TED: A map of the brain

Another awesome TED Talk talking about latest research on human brains, with amazing graphics on the background. Technology is amazing.

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Picture of samxgx45 achievements


1. samxgx 2 years ago

i soooooooo logged in just to down vote you #(removed comment)...
first prove there is a god, before talking about how AMAIZING he must be...
and please don't start with: look at everything around you, who do you think created that?
i don't need to think, there's a little text under it saying: made in china...

Picture of Sebastien45 achievements


2. Sebastien 2 years ago

#(removed comment) This is so much more amazing than god! God can do ANYTHING, and that's meaningless. This is great because it's challenging, and new, and promising but uncertain... Not a one word response to everything.

Picture of Xionbox44 achievements


4. Xionbox (moderator) 2 years ago

This is a TED video. Please don't debate about religion, thanks in advance.

Picture of Nifen34 achievements


5. Nifen 2 years ago

Why do i feel so dumb :( My brain is so complicated but i am not :(
I think my brain may be asleep.

Picture of vanova19 achievements


6. vanova 2 years ago

once i had like a slow wake up in morning, i felt like my feet and my arms where inside my head and then they stretched out!

Picture of huldu30 achievements


7. huldu 2 years ago

Yet mankind has not really made much progress at all concerning the "brain". It's a complicated organ. In the future i'm certain they will be able to upload/download a "brain" to a storage device and transfer it to another "brain" or just interact through the storage device. Of course that will take mankind up to a whole new level as we would become immortal to a degree. We would no longer need a body made out of flesh to function.

By that time we would be so far ahead that man-made AI would be far better than our actual "brain".

All this is assuming we haven't destroyed this planet... and everything on it.

Picture of browncoat15 achievements


8. browncoat 2 years ago

Hear about the dyslexic aethiest insomniac?

He would lay awake at night wondering if there really was a dog :D

Picture of nubidu35 achievements


9. nubidu 2 years ago

Here's the link for the Brain Explorer app they showed on the video: http://human.brain-map.org/explorer.html

Picture of orion27 achievements


10. orion 2 years ago

It's official, snotr is wimp few days ago.

Picture of Calvinius46 achievements


11. Calvinius 2 years ago

I noticed few things on this vid. Why does every TED vid has those white stripes in down right corner? Also, anyone noticed countdown timer how long can he talk, 02:54? In my opinion, not enough! :D

Picture of NotFirst33 achievements


12. NotFirst 2 years ago

Haha! Look at 14:23 the camera man is totally like "Oh my gosh, this guy is making me so sleepy"

This video makes me feel smart. Thanks anatomy class! ...I'm glad I paid attention.