Reaction of a gay guy to 2 Girls 1 Cup

Warning: In case you haven't seen 2 girls 1 cup yet, do not Google it.

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Picture of BarraMacAnna29 achievements


1. BarraMacAnna 3 years ago

1) why watch this video? and 2) why wait 4 years later to watch this video..well his clothes are from the 70's i suppose

Picture of Acquiesce36 achievements


2. Acquiesce 3 years ago

mhmm, i didnt know 2 girls 1 cup.., & fuck, i googled it. Thanks snotr! :P
This warning is like a "dont do it!", & u always do it :( meeeh

Picture of Cvejic44 achievements


3. Cvejic 3 years ago

Just reading the Wikipedia article about 2girls1cup made me vomit. I guess actually seeing the clip would leave some horrible consequences.

Picture of loadrunner46 achievements


4. loadrunner 3 years ago

Even hearing the background music makes me giggle. when I saw the video I was lmao.

some people haven't seen worse I think.

Picture of dushan51 achievements


5. dushan 3 years ago

content warning: "gay guy watching two girls" :D

Picture of y3lom40 achievements


6. y3lom 3 years ago

he made it through the whole clip :O

Picture of cranky40 achievements


7. cranky 3 years ago

Is he wearing green contacts? I couldn't tell he's gay otherwise.

Picture of sltvtr26 achievements


8. sltvtr 3 years ago

He reminds me of that super annoying guy from Scary Movie... And I don't like him. :P

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


9. irishgek 3 years ago

It's fu*king chocolate ice cream with marshmallows get over it.....oh wait its thats were it came from ....

Picture of ZaMpTi47 achievements


10. ZaMpTi 3 years ago

Its Time to Eat a Snickers–you act like such a Diva when you're hungry

Picture of Chrisofskjern36 achievements


11. Chrisofskjern 3 years ago

What a weird reaction. That clip is a piece of s**t...

Picture of rufinus35 achievements


12. rufinus 3 years ago cant look away :-)

Picture of snotraddict36 achievements


13. snotraddict 3 years ago

@ 1:32 clutches his pearls... if he had a fainting couch, I'm sure he would have used it. Damn drama queen.

Picture of etplayer31 achievements


14. etplayer 3 years ago

There are things that can not be unseen.....
I thought this was funny :o).

Picture of peacinu34 achievements


15. peacinu 3 years ago

That's a huge tie...huge... :D

Picture of cincodemayo31 achievements


16. cincodemayo 3 years ago

can somebody send me the damn link so I can see what the hell it is all about

Picture of Sizzlik59 achievements


17. Sizzlik (admin) 3 years ago

#16 as in the can use google..but i recomment not to do it..maybe read the wiki article about it befor and rethink if you really wanna see it.

Picture of yourmum35 achievements


18. Comment rated too low. Show this comment yourmum 3 years ago

As hard 2 girls 1 cup is to watch, it's harder to watch this guy. I just want to punch him.

Picture of c0mmanderKeen36 achievements


19. c0mmanderKeen 3 years ago

Good think he's not overacting a bit.

I hate "reaction" vids please dont allow any more :(

Picture of Sebastien45 achievements


20. Sebastien 3 years ago

2 girls 1 cup is like a live action of Scrotie McBoogerballs!

Picture of artanist26 achievements


21. artanist 3 years ago

Oh shet i watched the video .. so dumb i googled it -.- I nearly vomit

Picture of mc_nikola18 achievements


22. mc_nikola 3 years ago

Oh dude you're sooo gay with those eyebrows...

Picture of makbeth36 achievements


23. makbeth 3 years ago

He kind of over acts it, a whole lot.