck sees this you re in trouble mister...

Picture of abbahh31 achievements


8. abbahh 3 years ago

I think the driver played too much gta 4

Picture of Slap_chop_ninja36 achievements


9. Slap_chop_ninja 3 years ago

After watching it several times. I'm not so sure it was a random incident. Because we can't see what happened off camera, It looks like he spotted the guy and pulled over just to punch him.

Picture of wongraven37 achievements


10. wongraven 3 years ago

Yeah. The dics here are the two on the moped. The old man is just taking care of business.

Picture of gringo40 achievements


11. gringo 3 years ago

Punching someone like that in the middle of traffic is so stupid and irresponsible. The guy that felt off the bike could easily land under someones wheels, and it could easily be treated as murder.

Picture of loadme32 achievements


12. loadme 3 years ago

i really feel with the car driver
those kids always think they can do whatever they want, because they have scooters or motorcycles

but seriously? calm down, bro

Picture of 2medicure3 achievements


13. 2medicure 3 years ago

Well at the first time i didn't understand the video what is happening on the road. It is shocking response and truly the behavior of the car person was horrible he needs and urgent treatment

Picture of cretia27 achievements


14. cretia 3 years ago

i had a scooter cut me off yesterday he changed lanes and then he looked ?
idiot nearly got minced

Picture of LightAng3l48 achievements


15. LightAng3l 3 years ago

#9 After watching it several times you failed to notice the scooter was on the wrong side of the street, crossing a double center line, and forced the car driver to swerve and stop.

They are lucky they got off with a just a punch. :S

Picture of Slap_chop_ninja36 achievements


16. Slap_chop_ninja 3 years ago

#15 Oh. I'm sorry. I don't have the ability to see off camera on my laptop. You must have one of those special computers.

Picture of moon-trial21 achievements


17. moon-trial 3 years ago

The car driver had to brake because of a stupid driving toward him in the opposite direction. Many times trafficjams are caused by the actions of brainless people . WTF with the comments above? Driving wrong way deserve at least a beating!! But some snotr users prefer to feel sorry for zombie scooter!

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


18. irishgek 3 years ago

No leathers on no helmets , as much as i dont like how he reacted , he bloody deserved it well at least the driver should have got the blow , In traffic i do tend to dive very close to the other cars in the middle of the road but never in the event of on commin traffic thats when you need to learn respect for other road users.

Picture of andriy299131 achievements


19. andriy2991 3 years ago

Only in Russia that can happen.....f..

Picture of asdfas39 achievements


20. asdfas 3 years ago

#16 Doesn't take any special abilities to see that the scooter kids were overtaking the camera car where they shouldn't have. Idk, maybe they were forced to swerve into oncoming traffic, but with my own experiences with scooter drivers I'm not gonna give them the benefit of the doubt.

Picture of joeman60 achievements


21. joeman 3 years ago

Here's what really happened...

The passenger made a rude remark and gesture to the oncoming driver as they were overtaking the camera car, and...

The driver objected. :'(

Picture of Havix21 achievements


22. Havix 3 years ago

I think the guy in car did good. To bad he did not hit the scooter driver harder.

Picture of librabooks37 achievements


23. librabooks 3 years ago

One word "anger management" I know it's not one word, but do you honestly think the driver has a big enough vocabulary?

Picture of WinstonChughill19 achievements


24. WinstonChughill 3 years ago

sneaky nuts