All-new ASIMO (Nov 2011)

Honda unveiled "All-new ASIMO", a new version of their humanoid robot. It can run at 9kph and hop on one or both legs, and more.

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Picture of loscohones39 achievements


1. loscohones 2 years ago

hmmm..upgrades :D

Picture of joverke25 achievements


2. joverke 2 years ago

All right! Just do not connect it to the internet!

Picture of wongraven37 achievements


3. wongraven 2 years ago

Its amazing !! Anyway, this is just the early beginning for robotics.

Imagine 20 years from now... :)

Picture of loadrunner46 achievements


4. loadrunner 2 years ago

The next model can add milk and sugar to hot coffee on request, and drive you home saver them most taxidriver.

Picture of WildMonkey31 achievements


5. WildMonkey 2 years ago

Robots have to be like 300lbs and 8 feet tall otherwise some stupid punk kid is just going to kick it to death.

Picture of stretchpadawan30 achievements


6. stretchpadawan 2 years ago

now lets get three of them to do the Stooges. now thats progress

Picture of mr-rex37 achievements


7. Comment rated too low. Show this comment mr-rex 2 years ago

HONDA made a good robot....
BUT can not made a good car :S :S

Picture of coycoy4618 achievements


8. coycoy46 2 years ago

#7 I don't know where you are from but to my knowledge the honda civic is the most reliable car on the planet and this for 20 years, nice vid can't wait to see them walking down the streets with us!

Picture of FatHorse29 achievements


9. FatHorse 2 years ago

It can already bend its knees, now make an orifice in the face and fix the general outside appearance and we've got it! :P

Picture of ajcorb14 achievements


10. ajcorb 2 years ago

#7 Honda make good car, honda make good robot, Honda make good spelling?

Picture of JoelVA31 achievements


11. JoelVA 2 years ago

It still looks like it needs to poop.

Picture of huldu30 achievements


12. huldu 2 years ago

All scripted... Hopefully we'll see the AI of tomorrow one day.

Picture of andrer99941 achievements


13. andrer999 2 years ago


Picture of Calvinius46 achievements


14. Calvinius 2 years ago

Terminator, rise of the machines comes to mind! :D

Picture of orion27 achievements


15. orion 2 years ago

He could never really lift his feet for more than a hair and is really insecure about his steps. One of the worst robots out there, if you observe his movement. Every lego robot is better.

Also, the best impression of a person in a hurry to find a toilet.

Picture of snotraddict36 achievements


16. snotraddict 2 years ago

Even runs like an Asian!

Picture of spla30032 achievements


17. spla300 2 years ago

Get me a beer, FAST!!! :D

Picture of imagic42 achievements


18. imagic 2 years ago

scary,, just scary,,,

how far will roborics go before we get something like the movie irobot ?

Picture of Severd_nerv22 achievements


19. Severd_nerv 2 years ago

Tell me..does it run on AA or AAA? lol :P

Picture of Sebastien45 achievements


20. Sebastien 2 years ago

#11 and #13 stop ripping off Karl Pilkington!

Picture of pougezme14 achievements


21. pougezme 2 years ago

i hope they can made an ant robot same size ,so that we can see in the microscope the eletronic circuits system, the mechanical gear system, the hydrolical movement system and other system, and the battery they use, i hope we can communicate them because they have antenna a brand name of Honda...hehehehe

Picture of Highmeadow44 achievements


22. Highmeadow 2 years ago

They can't fool me, it's just a little guy in a suit. :P :)

Picture of lateralus25 achievements


23. lateralus 2 years ago

we love u asimo!!!!!!
But you stained the table with the insides of the bottle cap.
Next upgrade - common sense.

Picture of MurderVictim18 achievements


24. MurderVictim 2 years ago

Yeah, but can it pick itself up again after falling over?

Picture of SvyasMD34 achievements


25. SvyasMD 2 years ago

it even comes with a cup holder!

Picture of sjmaze9 achievements


26. sjmaze 2 years ago

Please Santa, I have been really good this year...