Amazing new 3D technology from Japan

This footage, taken from Japanese TV, gives a hint of things to come in the world of game gaming/entertainment. It has been suggested that the PS3 will include technology that allows gamers to interact with the gaming environment in this manner.

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Picture of Teqskater32 achievements


1. Teqskater 6 years ago

Now that pretty cool

Picture of BombDiggady19 achievements


2. BombDiggady 6 years ago


Picture of SeozuS7 achievements


3. SeozuS 6 years ago

Amazing. That scares me ... :|

Picture of noy00036 achievements


4. noy0003 6 years ago

Awsome :O !!! The future is now!!!

Picture of noy00036 achievements


5. noy0003 6 years ago

If only I could understand the talking.

Picture of Curt1 achievements


6. Curt 6 years ago

What's this about?

The guy at the start looks at a screen, then we see images of him with switching haircuts and facepaint but don't actually see him in shot at the same time.

Then it's some woman who we see on the monitor and in shot simultaneously but she's already got a buffoon's haircut and that doesn't change on the monitor although she does have the switching facepaint going on and it looks accurately positioned on her face which is pretty smart if that's happening in real time (to be frank, if that can be applied to her face in real time then surely something could have been used that's more impressive than some manga facepaint or whatever it is - animated stuff, text, scanlines, someone elses face etc).

Then finally a quick shot of two screens, one on the right showing what appears to be some woman with a Grace Jones haircut walking down a catwalk wearing only underwear and a pair of tights (hose) on her arms, then the screen on the left showing what I assume is supposed to be the 3D version of the same thing but wearing virtual clothes. Well, it's rubbish - it looks like something from a PS1 game - have a look, scrub to the final frame...

If this is supposed to be anything other than a sloppy mock-up of a 'taste of things to come' then I'm not convinced.

On the other hand, if it's supposed to be confirmation that most Japanese TV comes from scripts created from word-association games played by people who stick their heads into a football-testing machine before shouting each word then, yes, I acknowledge that confirmation.

Picture of passwonastyboyuk1 achievements


7. passwonastyboyuk 6 years ago

WOW i thought tht was F**ked up till i read curts comments...u need 2 chill lad ,u got problems..and ITS ONLY A VIDEO..dn't loose any sleep. :'(

Picture of Splat7 achievements


8. Splat 6 years ago


In the first scene (starting at 0:12) the reporter is explaining what this is all about. He says something along the lines of "Here we can see for the first time a new 3D technology. It allows manipulation of faces, addition of makeup, changing of hairstyle and much more while I move. All of this happens in real-time". If you look carefully right at the beginning, when the reporter is facing the camera and the screen shows the back of his head, you can see that there's actually a very slight delay between him moving his head and the movement being shown on the screen. That's probably the time it takes to render what will be shown.

The scene with the woman is the same thing just to show someone else doing it.

The catwalk scene I'm not entirely sure about, but if you'll look carefully at 0:48-0:49 you'll see that the simulation you'll see on the left later is actually projected on the wall behind the woman walking down the catwalk in real-time. Probably just showing an example of a possible practical application of this technology.

Picture of Curt1 achievements


9. Curt 6 years ago

Splat - thanks for your help. I had actually noticed some of the things you've pointed out but I simply fancied a cathartic outburst mainly due to the tone of the introduction text. Maybe there is more to it than meets the eye, and ears/ear :)

passwonastyboyuk - You may think I spent about 3 hours writing all of those words and spelling them all correctly, but it actually took as long for me to type it as it did for you to read it all (presuming you did).
Thanks for your advice though m8

Picture of doggy823 achievements


10. doggy82 6 years ago

"I simply fancied a cathartic outburst" Hehe.. I know that feeling :)

Picture of Efilnikufecin2 achievements


11. Efilnikufecin 6 years ago

@ Curt and Splat

I think both of you have entirely too much time on your hands. It's just a video! And this site is for entertainment, which I got from watching the video, so job done!

Cheers :D

Picture of Thanatos5 achievements


12. Thanatos 6 years ago

passwonastyboyuk - You may think I spent about 3 hours writing all of those words and spelling them all correctly, but it actually took as long for me to type it as it did for you to read it all (presuming you did).

Sadly, you're probably right. The twit can't spell "you" properly, so I doubt he could read and comprehend all of what you wrote. He just saw what was, to him, a lot of text and assumed it must have taken an effort equivalent to writing a novel.

Picture of koffiedik9 achievements


13. koffiedik 6 years ago


Picture of iShine29 achievements


14. iShine 4 years ago

to bad the models in clip are like crap.

Picture of rogv718 achievements


15. rogv71 4 years ago

Well...customization will be almost perfect now . It will be fun to have your own face /body on videogames...

Picture of buckleg0837 achievements


16. buckleg08 4 years ago

Scarily Nice tech.... >:)

Picture of badboy00748 achievements


17. badboy007 4 years ago

New way to make fetish porn!

Picture of Hellion198238 achievements


18. Hellion1982 4 years ago

What's the practical application in a PS3? I mean, you can use this to try out different hairstyles or clothes, or even different colour combinations for houses, cars & such, but what else?

Picture of Brejn31 achievements


19. Brejn 3 years ago

amazing :D