Vintage race car crashes

It looks like most all these tough old- school racers walked (or limped) away.

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Picture of Illuminati31 achievements


1. Illuminati 3 years ago

omg it was so unsafe then

Picture of woodhatch46 achievements


2. woodhatch 3 years ago

This video released on the same day Dan Wheldon is killed in Indie (RIP).

Kind of proves it's still a dangerous sport.

Picture of Burimi41 achievements


3. Burimi 3 years ago

At the pit stop except tires and gasoline also had reserve driver!!!!!!!!

Picture of Tzig47 achievements


4. Tzig 3 years ago

Reminds me of the Mafia game.

Picture of moon-trial21 achievements


5. moon-trial 3 years ago

My worst fear was to see someone without helmets, thanks god everybody is this clip has one! :(|)

Picture of SheikhDjibouti10 achievements


6. SheikhDjibouti 3 years ago

Look mom, no seatbelt!

#2 Yes, wow ... we've come a long way

Picture of theHourUndone26 achievements


7. theHourUndone 3 years ago

then the drivers used to be stuntman too..

Picture of dannodon36 achievements


8. dannodon 3 years ago

Rest in peace(s)

Picture of gouranga4ever43 achievements


9. gouranga4ever 3 years ago

First Snotr Admin: "This video has lots of Car Crashes in it!"
Second Snotr Admin: "Anyone die in it?"
First Snotr Admin: "Looks like quite a few die!"
Second Snotr Admin: "But does it have a cool soundtrack?"
First Snotr Admin: "Yes it's quite japery!"
Second Snotr Admin: "Upload that mutha baby.."

Picture of Gattaiolato30 achievements


10. Gattaiolato 3 years ago

I apreciate the apparently senseless way to live of our grandpas.
In Italy we had Tazio Nuvolari, that was a great champion and it's still much loved

Picture of gringo40 achievements


11. gringo 3 years ago

You must have a huge respect for these guys. My idol when I was little was Ayrton Senna. Cried a river when he died :'(

Picture of davor138720 achievements


12. davor1387 3 years ago

Wow, people with seatbelts and airbags are getting killed out there and these guys be flying out the car and getting up fine lol.

Picture of Sizzlik59 achievements


13. Sizzlik (admin) 3 years ago

#9 lol..yep..thats how we work :P

Picture of Finski31 achievements


14. Finski 3 years ago

#12 Speed nowadays is quite different...

Picture of CorpseGrinder43 achievements


15. CorpseGrinder 3 years ago

I felt like watching a snuff movie...
but that was just the good old days...
when people thought it would be safer to be thrown out of the car
then straping urself into it :x

Picture of Break-a-leg27 achievements


16. Break-a-leg 3 years ago

Well, the guy at 1:44 is toast. Literally.

I guess the sport is alot safer these days: 15 cars crashing in an indie car race and only one perishes. Ofcourse, that's still one too many, but if it were 15 rickety racemobiles then it would be a whole lot more deaths and injuries!

God must love racingsports: he invites everyone over for an autograph!

Picture of loadme32 achievements


17. loadme 3 years ago

although they go by 451 km/h nowdays, it looks so much saver than this time here..
why wasnt no one locked by a seatbelt or at least protected vs flip overs. :(

Picture of Guss41 achievements


18. Guss 3 years ago

no ABS, no airbag, no ESP, no assisted steering, no disk brakes but drum brakes .

Picture of metataggers39 achievements


19. metataggers 3 years ago

Perfect music!

Picture of Premtm36 achievements


20. Premtm 3 years ago

Classic one. Really dare devils those days without much protection against accidents.

Picture of jeffy30 achievements


21. jeffy 3 years ago

Safety last !

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


22. sux2bu 3 years ago

#18 Indycars use carbon fiber disc brakes at 'super speedways' and steel disc brakes at all other races. These cars are heavier yet faster than F1 cars on the tracks they race on. Good brakes are a must for safety. At this race they were averaging over 220 mph per lap,probably hitting 245 mph or better in the straights

Picture of dogma0117 achievements


23. dogma01 3 years ago

ONLY POLO HATS WILL DO..... hard men... 8-) RIP those heros of sport O:)

Picture of WickedOne1423 achievements


24. WickedOne14 2 years ago

Brain buckets worn by the completely brainless.