Motocross accident - Big surprise on track

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Picture of Oddi50 achievements


1. Comment rated too low. Show this comment Oddi 2 years ago

woman: Oh honeeeyy!! Look at that small cute trail in the middle of nowhere! Lets take a romantic walk plzzzzzz! :* :* :*
man: Well...ehmm...(catches a sign sayin its a motocross track)...ok lets go! O:)

Picture of PortugaL2662 achievements


2. PortugaL26 2 years ago

Holy shit, that was a hard hit :|
how come they didn't hear the bike coming?

Picture of p00nie39 achievements


3. Comment rated too low. Show this comment p00nie 2 years ago

Ouch, poor girl! Hope shes ok. Wtf is wrong with all these comments btw?

Picture of master_shake35 achievements


4. master_shake 2 years ago

Are you sure you are OK, cuz you just got run over!! >:)

#2 good point, maybe they're deaf or just natural selection at work.

Picture of nokster48 achievements


5. nokster 2 years ago

well, apart the girls stupidness, the biker is a real gentlemen! Respect!

Picture of lerpo24 achievements


6. lerpo 2 years ago


Picture of lalafafak32 achievements


7. lalafafak 2 years ago

#2, they could have had headphones on listening to music. Or she could be deaf or hard of hearing.

Picture of messmaker45 achievements


8. messmaker 2 years ago

needs more kitchen jokes

Picture of Usdevildoggmc42 achievements


9. Usdevildoggmc 2 years ago

I don't blame the girls... the bike was behind a big hill followed by a bigger hill so I'm pretty sure it sounded like the bike was far away and right when it jumped at the top is when it really became clear how close it was.... So since they were at the bottom of that hill the sound wasn't traveling to them directly.. It could have been a lot worse though!

Picture of ZaMpTi47 achievements


10. ZaMpTi 2 years ago

ouch, that sucks

Picture of jojobebo9 achievements


11. jojobebo 2 years ago

life hits you hard something like that would never happen if you were making a sandwich,, :D

Picture of loscohones39 achievements


12. loscohones 2 years ago

target eliminated :P

Picture of imagic42 achievements


13. imagic 2 years ago

dangarous sport,, not only for the one driving >:)

Picture of Burimi41 achievements


14. Burimi 2 years ago

That's why you should have an helmet when you walk, you probably need it more than motorcyclist (at least in this case) :S

@6 She didn't realize that motorcycle is coming, she was thinking a bear is roaring :x

Picture of loadrunner46 achievements


15. loadrunner 2 years ago

#2 Probably they were hearing impaired , these motorbikes use to make lot's of noise

Picture of LightAng3l48 achievements


16. LightAng3l 2 years ago

"Big surprise on track" I was expecting a submarine... or Santa :(

Picture of cretia27 achievements


17. cretia 2 years ago

see thats what happens when your not in the kitchen

Picture of moon-trial21 achievements


18. moon-trial 2 years ago

LoL Curiosity killed the cat! (sometimes stupidity hurts!)
Makes me thinking of zombies-pedestrian walking on bicycle lanes. After viewing this video, wheelie in their face seems a good solution! >:)

Picture of Guss41 achievements


19. Guss 2 years ago

#2 with the curved terrain the sound doesn't go directly to the walkers, so they can think the bike is far.

But walking on a track like that is always very dangerous even if you know there are bikes running

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


20. irishgek 2 years ago

For there next show they get sucked in to a A380's turbine..... What a stupid place to walk ...

Picture of Tiger_Jack22 achievements


21. Tiger_Jack 2 years ago

#5 yeah right, real gentleman, almost ran over that poor girl! O_o

Picture of Deblaauwn32 achievements


22. Deblaauwn 2 years ago

nvm, seen it wrong

Picture of ridebmxx329 achievements


23. ridebmxx3 2 years ago

and then she never left the house again

Picture of SunshineEddy36 achievements


24. SunshineEddy 2 years ago

# 21 MAYBE the girls could have heard the bike coming, but there is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY that guy could have known those girls were there. What #5 meant was he didn't waste any time moaning on about how he skinned himself on his way to make sure she was okay.

#8 #11 #17 With remarks like that, I imagine the only woman in the kitchen making you sandwiches is your mother. Why don't you just stfu and go hammer up some dry wall, craft the perfect beer gut.