Batman - Getting rid of the bomb

The classic 'bomb' scene from the original 1966 Batman Movie starring Adam West and Burt Ward, the real dynamic duo. :)

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27 comments posted so far. Expand all comments Login to add a comment.

Picture of Ganjabus32 achievements


1. Ganjabus 2 years ago

Well that's a long fuse.

Picture of cretia27 achievements


2. cretia 2 years ago

batman must be religious

Picture of Wombat35 achievements


3. Wombat 2 years ago

Rubber ducks, you can't be serious. :D

Picture of TenoriTaiga28 achievements


4. TenoriTaiga 2 years ago

"Holy Heart Failure!!" >:)

Classic =)

Picture of Scipio31 achievements


5. Scipio 2 years ago

"they may be drinkers Robin, but they're also human beings and may be salvaged"
Say w00t? :D

Picture of LightAng3l48 achievements


6. LightAng3l 2 years ago

At 2:55 when Batman rises from behind the pipes and puts his hand on Robbin "It's alright Robbin" I almost died laughing... :S

Picture of moon-trial21 achievements


7. moon-trial 2 years ago

Nobody is afraid, no one scared, cuz nobody know what a bomb looks like.
In our days, people are afraid thinking everything maybe a bomb (a box, a bag, a clock...) >:)

Picture of MajorIdea44 achievements


8. MajorIdea 2 years ago

~"EVERYONE! FLEE FOR YOUR LIVES!" Awesome crowd? control. Way to not cause a panic there, Batman.

Are you taking notes, Christopher Nolan?? :D

Picture of UAE17 achievements


9. UAE 2 years ago

robibs dresses like a slut

Picture of p00nie39 achievements


10. p00nie 2 years ago

Look at batman'ss face at 0:16 lol!

Picture of Neutral31 achievements


11. Neutral 2 years ago

LOL I hardly see a muscle on this Batman

Picture of dickheadred23 achievements


12. dickheadred 2 years ago

A Grimm Fairy tale .... sorta

Picture of fmohiy24 achievements


13. fmohiy 2 years ago

how about just putting out the fuse ?

Picture of akeem32 achievements


14. akeem 2 years ago

That's why i never liked the series. It's ridiculous trash to watch today, but back in the days, i was really p***** off by what TV made out of my superhero!

Picture of Burimi41 achievements


15. Burimi 2 years ago

nuns, the woman with the cart and orchestra certainly were not aware that it was the bomb, unlike others who flee :P

Picture of tree4free45 achievements


16. tree4free 2 years ago

For such a small blast he could just leave it in the room and clear the building.

Picture of andrer99941 achievements


17. andrer999 2 years ago

A long fuse is all you need to make a thriller. :)

Picture of ZaMpTi47 achievements


18. ZaMpTi 2 years ago

batman sucked these days

Picture of irishgek50 achievements


19. irishgek 2 years ago

Ducks or nuns I would have picked either :P and love the heavy iron pipes that look like aluminium !

Picture of sux2bu59 achievements


20. sux2bu 2 years ago

#15 "the woman with the cart".... That is usually called a baby carriage. ;)

Picture of loadme32 achievements


21. loadme 2 years ago

hhahaha batman wears girl panties ;D

Picture of Burimi41 achievements


22. Burimi 2 years ago

@21 and Satin coat

Picture of Highmeadow44 achievements


23. Highmeadow 2 years ago

Boy, they really milked that one, didn't they. Was there 2 other similar bits that made up the whole movie???

Picture of SamPsychedelic32 achievements


24. SamPsychedelic 2 years ago

I just LOVE how the woman with the baby carrige does not freak out when she see's the bomb in batman's hands

Picture of jojobebo9 achievements


25. jojobebo 2 years ago

i don't know what is worse....William Shatner in Star Trek or this.......btw the only fuse i know burns so long without blowing is my old gf

Picture of batman3426 achievements


26. batman34 2 years ago

wtf u guys, i was young back then ... :D

Picture of GoFr3t15 achievements


27. GoFr3t 2 years ago

nananananananana BATMAN!!!!