Brain scientist explains how she felt her stroke as it was happening

Yet another powerful TED video.

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Picture of Rigel36 achievements


1. Rigel 3 years ago

Wow, she is an amazing actor
I know it's her true experience and everything but that's still got to be one of the most brilliant emotional monologues ever conveyed

Picture of SiguRos20 achievements


2. SiguRos 3 years ago

Did you have a stroke while writing the title?

Picture of nomaddaf18 achievements


3. nomaddaf 3 years ago

Seems pretty clear this is where the concept of heaven comes from.Mix this with mans desire to control and BOOM you have religion!

Picture of Dario1032 achievements


4. Dario10 3 years ago

I can't believe I watched the whole video. Amazing.

Picture of Jabafara54 achievements


5. Jabafara 3 years ago

In some new research they suggested that pineal gland excretes DMT when your brain is going to die. Some people believe that this event releases our soul from the body. Her story really sounds trippy :)

Here's one bonus clip about LSD

Picture of Xionbox44 achievements


6. Xionbox (moderator) 3 years ago

#5 Yes, I heard that some think you get the best high of your life right before dying, so you (almost) always go peacefully.

Picture of Awaits28 achievements


7. Awaits 3 years ago

watched it all, sounds awesome. but heck, I do not want to experience that stuff. no thanks.

Picture of datastreamdude26 achievements


8. datastreamdude 3 years ago

reminded me of AA/NA meetings and listening to a

Picture of asdfas39 achievements


9. asdfas 3 years ago

"Mom, is she a crazy person?"

Picture of Jabafara54 achievements


10. Jabafara 3 years ago

#9 She is awake now ;)

Picture of spetzialist24 achievements


11. spetzialist 3 years ago

Kind of sounds like she was tripping like hell, kind of makes me wanna smoke weed like i used to years ago. Sometimes I'd get those brilliant ideas, that would seem genious, never really had a chance of writing them down and analyzing, after being sober. I've always thought that the good drugs (weed, lsd) open a door in our minds, that is closed by default. And let us experience a different reality.

Picture of ace54329 achievements


12. ace543 3 years ago

Loved it! Thanks to the uploader

Picture of loadme32 achievements


13. loadme 3 years ago

#1 this is no acting at all - this is being human

Picture of kevlar26 achievements


14. kevlar 3 years ago

#13 Now that's a MAJOR correction...I thank you on his behalf.

Picture of jtoya8526 achievements


15. jtoya85 3 years ago

I can see how this can be a scary thing to experience but at the same time I would want to see and feel what she felt to know what it would be like to have that perfect world of harmony where there was no more wars or poverty. I am very glad to have seen this and that she survived to tell this amazing story.

Picture of MurderVictim18 achievements


16. Comment rated too low. Show this comment MurderVictim 3 years ago

This vid sent me to sleep.

Picture of Urmensch35 achievements


17. Urmensch 3 years ago

The claim that DMT is excreted or produced by the pineal gland is pseudo-scientific speculation.
The link you give to the pineal gland on wikipedia says nothing about DMT.
Hippy-dippy speculation isn't research.

Picture of Gorf34 achievements


18. Gorf 3 years ago

7:27 - without sound to provide context, this looks like she's describing something else entirely

Picture of flumoxed27 achievements


19. flumoxed 3 years ago

Amazing clip.
Amazing woman.
I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this as normally I find talk of spirituality and energy a little too 'hippy' for my taste.

Picture of jmbiss5 achievements


20. jmbiss 3 years ago

Interesting, but couldn't watch it all beacause I can't stand that American adenoidal whining nasal sound that most of them have in their voices.

Picture of Jabafara54 achievements


21. Jabafara 3 years ago

#17 Oh.. that's odd.. I didn't read it through properly, I only read the finnish wiki and there DMT is metioned. Check it out;
But yeah, I'll give you that; It hasn't been commonly approved.
"Hippy-dippy speculation" -Don't be so negative, man :D

Picture of snotRules32 achievements


22. snotRules 3 years ago

Was that a real human brain! :O

Picture of Urmensch35 achievements


23. Urmensch 3 years ago

#21 "Don't be so negative, man"

Sorry if I harshed your buzz :)

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


24. irishgek 3 years ago

Should she not have just dialled 911. ?

Picture of fjwjr42 achievements


25. fjwjr 3 years ago

#24 Didn't you listen to her? I had a stroke 14 years ago. Only with mine it was more clear to me that I had a problem. Still, calling 911 was not what entered my mind. Like her, I spent an unsusual amount of time thinking about what was happening to me and observing and studying. Wierd.

Picture of bzzt28 achievements


26. bzzt 3 years ago

It sounds like an LSD trip

Picture of d3vill0ck30 achievements


27. d3vill0ck 3 years ago

I was just about to write that this looks like a detailed LSD trip :)

Picture of Eddie8747 achievements


28. Eddie87 3 years ago

i had brain bleeding (on my left side) in 2005 and i forgot almost everything before the bleeding (i remember 5-10% of my life before the damage)..

i still got troble with my brain, i dont got the same memory now i forget fast. when i was at the hospital my mom where there all the time only 45 min she wasnt there and i didnt know the name and didnt know who she was (like meeting a unknown person on the street).

ive been learning alot after, like starting a whole new life, and it is kinda weird, but life must go on.